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Spine HR and Payroll

Online HR Solution

Not Available

Spine HR & Payroll is a robust solution with modular approach having features catering to all human resource requirements. With the fastest yet seamless implementation, Spine assures the scalability and responsiveness of the software. The happiest to help customer support will leave no stone unturned to help you. A continuous R&D is undertaken to ensure that we keep up with the new technology and changing demands of the market. Spine HR Suite is segment agnostic and can be brough Read More... View Profile

Keka for HR & Payroll

Best Applicant Tracking software with HR & Payroll

14 Days

Make hiring a collaborative effort right from sourcing a job seeker, screening to releasing an offer through Keka applicant tracking. Careers site candidate profiles interview process evaluation & scorecards activity tracking offer management. View Profile


Payroll and HR on cloud

14 Days

ADP vista HCM solution having a reporting module with analytics features. Encompassing every detail of HR Management such as payroll and salary process, employee self-service portal, leave and holidays management, reporting manager assignment, as well as a tax deduction. View Profile


World’s first DLT enabled HRMS and Payroll Platform

14 Days

HRAPP is India's first HR and Payroll Software with AI capability and Machine Learning with every workflow for streamlining the onboarding of employees and finance management. 400+ biometric and swap card device models are compatible with HRAPP. View Profile


Simple, Affordable & Powerful HR Software

14 Days

SumHR is a modern, innovative and hassle-free online HR and Payroll Management software that suits every industry. It can improve the HR team performance and reduce the paperwork of HR managers. It also improves the communication system between HR managers to employees. The SumHR system assists startups to fortune 500 companies to streamline their HR and Payroll processes. View Profile

Nitso HRMS

Following Excellency

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Nitso HR system provides a fast & reliable HRMS solution for startups to enterprise companies. Nitso HRMS solution automates all your vital needs relating to HR management, company process and employees, salary processing, and attendance by giving employee Information. View Profile


14 Days

ApplicantStack is a modern HR system that is mainly crafted for small-scale and medium-sized organizations. It is user-friendly and affordable software for everyone. It is an online applicant tracking and onboarding system solution that provides better facilities to businesses and agencies to recruit and hire new employees. View Profile


HR Software

30 Days

Kredily is one of the best HR and Payroll management software in India. It assists you to control all HR and payroll activities in an efficient manner. We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to automate 70% of HR tasks so that you can focus on your business and take care of important HR decisions. View Profile


HR software with attendance management system

14 Days

Qandle is a configurable HR software that can smoothly integrate with your existing biometric and smart cards. Qandle's smart dashboard shows employee attendance, Punch-in, punch-out time, leave schedule everything at your fingertips. It also has a mobile app for all the activities. View Profile


Gamified employee attendance software

Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

1st to Crack the Gamification code on Attendance Platform. Employee Engagement & 100% state wise statutory Compliant Cuckoo Tech is the only one which can live up to your expectations, challenges, and aspirations. Clients tells us, it surpasses their expectations. View Profile

ADP for Time Management

Payroll Software on Cloud

14 Days

ADP Time Management Software is User-friendly attendance and time Management Software. ADP for time management is for secure attendance related required reports and workflows which suits to any sized business. View Profile

eFACiLiTY - Time and Attendance System

Time and Attendance System

Yearly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

The time and attendance system of eFACiLiTY provides improved attendance system efficiency, accuracy and productivity to the resource management, pay–roll process and best practice attendance management system of organizations. View Profile

JSM Time Sheet Software

Software BY JSM Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

14 Days

JSM Timesheet Management System has been specially developed for automating Timesheet entry. Timesheet software provides advanced reporting with powerfull export features. View Profile

Sentrifugo HRMS 3.2

Free & Opensource HR Software

14 Days

Sentrifugo is the next generation powerful HR and payroll software which is easily configurable and user friendly to adapt your business process needs. Sentrifugo is completely FREE HRMS Software and has no hidden costs.! View Profile


Complete HRMS and payroll for growing businesses

14 Days

PulseHRM is Online HR and payroll solution developed on Oracle tech stack. It lets you start with the modules you need and add more as you grow. Covering al ost every process of your business into single platform I.e Salary processing, Attendance Management View Profile


Multi-country Payroll and HRMS software

14 Days

PeopleApex is a multi-country Human Resource and Payroll Management Software and that is an integrated end-to-end enterprise-level HCM solution, crafted to automates your existing HRMS process from ESS to exit process. View Profile


