Find Out List of 20 Best HR Software in India

Spine HR and Payroll

Transforming HR, Empowering People

Not Available

Spine Technologies stands as a distinguished leader, exuding 20+ years of seasoned expertise in the realm of human resource management. It is renowned for its unshakeable reliability, affordability, and holistic suite of hire-to-retire functionalities that will leave you awe-inspired. Like a guiding light, SpineHR illuminates the path for businesses, nurturing both nascent startups and stalwarts enterprises. View Profile


Essential HR Business Tools To Survive & Thrive

7 Days

greytHR is the flagship product of Greytip Software, a thought leader in HR Tech who innovates in HR Process Automation for more than 25 years, backed by visionary leadership, a competent team, and eminent investors. One of the simple and easy-to-use platforms to manage HR Information, Employee Onboarding, Leave and Attendance, Expense Claims, Payroll and Statutory Compliance, HR help desk, Reports, and Analytics. View Profile

Hibob HRIS

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)

HiBob's "Bob" HR platform is part of a larger effort to change how businesses function in the contemporary workplace. Bob is paving the way for the future workplace by providing durable, agile technology that consolidates all the intricacies of HR procedures into a revolutionary, user-friendly solution that affects every employee throughout the company. View Profile


No #1 HR Software

14 Days

BambooHR is an innovative, affordable, and user-friendly HR management system solution. It is software that manages essential HR tasks easily and integrates all the HR activities smoothly. BambooHR collects all the information that you gather throughout the employee life cycle. View Profile

Saral PayPack

Best Payroll Software

Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Saral PayPack by Relyon Softech Ltd is a Payroll processing software which has attendance management, statutory compliance and tax management capabilities. With over 1.5 million payslips generated every month, we are trusted by our customers for payroll processing. We have been awarded "Exceptional Customer Support" by SoftwareSuggest which makes us more than a software provider, we are your trusted partners. Let us help you make your payroll processing "Saral". View Profile


#1 Employee Experience Platform

14 Days

Bid adieu to manual HR processes, store and organize valuable company data, boost employee satisfaction, eliminate the risk of manual errors, and foster a collaborative people culture with our streamlined HRMS platform. At Zimyo, we believe that no matter the size of your business, you can make a change! Whether it’s a large multi-level organisation or a group of departments that we’re talking about, you don’t need to worry about tedious org charts – we will h Read More... View Profile

Zoho Payroll

Payroll crafted for building a better workplace

14 Days

Zoho Payroll is Most used online HR and payroll Solution to manage payroll solutions like employee onboarding, payroll Management and calculation, employee self-service portal and statutory compliance. Zoho has an automatic Payroll calculation feature. View Profile


Most suitable HR Software

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
Not Available

The software is an impeccable combination of both work discipline and fun of more than 12+ modules. These modules namely are Recruitment, Expense, Training, Workforce, Travel, Assets, Attendance, Helpdesk, Payroll, Performance and more. Each of the module is carefully crafted by our team of experts- business analysts and developers. This leading HR Software also gives its clients the liberty to create dynamic workflows and map policies. Features like geofencing, automatic shift roster ma Read More... View Profile

uKnowva HRMS

Extendig collaboration

7 Days

uKnowva is a mobile-enabled enterprising platform to scale and automate everyday business operations. It makes employee work-life cycle easier when you create customisable HRMS, Social Intranet, meetings rooms, or other similar solutions on demand. With these 360-degree AI-backed solutions, uKnowva digitally transforms the businesses of today and tomorrow. View Profile


HR software with attendance management system

14 Days

Qandle is a configurable HR software that can smoothly integrate with your existing biometric and smart cards. Qandle's smart dashboard shows employee attendance, Punch-in, punch-out time, leave schedule everything at your fingertips. It also has a mobile app for all the activities. View Profile


Recruit quality candidates consistently


Oorwin is an integrated SaaS platform that gives a various suite of products across Recruitment, Sales, and HR to foster productivity and growth for staffing agencies and consulting companies. Oorwin is an AI-powered integrated platform for managing sales, recruitment, and HR. By bringing advanced AI automation to a straightforward and fully integrated interface, we help your workforce become more efficient in identifying, Read More... View Profile


Simple, Affordable & Powerful HR Software

14 Days

SumHR is a modern, innovative and hassle-free online HR and Payroll Management software that suits every industry. It can improve the HR team performance and reduce the paperwork of HR managers. It also improves the communication system between HR managers to employees. The SumHR system assists startups to fortune 500 companies to streamline their HR and Payroll processes. View Profile


