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Enterprising Business Intelligence

Onetime(Perpetual License)

exactllyERP is a secure ERP software that helps companies to manage and record business processes, Sale, Purchase, Production, Quality Control and data at every stage of business and thereby, increase productivity and efficiency. View Profile

Acme Insight

Billing, accounting and inventory software.

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14 Days

Acme Insight Easy to use Desktop based software, Acme's Insight Billing software helps a retailer to handle multiple customers. Dedicatedly Developed for the Traders, Manufacturers, Dealers, and Retailers by considering all the Possible challenges of these businesses. View Profile

Astral Manufacturing ERP

A Complete ERP solution for Business

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

They have automize the process by maintaining this inventory which will give an idea about raw material required to be purchased, direct entry of order from customer, barcode used to be generated for the product to be dispatch, Tracking of Payment collection became easi View Profile

MMI Xpert - ERP

A Unique Solution for every Unique Business

14 Days

MMI XPERT is an end to end solution for SMEs, retailers, wholesaler, Traders and Manufactures operating entire process from a single window to a whole chain. MMI XPERT is comprehensive and scalable business who are focusing on high-end growth. View Profile

Expand ERP

India's best fit cloud ERP software

14 Days

Expand ERP is India's best fit Cloud ERP software, curated for mid-sized manufacturers in Export and Retail Industry respectively. It drives business efficiency by perfectly fitting into the existing business process and effectively automating most complex processes. View Profile

CAMS Exact Localization ERP

Best ERP software for Small Business

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

CAMS now been recognized as a leader in providing collaborative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for all types of industries. GST Compliance. CAMS is ASP (Application Service Provider) for Filing GST Returns. View Profile

Uneecops - SAP ERP

Best Online enterprise resource planning software

14 Days

Uneecops SAP Business One is a cost effective, integrated ERP solution for SMEs. Made specifically to meet the demands of small and medium businesses, Uneecops helps you manage your business as per set international standards. View Profile

Ray Tech Manufacturing ERP

Top ERP Software in India

Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

The Ray Tech ERP system is a collection of tools, highly advanced business functional tools, to which many other modules can be attached or extended. Manufacturing ERP has numerous components which can be installed as required. View Profile


ERP, ODOO, Android Application Development

14 Days

SAP ERP Software arrangements duty to corporate social obligation is worldwide in reach, adjusting financial, natural and social concerns. View Profile

Syosys Technologies

Manage lead generation to Key handover to customer

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Builder Max- the wizardly ERP software catering all management and business needs of the builders.The package contains modules for controlling all the business aspects of building industrywith central data repository to administer multiple projects with ease and efficie View Profile

Integra ERP

GST based ERP for retails traders and Distributor

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Integra ERP provides business process management software and services for SMEs and Retailers. They have a wide range of software product including Online accounting software to Enterprise Resource Planning software to run your entire business on that. View Profile

NetSuite ERP

Software BY NetSuite Inc.

14 Days

NetSuite ERP provides cloud solutions to ensure that your business achieves milestones. Scale your business and focus on mission-critical operations with the help of this ERP software. Streamline everything from planning project to deliverables. View Profile

Farvision ERP

Software BY Gamut infosystems ltd

14 Days

Farvision ERP applications helps the companies integrate all data and processes in a single comprehensive manner. This software would streamline all managerial, financial as well as operational facets of the business. View Profile

Real ERP

Software BY Real ERP Solutions

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

RealERP complete construction ERP software in India, helps you manage your multiple construction projects by giving complete access to its progress. Provides liability to promote swift return on investment and low cost of ownership. View Profile


ERP for Construction & Real Estate Industry

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

CIMS ERP is most project-friendly and user-friendly construction specific ERP for Contractors, Real Estate Developers/ Builders, MEP & EPC Contractors. View Profile


Software BY Libsys Ltd

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

LSAcademia is a complete ERP Solution to manage an Academic Campus be it a school, college or an institute. It seamlessly integrates different administrative departments and ensures a smooth flow of information among them. View Profile


Software BY Aarush Systems

14 Days

E-Campus Academic Suite is designed for completely managing Schools, Colleges , Institutes and Universities. E-Campus Software ensures better interaction between Students, Faculty, Administration, Parents & Companies . View Profile


Cloud Based Solution for small and medium businesses


TCS iON's Cloud-Based Solution is highly modular, scalable and configurable giving businesses and educational institutions the benefits of increased efficiencies, faster go to market, predictability of technology as well as spend and better business results. View Profile

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ERP stands for Enterprise resource planning is one of the integrated management of main business processes. ERP uses a centralized database for various business processes for reducing labor for simplifying existing business workflows.

