Top 7 Recruitment Software Functionality.

Top 7 Recruitment Software Functionality.

It was high time way back in the 20th century when the business world felt the need of recruitment automation. And yes, the recruitment management software is the outcome of this demand and need. Ever since the advent of this incredible software, the employers have found the recruitment process easier and better than ever before. So, what are you waiting for? If you are still not a member of this club, join it now without a second thought. It will not only bring ease in task, but also prosperity because it is the employees that creates the future of a business.

What exactly is the work of a recruitment management software?

In a layman’s words, one can say that recruitment management software is a software that automates the task of recruitment of employees in a company. Breaking the traditional practice of manual process, recruitment management software is here to automate this task with perfection. From posting the ads on various platforms to actually executing the task of recruitment, the software does it all. After all, who in this competitive and fast moving world would not like to join the race with a horse like technology? So, get in the queue to buy the best recruitment management software now!

But wait, before making the leading recruitment management software  a member of your company, know the various functionality it performs. It is essentially important to know a software technology well before using. It avoids confusion and problems. You may also find a good explanation over the functionality of your preferred software in the software itself. But to give it more clarity, we are here with an explanation of the top functionality of the recruitment management software. These are:-

1. It automates the traditional time-consuming process of hiring

For any task, any institution and any job, time management are most important. And do you feel like you are not able to reach out to the applicants that apply for a job in your company? Are your workers finding it difficult to manage the recruitment task? Well, this problem ends with the advent of recruitment management software. This software saves you a lot of time and effort by making things automatic. Unlike earlier, now you need not look after every applicant individually. The software does it all- posting job vacancy, screening, selecting, on boarding etc. at a single screen. More than 50% of the company says they are short on time when it comes to recruitment. So, you must install this mighty software now to streamline your recruitment task with ease.

2. Advertising the job vacancies

One of the basic and the first task of any recruitment process is the advertisement. If you have no advertisement of job vacancies, how will the public know about it? In fact, how do you know about a job vacancy? Of course through news, advertisement or in the modern world, via social media. So, this is one function performed by the recruitment management software. It promotes the job vacancies of a company at various platforms including social media. This is still possible through the manual process but the extent to which this software does this task is next to impossible in the manual method.

3. It tracks the candidates

Another important task performed by the recruitment management software is the candidates tracking. Yes, like a pro, this software keeps on tracking every candidate. This becomes a hectic task when done manually and consumes a lot of time. So, to lessen this burden, recruitment management software is here. The task of screening, reviewing resumes, interviewing etc. is perfectly done by the recruitment software. So, after installing this software, you need not worry about any such aspect. 

4. Assess the candidates before hiring

After going through the intensive process of job recruitments, the assessment process is still left. A company needs to assess a candidate properly and thoroughly before hiring him/her. This assessment process includes personality assessment, skills and cognitive testing, references and background checking. These tasks are also performed by the recruitment management software. It saves a company a lot of time and extra effort. The automation is this task leaves the company with a lot of time that could be utilized in some other task. 

5. It keeps an eye on the applicants

Recruitment management software is not just built to check and conduct the process of recruitment. It is also entitled to look after the safety of the company. The software is built in a way that once you set your targets, it automatically detects the false applicants and inform the company about the same. This is one thing that could be missed out when process is done manually. Humans are more likely to commit this mistake than technology. So, you also need not worry about the thugs. 

6. Recruitment analytics dashboard and reporting

This function is available in almost all recruitment management software. If not, you must think twice before making it a part of your company. This feature involves the task of reporting information regarding recruitment. This part tells you about the various aspects of recruitment processes. It also gives you a clear insight into your recruitment board and lets you know the area that needs changes and improvement. This way you can improve your company’s recruitment task. 

7. It organizes orientation and training of new hires

Once the candidates are recruited, training and orientation become the next important step. So, this software helps in this regard as well. It streamlines the various processes and important points that need to be delivered to the candidates during training. Manual management of orientation becomes hectic and sometimes cause mistakes but the cloud-based system allows you to organize a flawless training program.

So, these are some of the most important tasks performed by recruitment management software. To save time and effort and seamlessly streamline the various recruitment processes, you must install it now!

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