Paybooks is a payroll & HRsoftware

14 Days

Paybooks is the most trusted cloud-based payroll software provider and payroll outsourcing consultancy in India. Services offered by Paybooks: Online Payroll software Payroll Outsourcing View Profile

Poise Payroll

A Complete Payroll Software

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

POISE Payroll automated HR department in payroll and Human resource process in any organization. POISE is Cloud-based software with configurable workflow and required Indian payroll features. View Profile

MARG ERP 9+ Attendance Management

500+Centers for Training & Support, 6 Lakh+ Users

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Marg Attendance Software has a user friendly interface as it can be easily integrated with biometric machine and will keep the track & maintenance of all the information of salary transfer. View Profile

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A Software to track and Manage timings of your Employees.!

Time management software

Time is the only thing that cannot be reversed. It runs only forward. It has been the only unstoppable measure of the universe that man has yet never learned to conquer. Isn’t there a way to beat this enormous measure? Well, there still a chance not to conquer time but to use it in a proper way. Time is the measure that reminds us of who we are. It reminds us we are just passers-by. It this us hard and wakes us up and tells that the time we have with this one life is limited. It tells us to use this limited resource. What if there are certain human inventions that can make us use time efficiently. Yes, there is. These are software that will help enterprises and other business sectors to keep track of their work and keep it on time.

What is time management software?

Time management software is nothing but software designed to maintain the business and enterprises data and workflow in their organizations. The time management software keeps deadlines, reminders, and checks to keep the work on time.

Benefits of Time Management Software

  1. Creates time management sense: The time management software helps in recognizing a time management sense and creates a feeling of responsibility and awareness among the employees. It helps the workplace to be responsible and time aware.
  2. Synchronizing -   it helps in disintegrating the work among employees and maintaining the work synchronicity. This helps in the faster work process and on-time completion. It prevents the last minute bundle up of work. The work is not piled up and it very smooth. Thereby the workplace has no tension or hurry burry.
  3. Filtration: there is each responsibility given to each employee according to the time filtration process.
  4. Storage: storage of data and employee data storage is done and the workplace is maintained digitally. This avoids piling up of huge paper documents. This keeps the work area tidy. Since all the data is stored digitally there is no need for missing out documents.

Why time management software:

Time management is vital for any organization. Delivering their products on time is very important. Any product not given on time leaves a black mark to the concerned organization. Hence it is important to keep things organized on time. The time management Software is used to help various organizations including small industries to large industries to stay organized and in time in managing their employee’s time.

The time management software also helps in maintaining the employee details and their hours of work. Some organizations pay their workers in means of the hours they have worked. Hence under these circumstances, the time management software comes handy to keep the employee details. it maintains details of how many hours the employee has worked, how much salary to be allotted based on the hours of work.

The time management software is available in both systems wise and mobile environment. They work on multiple platforms. They can access numerous features of both websites and also mobile apps. Hence the users come from a variety of environment. Right from large enterprises to mobile phones, all users use time management software to facilitate their works.

Characteristics and exemplary features of Time Management Software

Accuracy in Data Acquisition:

Stores data for a long time with clarity, Runs using the real-time clock and used GPS hence the information is very authentic.

Ease of Use:

Since it can be used in any platform the user end is developed with a good interface. Hence it is very easy to use. Also, it has a digital clock embedded in it.

Password security:

It has high-security features. Hence breaching of the password is not that easy

Global Access: 

The authorized user is given the privilege of using the software anywhere from the world. It uses a GPS connection to fin the authorized user.

Proactive workplace management  : 

It keeps track of employee work details. It manages each schedule and checks its timely delivery. It is used to calculate the employees work hours for payments. Employees don’t have to worry about signing their times in and out during work. It records all the details

Better Connection within work: it allows better workplace mingling. Employees and employers are more connected by either one to one or many to one connections. It sorts the day to day activities. It checks which activity takes more time and organizes the schedules accordingly

Take snaps :

It allows the facility of taking screenshots of the work in its software.

Performance Analyzing:

It stores the past work details of the employees to give them pay and check their performance.

Perks of buying TMS

There are a lot of advantages for a buyer. It is platform independent. That is it works of website, systems and also mobile platforms. It is cost efficient and compatible. Since it can be accessed globally user need not worry about losing any schedule by traveling.