Enterprise resource planning systems used by organizations for managing their business functions within a centralized and integrated system for streamlining the businesses. ERP also brings up customer management, human resources, business intelligence, financial management, inventory, along with supply chain capabilities under a single umbrella.

Here are the several benefits of ERP software, take a look at it:

  • Improved reporting and planning
  • Complete Customization
  • Customer Service
  • Enhanced Collaboration and Workflow
  • Surpasses outcome efficiency
  • Entire visibility control

Enterprise Resource Planning procedures for reducing the manual labor for streamlining existing business workflow. It consists of a dashboard where customers can take a look at real-time data collected from all across the business to measure productivity and profitability. Ultimately, ERP helps in increasing the business process for doubling the ROI with less hassle.

ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) offers complete visibility in core business processes and optimizes systems with the help of superior resource tracking and reporting, database management and improved information systems. ERP integrates the vital aspects of a business including product development, manufacturing, marketing, and also sales. 

These are the top reasons for implementing ERP software:

  • Business Intelligence Reports
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Business Enlargement
  • Investment Optimization.

Enterprise resource planning software is used by organizations who are looking for managin their business functions within a centralized and integrated system. Companies working within the supply chain to help keep track of all the moving parts of manufacturing and the distribution units.  

ERP(Enterprise resource planning) system collaborates each of the company’s key operations, including financial, manufacturing, distribution, human resources, and customer relations departments in one software system. Also, for many companies ERP is like the soul of the entire company for managing and streamlining the business of the organization.

ERP solutions handle the most key operations such as financing, manufacturing, distributions, human resources, and mostly customer relationship management in a one software system. 

Why ERP is must needed in your current organization. | Top ERP Software

For efficient working of an organization it is necessary for various departments to work efficiently, but managing all of them separately can be hectic work to perform. To make the process easier, technology has gifted software called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). It helps you to integrate and manage all the important parts of your business, so it becomes much easy to manage the process since it runs in a single system. For example, you may integrate the parts of your business like planning, sales, finance, purchasing, marketing, human resource, etc.

Why Enterprise Resource Planning (EPR) is important?

The number of errors will be reduced

When the work is done manually there are a number of chances to commit errors and it is also quite natural. In the case of the software, the errors can be minimized since it can eliminate the contradictions in the data that belong to different departments. In addition, the confusions that arise due to the errors also will be minimized.

Tool for powerful business insight

With the help of such tools, the management will be able to make certain informed business decisions for further growth. Since the software integrates different parts of the business it is just to analyses this software to find a solution or to have a decision.

A complete view of the business

In certain important actives like audit or when you want to know the performance in a complete picture of all the process, you may have a look at the software. Information about each and every sector will be found in then and it is also easy to represent them in any form like stats or graphs. This makes one of the important features to have the software and also this is appreciated when presenting the complete to the higher authority of the concern.

Cost efficient

Who is the one to say no when you get the advantage of a number of different software just form one? Enterprise Resource Planning is also such kind of software that integrates the function and needs for different software for different sectors of your concern. Beyond the factor, the company can also cut the costs through the insights that they gain from the data.

The level of flexibility that the software offers

This modern software posses the tendency of flexibility, they are also configurable and robust. They can be changed and used based on your needs and to the flow of your business. The system will also easily adapt to the changes that are done on it. Even when you need to change you do not need to keep buying new software since the prevailing one can be used for other businesses as well.

Assures security features

For all the concerns one common thing that has to be emphasized is the security. There are a number of chances for the data of your concern to be stolen, but this software comes with high-security features, built in resource and firewalls. Moreover, when you are using single software to manage all the works you do not need to provide security for each of them separately. Such efficient software can assure security for data of all the sectors.

How to choose the right Enterprise Resource Planning software?

There is a number of software and vendors in the market, not all of them are liable. Also, choosing software is not like just buying a commodity in regular. Only when you certain specific information and idea about the software you may have the right one. Here are certain things to be taken into consideration.

Look for the technical resources: You may not always look for the expert; look for any technical resources like documentation, knowledge-based materials, and wikis, given.

Customer support: Since the software is one of the important aspects in your business it is important to run efficiently when there are any issues there should be assistance from the right experts to get the problem fixed.

Customer review: It is always important to have good reviews of any of the products that you buy. It is applicable for the ERP software as well. Look for the rating and reviews given by the customers and choose the right software.

Have a plan on your business strategies: It is not necessary for your business to follow only in a particular direction. It may have certain deviations, so at the instance how will the software help you? And if there is the necessity of any changes how can they be implemented? Chose the software based on all the factors.

 With such important and advantages for the system, so not miss their benefits and choose them appropriately. We, Techimply can provide you such efficient software like Enterprise Resource Planning and help in the growth of your business.