Dquip's CRM Alternatives & Competitors

Looking for Dquip's CRM competitor or alternatives? Check and Compare the list of top After Sales Service Software that offer similar features at best prices. Automate your business by choosing the best Dquip's CRM competitor that can fulfill your business requirements!

List of A comprehensive list of Dquip's CRM alternatvies and competitors


SFA Software BY B-Square Solutions (P) Ltd.


CBO Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is a software developing company that aims to provide cost-effective and flexible pharma software for Indian pharmaceutical companies. CBO Infotech software is capable of importing and exporting existing data from all the other billing and inventory software and can also be integrated with Tally. View Profile

Outwork AI - Intelligent Sales Management

Comprehensive Productivity Solution for Sales Team


Outwork AI is an advanced generation cloud-based customer relationship and sales management system. It has full-fledged portable and web applications with all the attributes of a CRM and SFA. It enlarges the efficiency of front-line sales and gives point-by-point insights. View Profile

Astral Manufacturing ERP

A Complete ERP solution for Business


Astral Manufacturing has automized the process by maintaining the inventory which will give an idea about if there is a need to purchase raw materials, direct entry of the order from a customer, barcode used to be generated for the product to be dispatch, tracking of payment collection became easy. View Profile

Salesboom CRM

Sales Force Automation Software BY Salesboom Inc.


An online sales force automation software for efficiencies and profitability for your sales team. On-demand, SFA software supplies automation to your business which is needed in today's modern business era. View Profile


Manage Client Visit With Ease


Quikrvisit is crafted to check the precise location of the field force. It gives a customer list to the salesman for visit. The salesman just requires to log in once a day in the morning to synchronize its best route for the day. View Profile

CAMS Exact Services CRM

Best Customer Relationship Management Software


CAMS-Exact Service Management solution with feature-rich Modules & Sub-Modules is an end-to-end, cost-effective, multi-user, tasking, location, currency, company, and departmental. View Profile

Absolute HRMS

Absolute Services Management Solution Software


Absolute HRMS solution will help you to align your processes with the strategic goals of the company. Complete administrative tasks, access information, get real- time data relevant to business which will help you to take instant decisions. View Profile

UnocomTech CRM

Hybrid CRM


Unocom Tech CRM is a Hybrid CRM with attributes like Lead Management, Telecalling, Quotations, Invoicing, Advance Booking, Complaint Management, Task Scheduling, AMC, Standby, Rejection Management, Contacts, Products, Inventory, Basic Accounting, IVR. View Profile


Best free crm for startups and small business.


The world's first low price with high-quality CRM, build just for small businesses and startups. The complete CRM cloud is free for up to ten users. After ten user license, it will be just a $2 dollar for every user. View Profile

Builddesk ERP

Buildesk ERP one click Real Estate Software


BuildDesk ERP System is specially designed for the important Estate industries. it's a business method management package for the ‘Building and Construction Industry'. View Profile

CS 360

Software BY Vimukti Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


CS360 is one of the best After Sales Service Management Software in India to rationalize the after-sale service process and Increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. View Profile


HVAC AMC Software and CRM Software


MicroCRM™ is web-based cloud CRM and AMC Management software for all industries. It has some great features which can increase sales and improve productivity in any organization. View Profile

Salesforce Sales Cloud

See your sales team's best performance with Salesforce Sales Cloud


Salesforce Sales Cloud is a customer relationship management system. It has rich capabilities to control the sales process of small-size to mid-size and large businesses. You can uplift your sales and customer support in both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) contexts. View Profile


World's No.1 CRM to manage customers


KVP is a consulting and development firm headquartered in Bangalore. We give web, enterprise, and mobile solutions on Salesforce.com and Ruby on Rails. View Profile

GoodBooks CRM

Cloud CRM Software to Boost your Business.


GoodBooks ERP is the brainchild of Unisoft System Consultancy, providing services on the cloud, tailor made for Small and Medium Businesses. View Profile

forBinary - After Sales

All in one Solution to Digitize your Business


forBinary helps you create your own smart, engaging & multilingual mobile app for after sales service management without any coding. forBinary is world's first low-priced platform providing instant high-quality mobile solutions. View Profile


Increase Field Force's Productivity by 40%


Toolyt is an intelligent assistant for your field officers which will help field officers to increase their productivity by using custom and event driven workflows. The company can track sales and field operations along with sales personals activities. View Profile

Business CRM

A product of great depth and versatility.


