Top 3 Video Interviewing Software for Recruiters

Top 3 Video Interviewing Software for Recruiters

Malleable and smooth interviewing procedures along with offering a good hiring experience to all the applicants is a vital aspect to consider via each of the recruiters. It will simply allure talents in maintaining a remarkable brand image in the competitive market era.

Video Interviewing software product software helps in identifying the best candidates for the opening designations for the hiring authorities. Ultimately, video interviewing software ensures invested time and efforts for that individual candidate you are more confident to meet in-personal.

Video Interviewing software also standardizes the interview procedures, streamlining deadlines, and boosts up collaboration between the recruitment and hiring managers which will less bias, and result in the best input from the candidate's perspective.

There are many benefits of Recruitment Software providing Video interview which we at least have to look at, so let’s get ready:

  1. Reduce time for the Hiring process
  2. Strengthen Candidate Experience
  3. Seamlessly Reduce Hiring cost
  4. Video Logs- Futuristic steps
  5. Automated Process
  6. Real-time reporting and management

Video interviewing software is the best practice as it regiments and modernizes recruitment steps in one go in a more structured and scalable way out. Each of the online interviewing software offers users roles for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidatures at different levels of platforms.

On top of it, recruiters can record and share interview videos with the hiring authorities for garnering collaborative feedback, and also used for evaluating a candidate's soft skills such as voice, facial expressions, communication skills, and some other essential aspects. For easing up the efforts, we have narrowed down some of the best video interviewing software for recruiters. Let’s dive into it.

1. MyInterview

MyInterview is one of the fastest video interviewing solutions that offer a free plan and accommodates one active job position. MyInterview allows recruiters to interview up to 30 candidates and create an unlimited number of interview questions that assess candidates. It also extends the deadline for applicants to complete and submit interview assignments to the admin authorities.

MyInterview lets users have a flexible interviewing experience for each of the candidates, and can record the video responses as well.

Why Use MyInterview:

  • Easy to Use
  • Simple setup process
  • Comprehensive textual documentation
  • Real-time feedback

2. Vervoe

Vervoe a recruitment management software, which offers one active assessment with screen up to 50 candidates.

Vervoe is a smart skill assessment builder which aids in creating skills tests that are automatically graded. It can add multiple types of questions with free text, multiple choice for creating skills-based tests such as coding and editing assignments. Vervoe is appropriate video interviewing software of all sizes and can be deployed only on the cloud. It centers up with FAQs for candidates facing technical difficulties even while interviewing.

Why use Vervoe:

  • Predefined email templates
  • Assessment questionnaires for building candidate test
  • Customized approach toward interviewing process
  • Improved User interface with smoother audio-video integration        

3. Breezy HR

Breezy HR opens up a visual recruiting and applicant tracking solution and enables users to conduct video interviews in real-time.

Breezy HR activates job positions for hiring and maintaining the active talent pool of candidates. It offers a free version and automatically posts the open position for free of cost. This automates the entire process of parsing resumes by analyzing the data in resumes, where the free plan offers email, web support, an online knowledge base, video tutorials, and weekly webinars for learning software functionality.

Why use Breezy HR:

  • Seamless Email integration with slack
  • Visualize the recruitment process
  • Real-time status updates of each application
  • Easier switching between candidates' profiles with ease.

In Nutshell, when you understand and ensure the numbers of users and active job openings of the free plan that matches the particular requirements, and also evaluate the number of candidates which are assessed per job opening in a standardized format. Finally, relying upon the user-friendly, simpler-to-learn, enticing video interviewing software will definitely help recruiters or organizations for handling the recruiting operations in an effective way.

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