Top Free Payroll Softwares to Look For

Top Free Payroll Softwares to Look For

Do we really know what exactly Payroll is; Payroll represents a list of employees of any individual organization that are entitled to receive pay during each payment period and the amount each one of them receives. 

In a more generalized way, payroll is one of the vital aspects for businesses that affect employee morale/self-esteem and reflects a business’s financial stability while keeping reputation on a higher edge. 

Payroll software is one kinda application used to organize, automate, and manage employee payment while allowing management to analyze time and attendance, pay structure, and tax information up to date.  Payroll software will ease many tedious tasks of payable and receivable finances. Perhaps there are a lot many questions coming up in the picture once we start using Payroll Software and will start with: How could I  run payroll simplers yet be effective for me? 

Jotting down require points while considering any of payroll software will work as payroll pain healers for you, let’s begin:

  • Need to make sure that Payroll software fulfill business demands

  • Cater-down require information about own business

  • Round up the list of employees data

  • Identify Taxation authorities basic information

  • Make an accurate list of Tax rates and respective deadlines

  • Select Pay period based on convenience

  • Prepare a list of employee Wages

  • Gather Previous payroll records

Once, the above-mentioned points are crystal clear; now look for top free payroll software which will accomplish business-oriented necessities. Here are recommended top Free Payroll software:-

1. GreytHR

GreytHR is one of the most trusted and recommended products in the Indian market for HR and Payroll managerial procedures. This helps in streamlining HR and Payroll tasks easily while building efficiency of the business for handling end-to-end HR and Payroll executions. 

GreytHR simply tackles all aspects of the payroll process with significant steps and offers complete payroll processing with process payroll with a single click, uses guided payroll processing with avail checklist, computes accurate salaries automatically, and uses extensive reconciliation tools, and configurable salary structure materials. 

2. Keka HR Payroll Platform

Keka HR and Payroll Software is the latest new generation HRMS software that focuses on user experience by simplifying workflows. Keka allows automating core HR operations and payroll operations in a collaborative approach. 

Keka offers a tremendous amount of features such as HR & payroll, Goal setting/tracking, Statutory compliance, training management, Ad Hoc Reports, Taxation Management, Expense management, Automatic time capture, PF/ESIC calculation, and whatnot. 

3. Spine HR And Payroll

Spine HR and Payroll is one of the online HR solutions that offer end-to-end HR and Payroll solutions in a simpler manner. It stores complete records of the employee and covers almost every compliances which help in taking care of all businesses effectively. 

Spine HR and Payroll offer privilege of document management, Employees Self service management, recruitment management, expense management, mobile support, shift management, application management, workflow management, analytics & advance MIS people, salary information & history, Statutory Compliance, Leave management, etc. 

4. Wallet HR

Wallet HR is known as affordable HR software among the rest and offers end-to-end HR solutions starting from hiring to exit procedure covering the entire employee life cycle in a single platform. 

Wallet HR contains a list of features like online test & Psychometric tests, leave management, customized reporting, payroll management, performance management, appraisal management, recruitment management, and so on. 

5. uKnowva HR

uKnowva HR has mostly all the HR and payroll managerial modules initiating from on-boarding, leave, and holidays management and 500+ pre-built reports in the most convincing way of usage. 

uKnowva HR has eye catchy features to have look at, such are workflow management, arrears calculations, appraisal history, document management, expense management, employee life cycle management, payroll management, help desk, TDS calculation, Bonus management, timesheet management, reporting, etc. 

6. Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR is a pioneer HR software that is innovative, affordable, and user-friendly in nature. It manages essential HR operations with ease and integrates HR activities seamlessly.

Bamboo HR offers intelligent features like 360-degree feedback, events & reminders, onboarding, Reimbursement management, consolidation/Roll-up, Data security, Multi-user login & role-based access for managing operation on time. 

Bottom Line:
There is a pool of Payroll Software and HR software that satisfy business demands, perhaps choosing the best and affordable software will work like a cherry on the cake for you. You can explore more free payroll software by visiting this page for more options to look at.

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