Best HR Software for Startups And SMBs in India

Best HR Software for Startups And SMBs in India

HR software is mainly designed for the employees and HR managers to accomplish the potential and implementation to boost productivity as well as the entire performance cycle. 

The Human resource department is a combination of people who together handle the distinct operations of the entire firm. This helps to streamline the business-oriented requirements as well as works as the connection module between higher management and employees. 

HR software For startups and SMBs in India integrates with the on-boarding procedures, recruitment, and managing workforce, schedule the payroll solutions, strategic activities, and much more to have a seamless business. Find the advantages of using HR software in Your organization.


Let us have a look over the best HR software for startups and SMBs in India.


Keka HR payroll platform

  • Keka HR is a modern HRMS software that focuses on providing the best user experience and simplified complex workflows. Keka is one of the smartest software having fully unified and trending attributes. Keka is the best HR software For startups and SMBs in India allows collectively operating all core HR operations. Also, it helps to overcome traditional methods with modern methods. 

  • The future of HR systems is going to be machine-driven and Keka is such a great part of the future. With every new release, Keka adds more intelligence to the software that helps to manage the organization’s HR policies without losing the human touch. The Keka system is extensible and configurable with having easy interactions.  Read more on how cloud-based HR software is helping hr professionals in India.


  • Qandle is a configurable software that smoothly integrates with existing smart cards and biometric attendance. The software’s smart dashboard provides attendance sheets, punch-in and punch-out time, leave schedules, and much more at your fingertips. Qandle is the best HR software in India for startups also comes with a connected mobile app to carry out all the activities. 
  • Qandle is a comprehensive solution that helps to craft fast-growing future and future-focused companies. The automation of HR’s administrative and transactional activities allows getting more time to focus on the other important activities. It allows configuring all the advanced policies and workflows both on Android and iOS. 
  • The unique platform for the leaders with a single view and advanced analytics to make smart decisions of HR, Talent, Payroll, and travel and expenses that the software helps you with. 

Spine HR and payroll

  • The Spine HR is an end-to-end solution and easy-to-use software. It can be understood even by the newcomers in the industry. This software stores all the records of employees and covers almost every required work that is important to take care of the business related to HR tasks. 
  • Spine is the best HR software For startups and SMBs in India has gained vast experience over two decades by serving 4500+ clients all over the world. The company itself is trusted by major segments where Accounts, IT, HR, and admin teams have received benefits through integrated solutions. The spine system is designed in such a way that all the employees are connected to the system roles and responsibilities and can be assigned partial or full function rights. A step ahead of all, Spine is equipped with the additional utility providing data access restrictions based on the locations. 

Wallet HR

  • Wallet HR is considered an affordable HR software solution for SMEs. The company offers HR solutions from hiring to retirement process covering the entire life cycle of the business. All the data can be controlled over a single platform. Also, the cloud results can be accessed from any place or any device. 
  • The software allows to automate every HR process and enables the employees or managers to track, manage and analyze the data of any employee right from hiring till current date or till retirement. Greater control is provided with robust payroll management software and attendance management software. The software’s simplified operations help to increase work efficiency. 
  • The software can be dynamically customized and shaped to meet the requirements of any organization. This web-based solution provides easy access at any time and from any place. Also, there are location-wise or department-wise dashboards to provide relevant information. 


  • greytHR is one of India’s most trusted HR SaaS solution platforms. The company provides automation in HR processes and 100% compliance of 10,000 to 20,000 people. The company has over 25 years of experience, has served over 9000 customers, and tends to have 1M users. 
  • greytHR platform is a combination of cloud HR solutions designed for small-scale and medium-scale organizations. The software comes with productivity tools to have better management, simpler HR activities, and professional delivery of every assigned work. The employee portal is for managers and employees leading to better engagement and all-around savings. The company has most of its users in India and the Middle East. 
  • greytHR is the best HR software For startups and SMBs for India much more than any great software. Along with automation, the software provides a vibrant HR community and easy-to-learn processes. The software provides real-time data with activity status, training, enterprise-class delivery, project management, AI chat, customer service, telephone support, support desk, FAQs, webinars, DIY videos, communities, forums, and much more to provide a great experience to every user. 


  • The 247HRM is a market leader that provides solutions to maintain every process right from hiring to the retirement of any employee in the organization. The company deals with more than 1100 clients with 1.5 lacs plus employees successfully managed. 
  • The platform is serving the requirements of customers for over 16 years. The core team of 247HRm has experience of over 65 years in HR. The management team has helped over 3500 organizations and has designed specific solutions with their passion and expertise. 


  • Officenet is the best HR software For startups and SMBs in India is cloud-based software that can be accessed from anywhere. It is also a mobile-friendly system. Using this software, one can see the full employee cycle right from start to end. This solution simplifies the HR tasks such as leave management, performance management, training management, attendance management, analysis, and much more. 
  • The solution delivers world-class cloud as well as on-premise solutions to the organizations of India. The company has 10 years of rich experience and it is helping the managers to bring positive changes to the organization. The on-premise software is a deployment model whereas cloud software with its subscription model. Any model can opt between the lite and enterprise versions. The major features of this software include leave and attendance recruitment, travel management, expense management, and mainly employee management. 


These were a few of the best HR software for startups and SMBs for India. There is an unending list of software that exists in the market and you have to opt for the best one. If you are looking for a development company who can help you to build the software according to your requirements then you should follow these tips for choosing the right company.

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