List of 20 Top Recruiting Software in India

Page Last Updated On June 14, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Recruitment Software is a process of posting jobs online and attracting top talent for vacant job positions that are the best fit for your organization.

The productivity of the recruiter will be increased

In the traditional way of recruitment, it is recruited for the recruiter to visit the office and work with paper; pen, and only then the work will be completed. In the case of using the software, it is enough to work and there is no importance for the place. This can be achieved since the software uses cloud-based technology and it is possible to connect mobile devices and store any number of data.

Social reach is improved

Nowadays all the people, in particular, youngsters are connected with social media. It is the right place to find the best talents too. This software will help to integrate with the social media sites and they can give connectivity to find the efficient ones and help to have better and talented candidates in your business.

Time-saving tool

There is a number of tedious to be performed by a recruiter like paper pen works, documentation works, etc. that consume high time. When using the software it becomes easy to complete such works since certain works can be automated.

Good communication and efficiency

As the recruiter, it is important to have good communication, a response from your potential candidates. This type of software will help you to achieve to make things automated and to have certain response e-mails as the software is efficient enough to provide the communication tool. This will also help the team to be connected with the candidates all the time.

Easy to get the data regarding the candidates

You may use the software to get an application from a wide range of sources like job boards or nay websites. It is also helpful to get information about the candidates regarding the recruitment process. Further, the software will help to streamline the date is given by the candidate in different job portals and this serves as one of the key reasons to have eligible candidates.

The process is automated

This is another significant benefit when using the software as it can remove the manual complicity in the recruitment process. Certain manual works can be automated like creating the scheduling the dates, certain assessments, etc. this reduces the number of candidates and the final process can be easy for the recruitment hiring candidates.

The best Recruiting Software available in India is :

  • Freshteam – Best for most busiensses.
  • Zoho Recruit – Best software for recruiters.
  • JazzHR – Software with the most integrations.
  • Workable – Best recruiting software for occasional hiring.
  • Ascendify – Best recruiting software for enterprises.
  • Applicant Tracking Software
  • Job Descriptions
  • Mobility is in the Hands of the Beholder
  • Gamification Station
  • Internet Sourcing