Cloud Based HR Solution For Mid & Large Size Enterprises

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
30 Days

Officenet is a cloud-based HR software in India that you can access from anywhere. It is also a mobile-friendly HR system. Officenet will help you to see the full employee life cycle. Officenet HR software solutions simplify all the HR tasks like leave management, training management, performance evaluation, and attendance management, etc. View Profile


Payroll and HR on cloud

14 Days

ADP vista HCM solution having a reporting module with analytics features. Encompassing every detail of HR Management such as payroll and salary process, employee self-service portal, leave and holidays management, reporting manager assignment, as well as a tax deduction. View Profile

Farsight HCM Engine - Complete HR Solution

Next-Gen HR Software For Increased Productivity

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
Not Available

Farsight HCM Engine is the most trusted HRMS provider that assists you in selecting the right HR technology to leverage benefits like corporate culture and building the best HR process to drive organization with ease in today's fast-moving world. View Profile

HR Mangtaa

Stay Connected

14 Days

HR Mangtaa is a venture of XMX Technologies. HR Mangtaa Software providing the end to end employee life cycle solution from onboarding to exit process to manage all HR process and providing a leading edge in your venture growth. View Profile

Pocket HRMS

Get on the right track to empower your HR!

Not Available

Pocket HRMS is a cloud-based HRMS Software with Employee 360-degree review solution, providing a tool which covers all process I.e Human resource and Payroll management, Employee self-service portal and leaves and holiday management system for Indian businesses. View Profile

Alp Consulting

More Power to HR

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

DataCore Technologies, a subsidiary of Alp Consulting Ltd. is part of the top 10 staffing organizations in India. working in the same industry for the last 21 years. DataCore Technologies is an ISO-certified organization catering to over 250+ clients across India. View Profile

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

HR software assists with managing people, automating manual tasks, and keeping information orderly. Thus, any business software that helps to manage employees' information and some of the HR-related tasks for managing operations. Best HR software is a cloud-based solution for managing an organization's day-to-day human resources activities and overall goals.

These were a few reasons why the business required to consider HR software. It becomes easy to manage all the important HR tasks with the use of HR software. The software helps the managers as well as the employees to coordinate and perform the tasks efficiently to reach the common goals of the business unit. It also helps to store the data and information centrally and access it in real-time.

Some of the reasons to have HR software in your organization. They are as below:

  • To Improve the Communication
  • To Improve Performance
  • Secure Data
  • To Improve Productivity
  • Better Management
  • For Digitization in Organization
  • Mobile Application Support
  • Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)
  • HR Administration Software
  • Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS)
  • Talent Management Systems
  • Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • Core HR

HR management software keeps records, automates processes, and also links multiple functions across departments and locations. More of this, it allows for the streamlined sharing of data across the organization that can be useful for efficient resource management.

Take a look at features of HR software :

  • Employee Management
  • User-centric design things
  • Cloud-based approach
  • Flawless data reconciliation
  • Automated Notifications
  • Attendance notification management
  • Employee Self-service, and
  • Interoperability

HR software is mainly designed for the employees and HR managers to accomplish the potential and implementation to boost productivity as well as the entire performance cycle. Let us have a look over the best HR software for startups and SMBs for India. Some of them are as follows:

  • Keka HR payroll platform
  • Qandle
  • Spine HR and payroll

There are many HR available in the Indian market. But some of the best HR software in India are as follows:

1) Keka HR Software - Best HRMS software in India is an employee experience platform with HR & Payroll.

2) GreytHR - All-In-One cloud-based Payroll and HR software for small and midsize businesses across various industries in India.

3) Wallet HR - India's leading HR Management Software with on-premise options.

4) Peopleworks - As one of the best HCM software and HRMS solution providers in India.

HR software offers notable benefits such as

  • Improve the efficiency of the HR team
  • Boost up the employee experience
  • Saves up money/helps in redeploy staff on other projects
  • Assist decision-makers in making a better decision
  • Enhances the Regulatory compliance 

Top 5 alluring HR software trends that one should see and must expect to keep an eye on. 

  • Artificial Intelligence: Smartest tech-stack to become Recuirters Standard tool 
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Generation Z: Enter the workforce with a different set of expectations
  • A healthy work Environment eventually add value for HR Roles 
  •  Highly Recommended Data Analytics Usage