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Dogtown Media

Creating the Mobile Future

100$-149$ United States 10-49 2011

Dogtown Media was founded in 2011. It is a Mobile application development company which is headquartered in Venice, California with a presence in San Francisco, New York city, Boston. Dogtown Media developed the successful mobile apps which has transformed the relationship millions of people have with the brands they trust. At Dogtown Media, we create the mobile future. View Profile


Crafting award-winning mobile and web apps

150$-199$ United States 50-249 2013

Utility was founded by the digital leaders from companies like Major League Baseball and McCann Erickson in 2013. Its head office is located in New York. Utility is provides services like Mobile App Development, Web Development, UX/UI Design etc. Utility developed the digital product with the user experience designer, and top tier software engineers. Their estimated employee size is around 100-250. View Profile

Dawson Andrews

An independent digital product firm

150$-199$ United Kingdom 10-49 2015

Dawson Andrews  is a firm which is provides all kinds of digital product services like Product Management, UX, UI and Engineering Services. The Dawson Andrews work with world’s best companies and startups and develop their digital products as per their expectation and requirements. View Profile

Kodsmith Infospica LLC

Future is what we code today

25$-49$ United Arab Emirates 10-49 2019

Kodsmith Infospica LLC is one of the best IT solutions company in Dubai. We believe in a business environment of collaboration and comprehend its relevance in ever-growing technology demands. We have banded together with the best innovation professionals to ensure the achievement of all activities granted to us.  View Profile


Custom Software Development Company / IoT, AR, VR

25$-49$ Estonia,United States 50-249 2001

HQSoftware is a trusted Software development and Consulting Company that designs, develops and delivers complex solutions across the globe. The team of HQ Software specializes in IOT development, Machine Learning, Web and Mobile application development and provide dedicated development terms to help you to evolve. View Profile

CDN Solutions Group

Consistently Delivering Quality Solutions

25$-49$ United States,India 250-999 2000

CDN Solutions Group was established in the year of 2000. It is a leading Software, Web and Mobile App Development Company which provides their service in the USA, Australia and India. We are delivering the best IT solutions to our clients with using the innovative technologies. Currently our head office is located in Indore. View Profile

Technostacks Infotech Pvt.Ltd

Empowering Ideas Into Reality

25$-49$ India 50-249 2014

Technostacks Infotech Pvt Ltd is an ISO Certified Company and a NASSCOM member. We offer best Web development, IOT development and Mobile app development services across the globe. The professional team of Technostacks builds high end technologies based on client’s business and market requirements. Around 100-250 people are currently working at Technostacks Infotech Pvt Ltd. View Profile


Transforming big ideas into exceptional software

25$-49$ Croatia 50-249 2003

With more than 15 years of broad business domain expertise and a team of business analysts, software developers, designers and testers, Mono covers every aspect of custom software production. We've implemented top-quality solutions for clients ranging from one-person startups to Fortune 500 companies. View Profile


Offshore software development

25$-49$ Israel 1000-9999 2005

Fayrix offers world class custom software development services with 15 years of experience and talented team of 1500+ IT professionals including 700+ developers. The company is ready to execute projects of any scale. Our R&D is majorly centers located in Eastern Europe IT hubs. View Profile


A Global CMMI Level 3 Appraised Company

25$-49$ United States,Indonesia,China,India 50-249 2015

SITSL is a global CMMI Level 3 Appraised, IT Solutions Integrator Cum Consultancy Company having a presence in over 16 countries. Our leading-edge and creative digital services have encapsulated numerous awards, appreciations and have ubiquitous coverage in a distinctly short span of period. View Profile


We Make Mobile and Web App Systems

25$-49$ Belarus,United Arab Emirates 10-49 2016

We create mobile and web apps for startups, businesses and all those who think differently. Strict focus on modern technologies and frameworks helps us to provide high quality, speed and cost efficiency of our work and meet modern market demands. We’re passionate for challenging and innovative projects in mobile and artificial intelligence world. View Profile


Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

50$-99$ United States,United Kingdom,Ukraine 50-249 2005

Blockchain and Machine Learning product development company. We are 12 years in the international IT-market. We’ve helped more than 70 companies meet their IT needs. We increase our partner's brand value by complementing their stack with innovative Blockchain, Data Science and software technologies. View Profile


IT MSP, Software Development, Solution, IT Service

100$-149$ United States 2-9 2013

We are an IT Managed Service Provider and a Software Development Team. ALFATEK is founded upon decades of experience in an array of industries including IT Project Management, Infrastructure Engineering, Backend System Administration, Software Development and support for on-going IT activities in the corporate and government sectors. View Profile

Binaryfolks Pvt. Ltd.