H-Office CRM is leading provider of customer relationship management (CRM), SFA (sales force automation) and SRM (Support/Service request management) for midcap companies. View Profile

Focus ERP, CRM

Solutions that moves Business


Our Expertise in the wide range of business applications in Multi-Tier distribution Architecture and Mobile device provided innovatively and quality IT products and solution to help implementation of the agile, integration system and process that will help the business continue to grow. View Profile

Customer ID Verification Software

Best Customer Verification Software Company India.


With increasing pressure in this fast-growing field and recent advances in mobile technology, it’s far too easy to get left behind. Fortunately, SIPL can remove these difficulties and put you in the forefront with our mobile apps. View Profile


MySalesDialerPro is enterprise CRM based solution.


MySalesDialerPro is an enterprise class inside sales app utilized by thousands of businesses worldwide. The sales reps are no longer confined to office walls/cubicles and perform only inside sales job instead they prefer to be on the field doing live interactions. View Profile


Online survey creation software


Wisemirror is an online survey creation tool for professionals and organizations. WiseMirror provides detailed analytics based on the survey results received. View Profile


ERP for the World, made in India!


ERPbyNet® is one of the best web based ERP software application that addresses the business requirements of any industry and offers a great support for the manufacturing, contract engineering, service industry. It offers user defined reports across the modules. View Profile


Web Based Fully Integrated ERP


PIC ERP is pre-configured for any kind of distributor. i.e paper/chemical/foodservice disposables/packaging or apparel distributors to manage their day-to-day activities including Billing, Invoicing, Sales, Inventory, and other tasks on software. View Profile


Aftersale- A new and better way to support your customers


This software is a complete solution to companies which are struggling with the aftersale services and are struggling to manage the customer complaints.Our company Elvento labs provide Aftersale solution to companies which are struggling to manage customer complaints effectively.A poorly handled complaint from a single customer might lead to huge losses for your business. Don’t let this be you.To grow your business, it is important to listen and act on customer feedback.This is why Read More... View Profile


Digitize And Transform Your Field Operations with QuikAllot!


QuikAllot's Field Service Management Software helps you to track your field service operations effectively by connecting your field team to the office in real-time! View Profile


Best ERP for SME-Best Manufacturing ERP


The TFAT ERP system is a collection of tools, highly advanced business functional tools, to which many other modules can be attached or extended. It has several components (mandatory and optional), which can be installed as required. Thus TFAT ERP provides easy expandability of the whole system. View Profile

Sales Order Management Software

Sale More, Spend less


The world of sales has changed drastically so is the style of managing sales. To address the whole sales process from the moment they check out to when they receive their orders. To enhance the user experience, TYASuite has introduced sales order management software to maintain transparency around order status and handle processing orders to payments to invoices and delivery. View Profile


Beyond ERP


BizNext is an ERP product which enables all roles in an organisation to perform their task, share information with team members or other department. It helps every user to create and share information with all concerned teams without any extra effort. This ERP Software tracks all type of business resources - Man, Material and Machine. The software enables every business owner to track planning with transactions. BizNext interprets all information gathered and shares knowledge a Read More... View Profile


The best CRM for Outlook


eWay-CRM is a CRM system embedded right into Microsoft Outlook. It helps companies all around the world with their CRM agenda, project management and business opportunities. View Profile

Simple Prospect

All in one CRM app for Network Marketing & Sales.


  Simple Prospect is beat one CRM app for Network promoting & Sales. App facilitate Prospect to manage Sales & Network promoting business (MLM) business data. It permit MLM Professionals to Manage prospect' knowledge & Track tasks, Events & Prospects. View Profile

Ant My ERP

Improve Business. Improve Life


Our unique, all-in-one solution provides complete visibility, coordination and control of all aspects of your business. With Ant My ERP , every employee -- from the CEO to the field technician, and from the head of sales and marketing to the customer service representative -- will have the tools and resources he or she needs to be more productive. View Profile

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