List of Best Restaurant Management Software In India


Streamlined Restaurant Operations With An End-to-End Restaurant POS System

14 Days

Digirestro could be a next-generation cloud-based POS application that serves all required features in an exceedingly single plate, like Order Management, Swiggy, Zomato, and, Inventory management, Waiter app and lots of more features at one price. View Profile


India's Best Restaurant Management Platform

Not Available

Petpooja is India’s leading restaurant management platform. Powering over 55,000+ restaurants across India, Middle East, Canada, and South Africa. We offer a holistic cloud-based restaurant  POS that includes multiple functionalities. View Profile


Restaurant POS Software for better efficiency

14 Days

TouchBistro is an iPad-based POS (Point of Sale) software solution that helps restaurateurs to make more money, deliver a great customer experience and take the guesswork out of making business decisions. TouchBistro POS software mainly aims at Payment Processing, Security, Menu customization, Staff management, Table management, etc tasks. The software was specially crafted to make your business easier. View Profile


Simplified, cloud-based Restaurant Management Software

14 Days

Limetray is cloud-based restaurant management software. It assists you in punch-in incoming orders, intimate the kitchen by printing KOTs, print receipts, and track orders. Also, get customized reports with our newly launched Point Of Sale - POS. View Profile

Nukkad Shops


Onetime(Perpetual License)
Not Available

Nukkad Shops is smart POS software that takes care of updated inventories, detailed analytics, creates a loyalty program, and gets up-sell solutions. Nukkad Shops helps small and medium-size businesses become more efficient, competitive, and earn more.  View Profile

Toast POS

Restaurant POS Software by Toast

14 Days

Toast is all in one restaurant management platform with the point of sale system for restaurants and retailers. As an Online system built specifically for Bars and restaurants, Toast offers most advanced functionality including tableside ordering, Management reporting. View Profile


Restaurant Billing Software BY POSist Technologies Pvt Ltd

14 Days

POSist is an end-to-end software solution for all types of restaurants and food outlets. The software assists the restaurant owners to amalgamate and streamline all the restaurant management tasks like Order tracking, Billing, Inventory Control, and Real-time reporting. The software is crafted to save the high attrition restaurant industry from staff training time and cost incurred. View Profile


One of the best pos software for restaurants

14 Days

Lightspeed is a highly recommended retail point of sale software for the hospitality industry. It is easy to use cloud-based POS software solutions. Lightspeed simplifies the day-to-day tasks and improves your work efficiency. It also controls your inventory, sales activity, employees, the process of payments and creates unforgettable shopping experiences that keep customers coming back again. View Profile

FoS365 - Food Ordering Apps

FOS365 - Online Food Ordering Solutions

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

FOS 365 from CETAS, a white-labeled Food Ordering solution enables restaurants and catering services to kick-start their own branded online channel and engage loyal clients to maximize the revenue by increasing the web Presence, and customer engagements. View Profile

CAKE Point of Sale

Cloud-based restaurant point of sale software

14 Days

Cake POS is exclusively crafted Restaurant management and Point of sale software for the foodservice industry. Cake POS software takes very little time to perform all the functions and control waitlists, reservations, and table management. View Profile

Oracle Hospitality

Web-based Restaurant POS system by Oracle

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Oracle Hospitality is complete restaurant management for all sizes of a restaurant. It is useful to increase your business with the latest functionalities. Simple and easy-to-fast systems for users and also built a good relationship with them. View Profile


Cloud-based point of sale system for restaurant

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

SlickPOS is easy to use cloud-based billing and restaurant point of sale software. It eases the operations for the cafes, food trucks, kitchens, food courts, etc. SlickPOS provides the facility of table and kitchen management, quick billing, tracking instant online orders, and generation of consolidated sales reports. It assists your business growth by amalgamating Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats, or Dunzo. View Profile

Torqus POS

Restaurant - Billing | Accounting | Reporting | CRM Software

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Torqus POS comprehensive Point of Sale Restaurant Software for Food Chain outlets, Casual Dine Restaurants, Pubs and bars, Night Clubs, Pizza Chains,Cafes, retailers, Food courts etc. it provide to track order and mange of the order in pub and bar can customer use the software. easy to use and work.  View Profile

