Lead Management System 2023 - Features, Reviews and Pricing

Zoho CRM

By Zoho

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)

Check How Zoho CRM can help to automate Indian Business. Techimply provide their list of features, pricing, Free demo and Comparison with the best alternative View Profile

LeadForce CRM

Connect With Your Customers Like Never Before.

30 Days

Leadforce CRM is a customer relationship management software designed to help businesses manage their interactions with customers and potential customers. It provides tools for tracking leads, managing sales pipelines, automating marketing campaigns, and analyzing customer data to improve sales and customer retention. The software is cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. It also offers integrations with other business tools such as email, calendar, and soc Read More... View Profile


Top SFA Vendor India

10 Days

SANeForce has provided pharmaceutical company SFE computer code for the sector force of pharmaceutical company trade and attention trade for the past fifteen years with quite five hundred clients. We have facilities like Mobile App, eDetailing with CLM, GEO Tagging, Geo Fencing and pharmaceutical company Offline SFE Reporting. View Profile

OneHash CRM

World's 1st FaaS

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
15 Days

An affordable cloud-based stable, flexible, cost-effective, user-friendly, highly agile, and fully featured platform.OneHash CRM utilizes cutting-edge technology amalgamated with a visually appealing interface and is built on Python, Javascript, MariaDB, Redis, Node & a combination of a few FOSS Frameworks. View Profile


A smarter way to manage your database.

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License),transaction
14 Days

HubSpot lead management tool helps business keep complete eye on each and every leads and touchpoint with those leads to track the lead status. Hubspots lead scoring system helps sales team reduce the time time and efforts in filtering out the hot leads. View Profile


Scale with Expertise

15 Days

Selling can be tough! However, a clear roadmap, a supportive ecosystem and a Sales CRM software can make it easier for you. Kylas helps you identify the right sales opportunities & supports your sales efforts to increase your chances of success. View Profile

Salesmate CRM

Salesmate CRM

14 Days

Salesmate is a truly intelligent Customer Relationship Management System. With Salesmate, it gets smoother for enterprises to control their pipeline, reduce time at all stages of the sales cycle and build a valuable relationship with potential customers. View Profile

Ant My ERP

Improve Business. Improve Life

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
30 Days

Our unique, all-in-one solution provides complete visibility, coordination and control of all aspects of your business. With Ant My ERP , every employee -- from the CEO to the field technician, and from the head of sales and marketing to the customer service representative -- will have the tools and resources he or she needs to be more productive. View Profile


Lead to Success

Onetime(Perpetual License)
Not Available

ExactllyCRM offers you to concentrate on your business and helps you to increase more sales and revenue. Also, it will assist you to encourage and build significant and productive relationships with the leads, prospects, and clients.       View Profile


Sales Force Automation Software | Cloud Based Field Service Software

14 Days

BIZOM - is an intelligent yet easy to use mobile first sales force automation solution which provides real time communication and powerful analytics for Sales, Distribution, Strategy, HR and Branding and have proven record of increasing productivity by over 70%. View Profile


Cloud Based CRM Software for Sales

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Pipedrive is Powerful cloud-based Lead Management Software that is loved by a huge number of sales teams. It is also a sales pipeline management and lead Naturing tool to centralize the sales process with deals and helps team members focus on the perfect thing. View Profile


Inside Sales Lead Tracking Software

14 Days

Velocify LeadManager is a sales automation solution designed for the unique needs of today’s high-velocity sales environments. View Profile


100% Free Lead Tracking Software

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License),transaction
14 Days

Convertable is a fully web-based lead tracking cum lead management system. Simplifies the lead tracking process with a simple online form builder with a database to allow the ability to create a form, store form submissions online, & compare marketing channels. View Profile

Lead Prime

Engage with your leads anywhere anytime

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License),transaction
14 Days

A Cloud-based Lead Management Tool for small to enterprise. LeadPrime mobile gives you access to easily capture new leads, track and manage all your leads which are fruits to your business, let you follow-up alerts and seamlessly increase the lead conversion ratio. View Profile

Zoho CRM Tools

Best Lead Management Solution

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License),transaction
14 Days

