Top Cloud Telephony Services & IVR Software Providers in India

Knowlarity SmartIVR

Software BY Knowlarity Communications Pvt. Ltd

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License),transaction
14 Days

Knowlarity SmartIVRK continue and operates from the world's most reliable cloud computing platform, with inbuilt mechanisms for fail over, verbosity, backup and auto-scaling.You might take a vacation but SmartIVR never will. View Profile


Everything you need for your business phone system

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

MyOperator is a cloud-based business phone system providing solutions like virtual phone numbers (toll free/non-tollfree), IVR, call management features like call tracking, call recording, live call transfer, callers' database, virtual receptionist and more. View Profile


Software BY Exotel Techcom Pvt Ltd

14 Days

Exotel is a business phone system that offers features like Smart IVR for you Business. You can set up an efficient call routing/management/recording system in 5 minutes of cloud telephony device. View Profile


Call Center on a Clould

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License),transaction
14 Days

Mcube is State of art Call Center Solution on a cloud to improve the sales productivity & customer expreince. MCube Cloud Telephony Solutions make it easier and affordable for your business to manage inbound voice calls automatically 24x7. View Profile


Your Own Call Centre

14 Days

YOCC- Your Own Call Centre gives you the power to base your entire cloud communication system on an automated, single number that supplies correspondingly to unlimited extensions, without any hindrances benefited by cloud telephony. View Profile


Software BY ZipDial Mobile Solutions Pvt Ltd.

14 Days

Zipdial is an engagement & analytics platform for mobile. Brand managers use it to drive exceptionally higher customer engagement through IVR System and cloud telephony. View Profile


The Virtual Phone System for Super Efficient Teams

14 Days

CallHippo, the most powerful and easy-to-use VoIP based Virtual Phone System, which takes your business productivity & sales engagement to the next level. View Profile


Software BY Bitrix Inc.

Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Bitrix24 is Most trusted and easy to use CRM software which Solution to Manage and Organize interaction with Prospects and Existing clients, channel partners and other organization's contacts. Bitrix has a workgroup and other collaboration tools. View Profile


Web based Real Estate CRM Software

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License),transaction
14 Days

T3 CRM for Real Estate & Construction is very rich in functionality and is an industry specific product. The build in process at each level of modules makes it very easy for the user to move to the next level of cycle in a much easy way. View Profile

Ozonetel CloudAgent-lite

Software BY Ozonetel

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

CloudAgent-lite is a virtual business phone system, that provides your business with all the business productivity tools, mandatory for any business to operate professionally and efficiently with ivrs and cloud telephony system. View Profile


Software BY Alliance Infotech

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Alliance VoiceXchange with a configurable call flow offers a fully integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) product to connect your customers, databases, telephones, and fax machines. View Profile

Ozonetel Kookoo

Software BY Ozonetel

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

KooKoo is an interface between your web application and the caller. It takes phone commands from you and executes them on your behalf to the caller.The best way to think of KooKoo is as just another web page in your application for your ivrs system. View Profile


Software BY Bay Talkitec Pvt. Ltd

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Bay Talkitec has been providing the best-in-class Call management & IVR systems and has successfully executed user friendly and multi-purpose IVR installations across diverse sectors. View Profile

Experience Manager


Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Experience Manager addresses capturing caller's data at each dialog level and generating different kinds of reports in a pictorial way which helps the managers to analyze quickly and tune the applications with IVR. View Profile


Software BY Microsoft Corporation

14 Days

Skype keeps the world talking, for free. Share, message and call - now with group video on mobile and tablet too. View Profile


Software BY Prologic first

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

SmartTEL Voice Mail is an optional software based voice messaging system and call management system with all the typical features required by hotels or any hospitality business in india or abroad in terms of IVR and cloud telephony View Profile


Software BY Nextiva

14 Days

Nextiva is instantly accessing enterprise-grade call center solutions and quickly scale to respond to fluctuations in call volume without changing your infrastructure settings. View Profile

