List of 20 Best Hospital Management Software


Halemind Best EMR & Clinic Software

14 Days

Halemind is dedicated to assisting you to care for health effects. Halemind is an ingenious, leading-edge, and connected Electronic Health Record and Hospital Management System that provides insightful, actionable, and focused data to automate your day-to-day operations. View Profile


Software BY NextGen Healthcare

14 Days

One of the Best NextGen Practice Management Software increases efficiency, cash flow, reports compliance management, and revenue. It is very easy to use, cost-effective, and saving time by checking claims for errors data. View Profile


Next Generation LIMS with Free Mobile App

14 Days

Livehealth is an end-to-end collaborative document management software.LiveHealth is the best hospital management software. It can provide the management of all work. LiveHealth has the best electronic health records. View Profile

Miracle HIS

Hospital Information System by Akhil Systems Pvt Ltd

14 Days

Miracle Hospital management Software is managing the working of a hospital in a paperless environment. ASPL is the leading provider of innovative health information systems and services that transform the administrative and clinical operations of healthcare organizations of all sizes. View Profile

Amrita Health Information System

Best Hospital Management Software

14 Days

Amrita HIS is a J2EE and cloud-based product suite, Java Enterprise Edition based easily integrated, one-stop solution for the healthcare industry. Amrita HIS is the proven HIS suite developed with EMR as its central foundation. View Profile

Docengage EMR/EHR

Deliver High Quality Care Using #1 DocEngage EHR.

14 Days

Docengage(clinical software) helps in managing the most hectic day of the week with ease. It enhances the capabilities of your administrative tasks and makes them simple for you. It also assists comprehensive EMR on patient care without worrying about practice workflow. View Profile

CellBeans HIMS

Hospital Information Management Systems (HIMS)

14 Days

CellBeams works as an end-to-end software across the enterprise and covers all the key facets of operations and management of medium and large hospitals. It empowers the healthcare service providers to enhance functional efficiency, reduce the cost & medical errors. View Profile

I.C.E Apple

Hospital Management Software

14 Days

I.C.E. Apple is a hospital information management system that automates hospital activities and handles all clinical, administrative, and financial processes. I.C.E  View Profile

Health Gennie

hospital management software

14 Days

Health Gennie is a preventive health care IT concept based on complete health care for anyone in need, provide OPD management, IPD management , LAB management with the right health care at the right time. Patients can get a good and healthy lifestyle by staying connected with health care providers and take control of their health right from their home. View Profile

MediSmart - Hospital Management System

Software BY HexaTech IT Ventures Pvt Ltd / Writer Business Services Pvt Ltd

14 Days

MediSmart Hospital Management System provides the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration & control, superior patient care, strict cost control, and improved profitability. Hospital software gives apt information across the hospital to support the patients. View Profile


The Health Care Software Solution

14 Days

Catalyst Early days approaches encompass paper-based information processing as well as resident work position and mobile data acquisition and presentation. The customizable alert system sends text or email and improves the quality of patient care. View Profile


Software BY Neovante Technologies Pvt Ltd

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

I-Medicare helps you to attend major activities related to the entire functional areas of the healthcare organization. The product i-Medicare comprises of a cluster of program modules to compile one integrated software system. View Profile


Software BY Kameda Infologics Pvt. Ltd.

14 Days

Yasasii is a comprehensive Healthcare Information System (HIS) crafted for various types of healthcare facilities ranging from a small clinic to a network of tertiary care hospitals. View Profile

Aarogya - Hospital Management Software

Aarogya Web-Based Best Doctor software and Hospital Management System for your business

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Aarogya is a hospital Management Software that assists you to safeguard the flow of information coming across. It supplies efficient decision-making for general hospital management, streamlining financial accounts and patient care. It can be tailor-made as per one’s requirements. View Profile

Hospital Express

Hospital Management System

Onetime(Perpetual License)
Not Available

Hospital Express is a desktop-based Hospital Management System and suitable software to manage all hospital day-to-day records. The software includes different functionalities like maintaining patient, payment, staff, ward, room, equipment records, OPD/ IPO appointments. View Profile

Sara Pathology Management

Sara Hospital Management Software Software BY Sara Technologies

14 Days

Sara Technologies brings technology to the doors of the health industry through their hospital management software that comes to make the record-keeping process of all the patient’s medical details or other information. Hospitals with pathology management and pathology or diagnostic center. View Profile

LAB Manager

Complete Lab Manager Software

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

LAB Manager provides complete reporting of pathology labs, radiology, ultrasound, MRI, and CT scans, etc. It comes with an in build library of a large number of tests with their reference range and interpretations. View Profile

LabReporter XL

Software BY Diksha Online Software Private Limited.

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

LabReporter XL is the ultimate and unique Pathology Reporting Software for creating smart and accurate reports of pathology, X-ray, ultrasound, and ECG along with the Patient Registration System, Lab Accounting, and SMS Alerts. View Profile

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is an integrated software which handles different directions of clinic/health sector workflows. It helps in managing the smooth healthcare performance with administrative, medical, financial, and legal jurisdiction.

For diagnose and treating each of individual patients productively; clinical and care specialist team must have access to some of three vital types of clinical information- i) the patient’s health record, ii) the rapidly changing medical evidence base theory, and iii) provider orders assistance that showcase the process of patient care.

