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HR software with attendance management system

14 Days

Qandle is a configurable HR software that can smoothly integrate with your existing biometric and smart cards. Qandle's smart dashboard shows employee attendance, Punch-in, punch-out time, leave schedule everything at your fingertips. It also has a mobile app for all the activities. View Profile


Essential HR Business Tools To Survive & Thrive

7 Days

greytHR is India’s most trusted and faithful Payroll & HR SaaS solution platform that automates Payroll & HR processes and 100% statutory compliance of 10 - 20K people organizations. With 25+ years of domain experience, GreytHR got over 9000 customers, and 1M users, PAN India. View Profile

Wallet HR

Affordable HR software

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Wallet HR is affordable HR solution for SMEs. They offer end to end HR solution from hiring to exit process covering the entire employee life cycle of any business on a single platform. Also, you can access WalletHR cloud solution from anywhere. View Profile

Zoho People

Crafted to build a happier workforce

Not Available

Zoho People is a web-based HR and Payroll Management system that is helpful for every size organization. Zoho people system is easy to amalgamate with any third-party application. It provides all the HR and Payroll management features like attendance management, time management, leave management and track records of the employee's data. View Profile

uKnowva HRMS

The One-Stop HR Portal for All

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

uKnowva HRMS is having mostly all the HR and Payroll Management modules, from an on-boarding and an employee self-service portal to leave and holidays management and 500+ pre-built reports wrapped in an easy-to-use UI that your employees and HR professionals will love it. View Profile

HR Mangtaa

Stay Connected

14 Days

HR Mangtaa is a venture of XMX Technologies. HR Mangtaa Software providing the end to end employee life cycle solution from onboarding to exit process to manage all HR process and providing a leading edge in your venture growth. View Profile


No #1 HR Software

14 Days

BambooHR is an innovative, affordable, and user-friendly HR management system solution. It is software that manages essential HR tasks easily and integrates all the HR activities smoothly. BambooHR collects all the information that you gather throughout the employee life cycle. View Profile

Farsight HCM Engine - Complete HR Solution

Next-Gen HR Software For Increased Productivity

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
Not Available

Farsight HCM Engine is the most trusted HRMS provider that assists you in selecting the right HR technology to leverage benefits like corporate culture and building the best HR process to drive organization with ease in today's fast-moving world. View Profile


Payroll and HR on cloud

14 Days

ADP vista HCM solution having a reporting module with analytics features. Encompassing every detail of HR Management such as payroll and salary process, employee self-service portal, leave and holidays management, reporting manager assignment, as well as a tax deduction. View Profile

Spine HR and Payroll

Online HR Solution

Not Available

Spine HR & Payroll is a robust solution with modular approach having features catering to all human resource requirements. With the fastest yet seamless implementation, Spine assures the scalability and responsiveness of the software. The happiest to help customer support will leave no stone unturned to help you. A continuous R&D is undertaken to ensure that we keep up with the new technology and changing demands of the market. Spine HR Suite is segment agnostic and can be brough Read More... View Profile


Simple, Affordable & Powerful HR Software

14 Days

SumHR is a modern, innovative and hassle-free online HR and Payroll Management software that suits every industry. It can improve the HR team performance and reduce the paperwork of HR managers. It also improves the communication system between HR managers to employees. The SumHR system assists startups to fortune 500 companies to streamline their HR and Payroll processes. View Profile


14 Days

ApplicantStack is a modern HR system that is mainly crafted for small-scale and medium-sized organizations. It is user-friendly and affordable software for everyone. It is an online applicant tracking and onboarding system solution that provides better facilities to businesses and agencies to recruit and hire new employees. View Profile

Smart Payroll System

Best Payroll management software

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Smart Payroll Systems know SME's are the backbone of India’s economy. They are aware that business isn’t easy, so they assist every business owner with their HR, Payroll, Attendance of the employees, and other payroll-related needs. View Profile

OPT HRMS Software

Cloud based HRMS Software.

Yearly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Opportune HRMS Software is online cloud-based HR process automation software. The HRMS software is favorable for any kind of industry and business size. It supplies HR and payroll solutions for small-scale, medium-scale, and large size businesses. View Profile


Efficient HRMS - Human Resource Management System

14 Days

HRMThred is the most trusted, fast, and secure online cloud-hosted payroll Solution. HRMthred assists you in all your requirements relating to the management of salary processing, calculation, employee management, appraisal history, and much more HR-related stuff. View Profile


HR Software

30 Days

Kredily is one of the best HR and Payroll management software in India. It assists you to control all HR and payroll activities in an efficient manner. We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to automate 70% of HR tasks so that you can focus on your business and take care of important HR decisions. View Profile

