The 20 Best Virtual Call Center Software for 2023 | Pricing, Review, Demo


Make customer service easy. Make growth easy.

14 Days

babelforce puts the power of a developer in the hands of the people who live and breathe customer service every day. Automate anything, integrate everything – all with intuitive, No-Code tools. View Profile


The All in One Android Monitoring Solutions

Not Available

SpyHuman is call tracking software that can be accessed from any part of the world. You can record the calls of the targeted phone, check the message recipients, and even get the full web browser history tracking facility as well. View Profile


Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

IVRGURU is the dynamic and innovative Cloud telephony Service Provider offers a cost-effective and powerful way to expand your business opportunities by giving you all the benefits of handling a business with confidence. View Profile


Not Available

ClouldTalk is an innovative call center software that provides users with a variety of unique tools to work with. It integrates with all major CRMs and helpdesks and also offers international phone numbers in more than 70 countries to maintain local presence when you run a virtual call centre. CloudTalk powers over 2,500 call centers, including companies like DHL, Mercedes Benz, Fujitsu, and GoStudent.  View Profile


Manage Your Contact Center from Anywhere

Yearly,Onetime(Perpetual License),Transaction
7 Days

TelebuHub is a complete contact center software that is available on the cloud & serves as a hub for end to end customer communication. With Missed Call Services, Cloud IVR, Outbound calling solutions & loaded with intuitive features, TelebuHub makes business calling easy View Profile


Frictionless time tracking for project-driven teams

Not Available

Clicktime is a time tracker tool for project managers that uses simple time sheets to keep every project on track. Users can quickly approve employee hours through the help of dashboards and reports for a holistic view. Employees can easily edit, add, and copy hours among timesheets, include custom generated fields and goals and make it super easy for teams to record their hours. Team leaders, managers, and project owners can immediately know which projects are over or under the budgets. They Read More... View Profile

Vitel Global Communications

Software BY Vitel Global Communications


With over ten years of experience, Vitel Global provides enterprise-grade cloud communication and collaboration solutions with our business phone services. Grow your business and maximize productivity with the industry’s best virtual communication services. View Profile


grptalk - We make audio conferencing easy for you


With Grptalk audio conferencing solution, host instant audio conference calls from anywhere — no internet or hardware. Connect with 3-10,000 people on one conference call in 30 seconds.  View Profile


Never lose track of a phone call or SMS again

Not Available

Sales-driven firms can make more calls, send more messages, and close more deals with the help of the all-in-one phone system smrtphone. The cloud-based phone, multi-line power dialer, feature-rich mobile app, customized call flows, and comprehensive user management features flex and expand with you. View Profile


Amazing Customer Experiences. Together.

Not Available

Founded in 2015, Helpware is a corporation taking a modern technique to the outsourcing enterprise. We created the organization to change perceptions of what outsourcing is and can be, and we did that via constructing splendid cultures in each of our locations, and by means of in reality treating our employees better. With Helpware, we're all a group and own family, and you will see that genuine difference whilst partnering with us. View Profile


Cloud Call Center Software with almost endless possibilities


Squaretalk is an ideal solution for BPO call centers, active sales companies, CX and retention teams, entrepreneurs, telemarketers, market researchers, insurance agents, financial advisors and more. View Profile

Edynamics Business Management System

Best CRM software for real estate management

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Edynamics Business Management System is the Best Property Management Software for Real Estate Industry in India. It is developed by our team to analyze and observe the needs and demands of Builders, Property-Consultants and Sole Selling Companies. View Profile



Not Available

3CX is the developer of an open requirements communications solution that innovates business connectivity and collaboration, replacing proprietary PBXs. The award-prevailing software permits businesses of all sizes to reduce telco fees, enhance worker productivity, and decorate the patron experience. View Profile

Agile CRM

The best Email marketing software

7 Days

Agile CRM  Automate your sales, marketing, and service in one platform. Avoid data leaks and enable consistent messaging,  Make the most of Agile's modern features & integrations, easy implementation and great support at an affordable price,  Cloud based SaaS service that is mobile-ready, fast, and simple to use. View Profile


White-label VoIP Softphone with WebRTC and Auto-provisioning

Onetime(Perpetual License)

Tragofone is nonmoving in ancient values however with a contemporary outlook to matching expectations of even the foremost strictly demanding client. we all know what folks and current state of affairs desires and produce to you VoIP product that build life easier and business competitive. we have a tendency to believe orienting with client interests and delivering full value. View Profile


7 Days

DeepCall serves your business needs with an automated and cloud-based contact center solution that expands the horizon of business with the best customer experience. Broaden the reach and enhance the communication with advanced features of DeepCall - contact center, call management software, live call monitoring, click-to-call, live call actions, TTS (Text-To-Speech), autodialer, SMS, voice broadcasting View Profile

LeadsRain Auto Dialer

Cloud Contact center Software

100 Days

LeadsRain is the marketing technology (MarTech) Company focused on innovating result driven, Offers Cloud-based Predictive Dialer, Ringless Voicemail Drops, Voice Broadcasting, and Text Message services to various industries in order to connect with their leads on a personal level.   View Profile

UnocomTech CRM

Hybrid CRM

14 Days

Unocom Tech CRM is a Hybrid CRM with attributes like Lead Management, Telecalling, Quotations, Invoicing, Advance Booking, Complaint Management, Task Scheduling, AMC, Standby, Rejection Management, Contacts, Products, Inventory, Basic Accounting, IVR. View Profile

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Virtual Call Center Software is a technology solution that enables businesses to run call center operations remotely, allowing agents to handle customer inquiries, support requests, and sales calls from various locations, often using the internet.

Virtual Call Center Software connects agents to the software platform via the internet. Calls are routed through the software, and agents can handle them using headsets and computers, often through a web-based interface.

Virtual Call Center Software offers benefits like flexibility for remote work, cost savings, scalability, improved customer service, better call routing, and analytics for performance tracking.

Yes, many Virtual Call Center Software solutions offer integrations with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, helpdesk software, and other tools to streamline workflows and access customer data.

Yes, Virtual Call Center Software is scalable and can be used by small businesses with a few agents as well as large enterprises with hundreds or thousands of agents.

Call routing algorithms within the software direct incoming calls to available agents based on predefined criteria, such as skills, agent availability, and caller priority.

Yes, Virtual Call Center Software typically supports both inbound calls (customer inquiries) and outbound calls (telemarketing, follow-ups) depending on business needs.