Solutions Infini Cloud Communication

Messaging & Cloud Telphony

14 Days

Solutions Infini is a Cloud communication service provider catering to Messaging, Voice and Email services. Solutions Infini is a Global Cloud communication Platform which provides customized Messaging & Cloud Telephony Solutions. View Profile

UnocomTech CRM

Hybrid CRM

14 Days

Unocom Tech CRM is a Hybrid CRM with attributes like Lead Management, Telecalling, Quotations, Invoicing, Advance Booking, Complaint Management, Task Scheduling, AMC, Standby, Rejection Management, Contacts, Products, Inventory, Basic Accounting, IVR. View Profile

Page Last Updated On January 16, 2022

Cloud Telephony Solutions & IVRS software: Software to Enhance Communication System of your Business.

For any business, it is necessary to have a healthy conversation and information about potential customers. With the manual process, it is hard to carry them out since there requires a large number of written information and work is also a tedious process. To make the process so simple and efficient you can make use of the excellent Cloud Telephony solutions and IVRS software.

What is Cloud Telephony Solutions & IVRS software?

It is the software that helps in the automation of the entire telephony system and the system plays a major in gathering information about the customers and to route calls to the right customers at the right time. This becomes a key reason to build a healthy relationship between the customers and the company.

The system enables the dial part for identification, routing and segmenting of callers to the relevant and most important according to some priority to the agents or customers.

Why do you need Cloud Telephony & IVRS Software for your Business?

Here are some reasons that make you realize the needs of the Cloud Telephony & IVRS software

Reduces the Rate of Spam Calls

During the time you are busy serving your potential customer's spam calls are something that makes you irritated and loses of productivity time this may the source to lose some business as well. When you have the best IVR system you may be free from such spam calls since it acts like a bouncer in the nightclub.

Turning Calls to Text

Recent researches say that out of 10 customers 9 of them feel comfortable texting instead of making phone calls since they consider phone calls are a waste of time and when it is the text they can text at any time irrespective of sound and other factors. IVR system will help you to reduce the cost of calls and discomfort in making calls by replacing them with texts. The system also automates the process, self-service option and it also helps in reducing the costs along with allowing the customers to quickly resolving their queries.

Enrich conversation with your customers

One key factor to maintain a good relationship with your potential customers is by having a healthy conversation with them. With the help of the IVR system, it is possible to have such conversations and the software makes them automated them in an efficient manner.

Call Handling Times will be Reduced

Handling for any agents will consist of talk time, half time, and warp time as well. From the vantage point of the customer experience, time is the overtime that the customer will spend on the phone ring from the ringing time. With the effective IVRS software, you will be able to reduce the time spent for both the agents and customers in the factor of time.

Number of qualified leads can be increased

Being the tool for inbound communication with the IVR will automate reaching out to potential clients. With the outbound call, it generates the qualified leads connecting to the qualified customers. By enabling to pick up valuable conversation your agent can stay focused on what they are actually good at, like selling of the products.

Ho to choose the Best Cloud Telephony Solution and IVRS Software?

When you are choosing the software, there are certain things to consider and only when some qualities are satisfied there can be complete use and values can be obtained using the software.

  • The features of the cloud telephony solution & IVR software based on your business needs: You can ask for certain features that you need for your business particularly. On availability of the features, it helps you more in your business.
  • Reviews and ratings given by the previous users: This is actually how you may know about the software. When the reviews are good and ratings are above 3 it is the right option to choose the software.
  • The after-sales services that the company may provide you: When the product is sold it is not the place to stop communication between the company and the client. Wherever there is a need or some technical issues in the system the company should be able to help its clients.
  • The strength of the customer service from the company: Since the cloud telephony solution & IVR software is important in the production and activities of the company there should be proper functioning of the software all the time. The company also should be able to lend eras regarding any issues also in solving them.

We, at Techimply, have made certain research on different software in the market right now and our technical team is working to develop the software that completely helps you and in the development of your business. Approach us to have the best software from us and enhance your business.