6 Benefits of cloud-based hospital management software

6 Benefits of cloud-based hospital management software

Benefits of cloud-based hospital management software

To manage the ever-growing administrative problems while meeting the changing demands from patients for an excellent healthcare system, Hospitals are progressively adopting technology to automate their operations to enhance their efficiency. This technology adoption can be immediately attributed to the inefficiency of manual procedures to handle patients and the ever-growing burden of managing and securing data. It takes care of the complete hospital functionalities. The integrated system can be customized and is developed to control all hospital operations like patient details, appointment booking, billing, drug management, Electronic medical history, administration, Patient medical record, inventory management. Here are some of the benefits of cloud-based hospital management software.

Benefits of cloud-based hospital management Software 

Revenue management: 

A hospital serves humanity. On the other side, profit is essential as it is also viewed to be a business. Revenue management is one of the considerable factors as it needs the fortune to manage a hospital. In addition, it's now not possible to track the equal aspect with the help of the old-age manual system. An Automated Hospital management software that is catered on the basis of the company's need can assist in solving the motive efficiently. It offers accurate and speedy management and transactional reports, which provide a clear view of how your business is performing. Apart from that, there is also a limit in the operating cost because of actual operational effectiveness. When strategies and systems are automated, there is no requirement for greater resources to administer the operations. 

Strengthen process:

Automating through a set of techniques is one of the noticeable benefits, and useful resources in optimizing consumers' experience the place medical specialists, patients, and clinic authorities can have interaction online with seamless information exchange features.

Enhanced decision-making in clinics:

A correct Hospital Management Software makes sure that the decision-making in clinics is made precise, fast, and useful. With one view and straightforward availability of knowledge points, medical support staff and doctors get facilitated.

Obtain preference:

If your clinic is capable of sending and receiving the records of the patients, their medical records digitally, then it means your hospital is going to be the easiest desire amongst the patients. A precise and fast Hospital Management Software stands out at the top among other nursing homes, clinical centers, and different clinic competitors. It adds massive value to your hospital and additionally presents popularity in the market.

Nullify every error and track every detail: 

Managing a hospital is quite a time-consuming task so it may create errors. There are higher chances of mistake occurrence. One can avoid that by installing an automation hospital management software that highly nullifies every mistake and also you'll avoid lawsuits and compliance issues as it is considered to be the two most drawbacks of hospitals. On the opposite hand, with help of an automatic hospital management Software tracking the accurate details of staff availability, operational information, and room occupancy also can be readily available at your fingerprints.

Enhanced data security:

If hospitals, medical centers, and clinics depend on the manual system, It can lead to higher data leakage and theft when compared to automated ones as per experts. Installing a complete and automated Hospital management software indicated that your data is in a safe place and protected from any unofficial sources and accesses.

Significantly, there are no chances for errors when an access-controlled system manages everything as information availability relies on user rights. It's also one crucial reason why hospitals, rehabilitation centers, clinics, trauma centers, and nursing homes make use of top quality and automatic Hospital Management Software.

List of hospital management software


Hospilogix is a cloud-based hospital management Software. The company's healthcare management software is used by over 100 small to large hospitals in India. It is a totally integrated, highly configurable, platform-independent Enterprise data system that allows for scalability and performance. It contains features like appointment Management, Electronic medical records, Doctor Schedule & Appointments, Pharmacy Information systems (Drugs, Opticals), Billing System, Bed Management, Patient Records Management, Physician Management, Casualty & Emergency Management, Radiology Management, Discharge Management, Dietary Management.

HospiLogix allows sharing information quickly across the organization to authorized users such as nurses, physicians, managers, and support staff. The date of the Patient is shared and stored securely, and can be accessed remotely if needed. It also supports the functions like billing, housekeeping, admissions, front desk, maintenance, and others to work faster, coordinate with each other, and minimize errors.

Caresoft Hospital Information System

Caresoft HIS is one of the highly powerful and reliable hospital management Software. It helps to ensure flexibility and scalability for health care verticals and helps them manage their resources more efficiently and effectively thus offering tangible benefits to them.

 It contains features like accounting, Database backup/restore (Management), Email Marketing / SMS Marketing, Expense Management, Expense Tracking.

it is a global health care Information Technology company that helps to deliver many services like enhanced patient care, optimized resource management, and knowledge management, leading to measurable business value to our clients. It is meant and developed in such a way to manage future challenges. It is creating a health care system that helps healthcare verticals to lower costs, enhance scalability, and higher quality and better health care for all.


The NextGen interconnected platform increases productivity, upgrades financial outcomes, eases information exchange, and enriches the patient experience. They mainly focus on helping ambulatory care providers of all sizes, and therefore the communities they serve. They're the topmost healthcare solutions provider on a relentless quest to enhance the lives of those who practice medicine and their patients. 

It is one of the simplest Hospital Management Software which is efficient, cash flow, reports compliance management, and revenue. It's very easy to use, cost-effective, and saves time by checking claims for error data.


LiveHealthIdeal may be a single and multi-center chain of Pathology, Radiology & Diagnostic centers, it's a mobile-ready, cloud-based Laboratory Information Management Solution.

Livehealth is a next-generation cloud-based and mobile-ready solution which can assist you to take hold of your lab operations & manage it better with insights & analytics. It works on every device, whether it's your desktop, your laptop, your tablet, or your mobile. It allows mobile Apps to take your center wherever you go. One need not ever worry about your records and accessing patient history again. The core Features are audit Management, Calibration Management, Data Security, EMR Integration, Lab Instruments Integration.

Miracle HIS

Miracle HIS is an internet-based Hospital Management Software that's developed using the latest technologies to manage the working of a hospital during a paperless environment. Its ability to use features makes it very suitable for the fastest implementation. Whether it's an outsized hospital, small-sized hospital, or a home. Key features of Hospital Management Software are, appointment Management, Electronic medical records, Referral Management, Inventory control, Patient Registration, Billing & Revenue Cycle Management, client Management & Credit Control, Doctor Schedule & Appointments, Modality (Diagnostic) Schedule & Appointments

Miracle HIS is the perfect healthcare IT solution. one database is employed to link patient demographics and medical records to insurance, billing, and cases information. These features make this a leading-edge HIS, raising a part of the framework from passively gathering data to effectively helping providers for the simplest health care.

Cloud18 Hospital Management System

HMS18(Hospital Management software) serves to require care of all requirements of huge/medium hospitals. It offers an entire Management data system (MIS). Numerous reports also are available for viewing and printing where you'll keep an eye fixed on the vital indicators about hospital management. A number of the key features are, patient Registration, Billing & Revenue Cycle Management, Client Management & Credit Control, Doctor Schedule & Appointments, Data Security. 

Cloud18 Hospital management software offers patients information on various factors like geography, medical problems.

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