Keka for HR & Payroll

Best Applicant Tracking software with HR & Payroll

14 Days

Make hiring a collaborative effort right from sourcing a job seeker, screening to releasing an offer through Keka applicant tracking. Careers site candidate profiles interview process evaluation & scorecards activity tracking offer management. View Profile

HRMantra : HR & Payroll software

A Powerful HR and Payroll Software

14 Days

HRMantra streamlines Time and Attendance Management prudently on multiple platforms like Mobile, Desktop, and Biometric. It streamlines the HR and payroll process and other allied compliances at your fingertips. View Profile

Paywell Payroll Software

Employee attendance tracker with payroll solution

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Automate the time attendance system using Paywell software. Configure it with the time attendance system and leave policy of your company to empower it with COFF and Overtime rules and fill it with complete detailing. View Profile

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Software that helps to monitor an employee's time spent in the office is called attendance management software. A cloud-based attendance management system offers the benefits of flexibility, cost optimization, and ease of access across devices and platforms.

Attendance management software is crucial for any organization. It allows to track how regular the employees are and also to know about the employees taking leave without any reason. Furthermore, various HR functions make use of an effective attendance management system (such as giving bonuses).

Best Attendance Management Software is:

  • TSheets
  • TimeClock Plus 
  • Stratustime 
  • Kronos 

Most Trusted Attendance management software- eminent way to manage attendance of the employees.

For any business one important part is calculating the salary and for maintaining employees’ record it is important to maintain the attendance of the employees. It is not an easy task if it is performed using paper and pen manually. The task has to be carried out accurately since each employee will have taken leaves in different forms. To help such in such areas and to have better process technology has gifted software called as attendance management software.

What is Attendance management software?

The Attendance management software is used to maintain the process of presence or absence of the employee to calculate their salary. This can be done manually as well but it is a very tedious process and there can also be a certain error in the manual process.

It is required to feed certain specific information and based on that the process will be completely managed by the Attendance Management Software with 100% accuracy. By using the integration technique the Attendance Management Software can also be integrated with the accounts system to calculate the salary and credit in the respective accounts.

What are the benefits of having the Attendance Management Software?

It is enough to set the attendance and other leave and permissions as per the company norms at one sitting. After that, the Attendance Management Software automates the process for the upcoming months. When the financial year is getting over it can also help in generating the report regarding the employees and the salary given to them.

It is also applicable when the company maintains complex norms for the employees based on the location or the designation. This process also can be automated with good efficiency.

Integration with biometric devices

One of the important features is integration with the biometric devices, this makes the process more secure and exact time of login and log out of the person can be noted. This also enhances punctuality and the salary can be calculated on a number of hours working. In case of overtime, this process is highly useful.

Leave management

The employees do not need to get confused with the number of days that they took, what are the leaves going to be included in loss of pay, what is the time of permission or any other information. It eliminates the higher risk of confusions and also it is transparent about the pay they are going to receive at the end of the month.

Productivity can be increased

Since all the hectic tasks now become easier and it can be completed with the help of the Attendance Management Software employees can focus on the works that are needed to be carried out by man. The process can increase the time to spend being concentrated in the work and to have good productivity.

How to choose the best Attendance management software?

There are different types of Attendance management software, you may choose them based on your needs. Here are certain things that you need to consider when you are choosing the Attendance management software.

User-friendly: Not all the employees will be well worsening in technology and also you cannot spend more on providing in-depth training in the domain. So it is better to choose the software that is easy to handle from the perspective of an average employee.

Accuracy: It is not only based on punch-in and pun-out, but the software should also be able to track all the times that the employees enter and exits the office premises.

Flexibility: The employees also should know when they are working, taking leaves, and also overtime and other allowances and loss of pay regarding the attendance. So the Attendance Management Software should be supported in mobile, computer, laptops, tabs, etc.

Mobile compatibilities: Not all the employees need to visit the office and work in office premises. There are also employees who work outside the office and visits office occasionally. So the Attendance Management Software should be designed in the manner that the employees log in and log out in his Smartphone as well.

Integration: The new Attendance Management Software will be suitable to be integrated with different other software to make the process easier.

Alerts: As the additional features it is good to notify the employees regarding any additional leave, late punch in, forget to log out, etc. this may be beneficial for both the employees and reduces the expenses in business as well.

With such efficiency, it is necessary to have them in all the business for higher productivity. On the other hand, it is necessary to have certain research and to know completely about the software and buy them. You may look at the capability of the Attendance Management Software, reviews, ratings, demo in working; guarantee, etc form the service provider.

We, Techimply is one of the best service providers provides various software that is necessary for the development of the organization. We will also support you in the best way by designing such eminent Attendance management software by the team of experts and helps in enhancing our business.