The HMS means Hospital Management Software is made up of an integrated software which controls different directions of clinic workflows. It manages the smooth healthcare performances with administrative, medial, legal, and financial management.

Healthcare includes four different types of model, consisting of beveridge model, the bismarck model, the national health insurance model, and the final out-of-pocket model. Each of the systems are unique in the way it's funded along with its organization.  

Healthcare system has four basic modes of paying are out-of-pocket, individual private insurance, employment-based group private insurance sector, and government financing schemes for hassle-free payment.

Hospital management system helps in :

  • Better revenue management

  • Improving clinical decision making

  • Improve data security

  • Avoid errors and track every single details

  • Establish the hospital’s technically advancement

A Hospital Management system is an integrated information system that handles all the aspects of a hospital’s operation such as medical, finance, administrative, legal, and compliance for effortless management, It includes electronic health records, business intelligence, and revenue cycle management.

List of best hospital management software are:

You have to check below mentioned things to select the right and most suitable software:

  • A great web presence with easy to use features
  • Most optimized Adminstration and Control
  • Customization possiblity, Like you can customize it as an when you require
  • You could use that software with minimum Man power
  • You should be able to customze the work flow for all your department
  • Always check for the after sales support as Hosital management software is the sensitive thing so in case if you are facing any difficuly in future then you should be aware of support system of that software

Software such as AllScript, Cerner, and Quadramed are the kind of most popular EHR systems where academic, medical centers, teaching facilities, and hospitals have  300+ beds, with accordance reports from KLAs.

It is generally useful for:

  • Operating theatre management system
  • Patient Administrative System(PAS)
  • Laboratory Information Management System
  • Booking Management System
  • Appointment Management System
  • Hospital Costing System

Hospital Management Software Buyer Guide

In today’s technological World, selecting the right hospital management software is one of the prominent decisions to enhance your patient care and increase revenue. The increase in the number of health problems led the people to visit the healthcare industry than ever before.

Healthcare industries tend to handle different kinds of tasks while handling patients. And so, the hospitals are decided to automate these regular healthcare processes with the help of hospital software. The healthcare software is capable of carrying out the process faster and easier thus saving time and money.

What is Hospital Management Software?

It is specially designed software to manage the activities that are involved in all the areas of the hospital such as medical, administrative, financial and other services. The main objectives are:

  •  To reduce the operating costs of hospital
  •  To act as the best system for patient care
  •  To provide better coordination among different departments
  •  To manage the process from one centralized system
  •  To provide MIS (Management Information System) report to help the management

How hospital management software can help you?

It is designed in such a way to reduce the risks involved in the workload of hospital staffs. This software can automate the tasks and speed up the process. So, the the hospital management system can reduce the expenses on recruiting more staffs to handle the process. in addition to this, customers will be satisfied with fast and right service.

The hospital software can be used in different departments of the healthcare industry like

  1.  Front Office Management
  2.  Patient Record Management
  3.  Patient Care Management
  4.  Electronic Health Records
  5.  Department Modules in Labs, Pharmacy, etc
  6.  Medical Billing Area
  7.  Financial Accounting
  8.  Payroll Management
  9.  Laboratory Information Management
  10.  Patient Insurance Services

Factors to Be Considered While Selecting Hospital Management Software

Decide the Automation Range

Nowadays, there are several options available to automate every department of a clinic or hospital. You have seen the usage of hospital software in the above section. Likewise, you have to decide what kind of automation you need to enhance your hospital.

Search for the software that meets your requirements and budget. Visit the TechImply webpage to get the list of best hospital management software available in the market.

Customizing Options

The requirements of the hospitals vary from one another depending on the size and type. When you plan to purchase the custom made software it may not contain the required feature to complete the unique process of your hospital.

So, you should go with the customization option of hospital management software which enables you to carry out tasks as per your need. In order to avoid the mess, it is better to know the level of customization you need to have in the hospital software.

Level of Integration

While searching for the best hospital management software you should give more importance to the integration feature of it. This is because you will be making use of traditional ways to handle the tasks in the past days and you need to integrate those data in the new system.

So, make sure that the selected hospital management system is capable of integrating without any interruption. Also, know the time taken to integrate, downtime and investment of time and money.

Implementation Time

The implementation time of the software decides the quality of it. You should know about the time period for hospital software installed. The main thing that you should understand how much time it requires practicing the features of the software. Before purchasing the software you must do cross-checking of the software’s timeline.

Technical Support

You should think about the later requirements of the software after purchased, installed and implemented in your hospital. The software should provide technical support to the people who tend to make use of it. This helps to avoid the wrong usage of software and the problems that may occur.

Clear Your Queries

You must have understood the entire details of hospital management system. If there are any queries it should be cleared. Some of the common queries are the cost of the software, downtime of the upgrade, etc.

Credentials and Certificates

Once you are satisfied with the above-mentioned aspects you should do cross-checking of the respective software company. Check their quality of service, experience providing services, team support, specialties, best credentials and still more.

Thus, these are the essential information that you need to know about hospital software. Take advantage of this information to make the right decision in buying the right software for your hospital.