Transforming Great Ideas Into Great Applications

25$-49$ India 10-49 2012

We started our humble beginnings in 2012. At that time, our founder Jyotirmay Samanta (we call him Joe), was working at Google in Silicon Valley. Because of his close proximity with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, we landed up with few projects for early-stage startups to architect, code and launch their SaaS-based products with the help of a solid in-house development team back in India. View Profile

Crest Coder

A Digital Agency with Creative Minds

25$-49$ India 10-49 2017

At Crest Coder, we don’t write just mere lines of code. We compose software solutions to problems that matter. Over the past few years, our brand has emerged as the industry leader in the Information and Technology industry who provides majorly in Mobile Application Development and Web Application Development. View Profile

Django Stars

A technical partner for startups and enterprises

25$-49$ Switzerland ,Ukraine,United States 50-249 2008

Since 2008, Django Stars has been a technical partner for software development and digital transformation. Whether you are a startup with fresh ideas, or a well-established business eager to transform, we’re ready to offer you solutions that can take you to the next level. View Profile

Napollo Software Design L.L.C

The Best Digital & Software Design Agency in Dubai

NA United Arab Emirates 50-249 2015

Napollo Software Design LLC is among the Best Digital Agencies based in Dubai, UAE. We revolutionize businesses with Successful Digital Transformation; achieved through the cognitive business strategy, hyper-automation of processes, cloud Infrastructure, digital marketing and a winning business formula. View Profile


Data Design Discernment

25$-49$ United Arab Emirates,India,United States 50-249 2012

Accubits is an AI & Blockchain focused solutions development company based in Washington DC with its development offices in India and Dubai. Pioneering as a custom blockchain solutions provider, Accubits is one of the oldest and experienced blockchain dev house in the market, building blockchain solutions ever since 2012. View Profile

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Best Artificial Intelligence Programming Companies | Top AI Development Companies

In these days, most of the enterprises are decided to use Artificial Intelligence technology in their business to promote their products and sales rate. On the other hand, humans need to put to too much effort to done some particular work, because this machine can reduce your stress level. All kinds of works can be done with an accurate result within a short period of time by using this Artificial Intelligence technology.

Artificial Intelligence is the best choice for you if you are looking for error-free and efficient results. It can offer you the final report within a quick time. Apart from that, it has the ability to complete the task along with human intelligence such as translating languages, speech recognition, visual perception, and decision-making.

We, TechImply have the collection of top-notch Artificial Intelligence companies along with their quality reports. The enterprises have to choose the one that is suitable for your business requirements. Our services can reduce the time of the enterprises that are all searching and wasting their time on the internet. Now you are going to see some of the importance of the AI.

Found On Banking And Financial Systems:-

Generally, there are a wide variety of activities are included in the banking systems that can be handled effectively by using Artificial intelligence technology. It has the ability to manage the different properties, money investing in stocks and some more. In the financial system, most of the activities are time-consuming and the employees have to put plenty of efforts. While handling the toughest task, they may have a chance of occurring human errors.

Role Of AI In Gaming Side:-

In today’s modern technology, there are a lot of changes happened in the computer and TV fields. In olden days, peoples are facing a limited amount of gaming, but now everything has changed rapidly. There are wide varieties of gaming methods are introduced day-by-day for offering you greater entertainment.

Used In Heavy Industries:-

Nowadays, AI developer plays a vital role in all types of heavy industries to handle their operations effectively. Artificial intelligence has been widely used in the production unit. Most of the big manufacturing companies prefer the AI for giving a specific shape to an object, moving the required objects from one place to another as per their convenience, etc. The personal data of the enterprises, records of an employee have been stored neatly, and it can be extracted at the decision-making time.

Manipulating On Medical Science:-

When compared with a few years ago, Artificial intelligence programming has been changed the medical science field entirely. In these days, AI has been operated on wide areas of medical science for achieving some incredible value. The medical science has utilized the AI for developing a virtual personal health care assistant. Due to its efficiency, it can be used in the research and analysis of medical science.

Systematic Use In Air Transport:-

When compared with another transportation system, air transport is somewhat is a difficult task. Without the interference of Artificial intelligence, air transport cannot be succeeded. The numerous functions installed inside the machines and management processes can be effectively managed by using the AI. Apart from that, AI has taken care of the operations performed by the fights and booking the tickets. The AI is the right choice for you if you want to maintain the air transport fast, efficient, comfortable and safe.

Make use of this information, if you want to know about the importance of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence programming can be used in wide areas to done their job effectively.