Poster POS

Easy to use restaurant POS systems

14 Days

Poster is the best cloud-based Restaurant point of sale system which is best matched for front-office management, stock, finances, dashboard, and customers JoinPoster is very easy to implement and accesses the statistics, finances, and inventory online from anywhere. View Profile


Automated Restaurant Management Software

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

HDRestaurant is an advanced automated POS and restaurant management Software. It is a very user friendly system, providing quick billing service and also integrates with online food ordering portals like Zomato, Swiggy, UberEats etc. HDRestaurant is not only maintain to restaurant software.his provide to services to pub , cafe , coffe shop , bar to all control to all manage. View Profile

Marg ERP9+ Restaurant Software

Advanced Restaurant Management Software in India with Mobile Apps

14 Days

A Restaurant Management and Billing Software for your business. Marg ERP9+ is a software that is easy to implement. You can customize according to the type of business you wish for to avoid any error. This software can be used at restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes,food zones etc.  View Profile


Best Restaurant Billing Software Or Restaurant Reporting Software

14 Days

ChefDesk is an online portal that allows management to access all critical sales, stock & inventory, and cost reports from anywhere. It uplifts operations efficiency and manages the business effectively. View Profile

eZee BurrP! - Restaurant POS Software

Fully integrated Intuitive Restaurant POS Software | Restaurant Software

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

eZee BurrP! Restaurant POS Software is unique software for restaurant management and billing purpose. It streamline the chief operations of the restaurants, pubs, bars, night clubs, quick service restaurants, and other food outlets. eZee BurrP! Software is specially designed for the Industry and Hospitality business. View Profile


Restaurant Management Software BY Eatlot Media Pvt Ltd

14 Days

Eatlot Restaurant Management and Billing software. Eatlot takes care of everything from inventory to delivery and promotion too. Also, their support team is powerful and assists in implementing the software without hurdle. View Profile


Retail software on cloud for Growing retailers

Yearly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

RetailBeanLite is a very powerful Retail CRM software. It is the solution that is specifically designed for small-sized and medium-sized retailers.  View Profile

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The restaurant management software is a POS application specially designed for the food industry. In general, restaurant management Software helps hoteliers for capturing transactions and managing inventory with accuracy for running every process efficiently.

The restaurant management Software handles organizing operations, some inventory, facilitating menu changes, and assistance in scheduling business operations.  More of, boost up customer loyalty with appropriate utilization of value features. 

Take a look at the benefits of restaurant management Software:

  • Inventory management

  • Attendance management

  • Sales tracking and objective management

  • Credit and debit card processing

  • Financial statement preparation, and

  • Easy cloud access

Here is the list of recommended Restaurant Management Software:

Features are essential aspects of every managerial software; so not let’s take sneak peak view of it:

  • Simple and easy menu set up

  • User-friendly order management

  • Effortless sales and taxes tracking

  • Inventory control

  • Employees Management

  • Advanced report management and customer data integration.

Must have specs to consider in ideal restaurant management Software:

  • Quiet Menu setup

  • Tracking is no more nightmare

  • Report management ability

  • Loyalty and reward points

  • Efficient technical support

  • Hassle-free Inventory control 

RMS(Restaurant Management Software) aids hoteliers or managers in running the restaurant efficiently; keeps track of employee records, inventory management, and sales tracking.  However, many restaurant management system is designed to integrate with other software with ease. This ultimately helps higher authorities to customize a system that works perfectly suited as per individuals' business needs.

The Restaurant Management Software(RMS) helps the restaurant manager to manage the restaurant more effectively and efficiently by computerizing feed ordering, billing, and also inventory control.

Cloud-based On-premise
1. Huge level of data security 1. Security problems
2. Subscription-based 2. Combines high up-front costs
3. Data is collected in the cloud and thus accessible from anywhere 3. Information is stored on the limited server
4. Mechanical software updates 4. Command manual involvement


  1. Most restaurant management software is meant to be a one-stop buy all restaurant-running needs. However, some center on different aspects of running a restaurant than others. Some might focus more on the business side, with robust accounting features. Some might focus more on the server side, providing easy tools to streamline service. Some may specialize in helping a kitchen become and stay organized by digitizing order tickets.
  2. In general, most restaurant management systems are going to be very similar, but the slight shift focussed can help direct improvements in an exceedingly restaurant where they're most needed. looking on the dimensions of the restaurant and the way many locations there are, some software is made specifically for single locations and a few are specifically created for giant businesses handling multiple restaurants.