Zoho CRM Application gives you a 360-degree view of your complete sales cycle and pipeline. It also has a open source version. View Profile


Affordable CRM for B2B sales team of all size

14 Days

WorkXmate is a complete cloud CRM software solution designed specifically for small companies to help them compete with the industry leaders and accelerate growth. With workXmate, SMEs get complete insight into their business. In addition, they get access View Profile

Kapture CRM

Sales and CRM automation - Mobile first platform

14 Days

Kapture CRM is a user-friendly, mobile-first and fully-customizable CRM platform which enables you to grow your business exponentially by automating all your sales, marketing, customer service, distribution and collections processes effortlessly. View Profile

ClinchPad CRM

Online sales CRM built for small teams

14 Days

ClinchPad is an alternative to traditional CRMs. It's Lead Management Tool built for small teams looking to break away from a cluster of spreadsheets to a more organized way of tracking leads. View Profile

Page Last Updated On June 10, 2023

Boots sales and have more profit with the Lead Management System

If any business needs to be successful it is necessary to be connected with all the employees in all the departments appropriately and to work together. This is not only for the people working in concern but it is also for the software available in the organization. Without the help of the software, it is a tedious process that consumes high energy and und to carry out any process. One of such important software in a company is the Lead Management System.

What is a Lead management system?

The lead management system is like a nutshell that keeps information regarding all the leads and tracks them efficiently. This helps in working together of the marketing and the sales teams and will not miss out on any interactions among themselves that lead to any internal issues or losses.

Why is it necessary to have a Lead Management System?

Monitoring of the sales process in the concern becomes easy

Before the internet could drive the world and involve in business, the companies were just using an excel sheet to fill in the details regarding the sales and leads. This was a tedious process that needs regular work of updating, the data can be lost, easy to hack, etc. but with the help of the software, it is easy to updating and helps to overcome all the difficulties faced when using the excel sheet. This also prevented the leaking of any leads and loss in the business in any such manner.

The management of leads is easy

Generally, in a company, there will be a number of a lead that comes in and the company will also need to prioritize them based on certain criteria. This software will help in such instances by filtering the leads and managing will become easier. The interaction level of each and every lead in the company can be managed and also they can be efficiently handled by the professionals in order to have good profit and credibility to the concern.

Your interactions with your customers can be personalized

The software generally comes with sales/ leads tracking features so it is easy to get connected with your customers and their social media pages. This helps you to know the interest of your customers by knowing the pages they things they keep watching regarding your business. You might have a look at the conversation that they make with the sales team. On the whole, this helps you to provide what your customers need exactly.

Saves time

When certain work is automated it is easy for your staffs to concentrate on the regular works and they will focus more on changed leads to business easily. This can be achieved with the help of Lead Management System since it can automate most of the routine works.

Motives transparency

Certain things need to be confidential but there are things that have to be transparent and only that they help you in cleaner and healthier work culture in the office premises. This software automated the works of assigning the tasks to the people in an efficient manner and this is transparent to other employees as well. so this reduced the complaint of overload and several other issues. Other communication will make the process still more transparent and this also encourages the employees to perform well with good competition.

The report analysis is not a hard task anymore

One of the important reasons for most of the companies choose the software is because of the ease of analyses of reports. It is easy to have a complete analysis of your led sources, the demography and geography of your customer, from different advertising campaigns etc is easy. The Lead Management System also will help you to monitor the individual performance for all the employees in the sales team.

How to choose the right Lead Management System?

  • You may enjoy all the benefits of the software only when you get the right software. Choose them based on certain criteria like
  •  The performance of the software
  •  Look whether there is an exact match with the software and your needs
  •  Check for the professional service that you may get during the time of requirements
  •  Look whether there is round the clock service
  •  Check for the ratings and reviews were given for the software by the previous customers
  •  Other interfaces that can be made with the software to make the process still easier

We, at techimply, will help you by providing such eminent software with all the features that are required for the development of your company. We have a strong team with efficient and trained professionals who can design the software based on your requirements and also assist you whenever needed. Contact us for the growth of your company by the software.