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HRMThred is most trusted, Fast and secure Online Cloud-hosted payroll Solution. HRMthred Helps you in all your requirements relating to the Management of Salary processing, calculation, Employee Management, Apprisal history, and many more HR related stuff.

Pricing of HRMTHREAD

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Key Features of HRMTHREAD

Expense Management
Mobile Support
Online Tests & Psychometric Tests
Pay Slip
Workflow Management
Ad hoc Analysis
People Management
TDS Calculation
Bonus, Loan & Advances Management
Leave Management
Formula Defined Salary Calculation
Multi Company
Salary Adjustment
Employee Profile
MIS Reports
PF / ESIC Calculation
Salary Information & History
Back Office Assistance
Analytics & Advance MIS Reports
Creating Pay Slips
Payroll Taxes
Pay Slip
Payroll Management
Taxation Management


Personal StartUps SMEs Agencies Enterprises
Personal StartUps SMEs
Agencies Enterprises

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Sensys Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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HRMTHREAD helps you to manage your companies payroll, faster, and more efficiently! Get tasks done quickly with minimal input. Accurate, reliable HRMTHREAD! 6,000 users are using HRMTHREAD for their payroll needs and HRM solutions! They are revolutionizing how people do business. Easy access, user-friendly software and complete support make HR management easier than ever. 

Have all the information you need right at your fingertips to better manage staff scheduling, ensure timely payments and more. The goal is to improve how you do business. HRMTHREAD is a leader in Payroll & HR software solutions to help you manage companies payroll & hr more efficiently and to have the information you need to make informed confident decisions. Signing up for a free trial today will help you to see what efficiency really looks like. Tasks that once took hours to complete can be done with a few keystrokes in seconds. The real value that we offer business owners and managers is the savings. The amount of time savings and costs that can be realized by trusting your payroll and HR software needs to HRMTHREAD is tremendous. When your staff is free to focus on other tasks productivity increases. Instead of focusing on daunting tasks that used to take hours to complete you will be free to pursue core business responsibilities and put your focus where it best can serve your business goals. Improve monitoring, have up to the minute reports at your fingertips, improve tax processing and more with HRMTHREAD your solution for payroll, HR and more.


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Q. Who are the main user group of HRMTHREAD?

The user group of HRMTHREAD are as follows :

  • Startups
  • SMEs
  • Agencies
  • Enterprises

Q. How much does HRMTHREAD cost?

HRMTHREAD has 0 plans.

Q. What pricing model does HRMTHREAD support?

HRMTHREAD pricing model : Yearly,Monthly

Q. Is HRMTHREAD is online or offline?

HRMTHREAD is Online Software.

Q. Is customization possible in HRMTHREAD?


Q. What type of support does HRMTHREAD provide?

HRMTHREAD offers Phone,Email,Online (Ticket) support.

Q. What type of guides provided by HRMTHREAD for training?

HRMTHREAD provides Video Guides,Blogs,Infographics,Case Studies,On-Site Training for the software training.