Top 10 Restaurant Management Software in India-2022

Top 10 Restaurant Management Software in India-2022

Restaurant software for restaurants in India allows you to customise the program to suit your requirements of the business. This means that you'll be able to meet your business goals faster and will aid in the growth of your business. We've made an index of the Top 10 Restaurant softwares in India.

Our team can help you select that Best Restaurant Management Software in 2022.

A restaurant-management Software can be an asset for restaurants, cafes and bars as well as any other establishment that serves food or drinks. The system provides a variety of features for the F&B sector that simplify and makes it easier to automate their process. The best software for managing restaurants in India monitors salaries, stocks orders, attendance, and more.

Restaurant owners with multiple outlets can consolidate their operation and information on a single platform and analyse the performance. Restaurant software for restaurants in India allows you to customise the software to meet your business requirements. In the end, you can reach your goals in a short time and will aid in expanding your business. There are a variety of software providers in the marketplace, but it is important to pick the most suitable one.

We are a recommendation system for software that has analysed the software vendors and their capabilities. We've compiled the list of the most effective restaurant management software available in India for 2021 in alphabetical order.

The Top 10 Restaurant Management Software

  1. Chefdesk

  2. DinePlan

  3. Eatlot

  4. eZee The Optimus

  5. Innkey PMS

  6. GOFRUGAL Restaurant POS

  7. Limetray

  8. Petpooja

  9. PosBytz

  10. SlickPOS



  • Chefdesk is a full restaurant POS software for restaurants in India. The software allows your restaurant to manage crowds efficiently and effectively to boost sales. Fast and precise process of order is the most effective method to improve the customer experience. Particularly the majority of theme park owners use this software in their operations to handle orders swiftly. It's an application for managing your restaurant that is cloud-based which you can use at one outlet or at multiple outlets.


  • Billing.

  • Management of inventory.

  • Control cash.

  • Program for loyalty.

  • Management of performance.

  • Combo provides.


  • DinePlan is a one-stop restaurant software system in India that is capable of managing complicated operations. Furthermore, the software can be adapted to the needs of your business for any restaurant type , with its modern features. It aids restaurant owners to change their kitchens from traditional to an online one.
  • DinePlan includes seven different products that help manage the modern day restaurant's operations. This program is among the most effective restaurants management software that allows you to manage various transactions easily.


  • An interactive and user-friendly POS.

  • Analytics of sales.

  • Well-connected kitchen displays.

  • Intergate food delivery apps.

  • Centralised servers.


  • Eatlot is among the top restaurant management software in India that lets you run your business efficiently. It's an all-inclusive solution that can manage your inventory, finances and other information from anywhere anytime. The software allows you to consolidate your entire team on a single platform , which will simplify the process.
  • It assists in tracking the performance of employees which helps to make better decisions to grow your business. Eatlot is an online restaurant billing software that is able to adapt to the needs of your business efficiently.


  • Calculate the operating costs.

  • Real-time delivery tracking.

  • Integrating seamlessly with third-party providers.

  • GST is compliant.

  • Management of finances.

  • Digital menu.

  • QR support.

  • Finances and stock management.

eZee The Optimus

The EZee Optimus provides a one-stop restaurant point of sale system that's simple to use and affordable. Furthermore, the software permits your company to provide the service of a contactless customer to your customers. It's a complete and ideal solution to help your business manage all of your operations effortlessly. Additionally, it can help simplify and centralise your business procedures, regardless of size or the type.


  • Management of orders.

  • Tracking orders.

  • Delivery Management.

  • Menu management.

  • Tablet POS.

  • Management of stock and inventory.

  • Cashier shift management.

  • Payments and billing.

  • Customised real-time reports in real time.

Innkey PMS

Innkey is cloud-based restaurant management software that comes with the capabilities for managing your complete hospitality business. In addition, it integrates with the various other software which you employ to consolidate everything onto one platform. Additionally, they offer an extremely helpful responsive, interactive, and user-friendly customer support that can answer any questions you have in real time.


  • Point of sale.

  • Stock management.

  • Budget and profit.

  • Reservation management.

  • Finances.

  • Integration seamless.

  • Banquet management.


The GOFRUGAL restaurant POS software that assists to simplify operation of the food and beverage industry. This is a complete tool that will help you make more money because it lets you manage production in accordance with your orders. In addition, the software manages your inventory efficiently , reducing the amount of shrinkage and waste. Restaurant owners can see the complete picture of all outlets on one platform.


  • Create a successful menu.

  • Tools for Customer satisfaction.

  • Control online orders.

  • Table management.

  • Kitchen displays.

  • Inventory management and recipe management.

  • Dynamic pricing.


Limetray is a full-service restaurant management system in India that seamlessly connects to online food delivery companies. Additionally, they offer outstanding customer service that is accessible all through the year. Furthermore, when you select their services they assign an account manager to your company. The restaurant management system can incorporate third-party apps easily to manage the operations in a central manner.


  • Billing.

  • Management of inventory.

  • Management of orders.

  • Kitchen displays.

  • Mobile apps.

  • Table reservations.


Petpooja is a one-stop Restaurant POS management system that's simple, efficient and efficient. This program includes everything you require to improve customer service and to process orders efficiently. It also integrates with all the software tools you utilize and accepts all kinds of payment. Additionally, you can modify the software to ensure that it can meet your customers' requirements and meet your goals more quickly. The restaurant software available in India can help simplify the duties of every part of your company. The implementation of PetPooja will boost the efficiency of your employees.


  • Multiple printers.

  • Management of inventory.

  • Integration of online food delivery.

  • Split bills.

  • Table management.

  • Management of employees.

  • Management of expenses.

  • Chain management.


PosBytz is an Indian restaurant POS software available in India that allows you to grow your business by providing a user-friendly device. Furthermore, the system has been designed to be adaptable to any kind or size of restaurant which makes it possible to track your sales reports from anyplace anytime. Furthermore, this system can aid your business in accepting all types of payments, and can be used with any device. In addition it is possible to print invoices and distribute invoices to your clients easily through emails or SMS.


  • Point of sale.

  • Management of inventory.

  • manage multiple channels.

  • Reports.

  • Payments.

  • Customer management.


SlickPOS is a restaurant bill-paying software that allows you to run your business easily and boost the profits. It lets you manage your back end, front end, as well as vendors on one platform that can consolidate your business. Furthermore, it will assist in processing invoices and orders to improve the experience for customers. You can also customize SlickPOS to adjust your business processes to improve efficiency.


  • Point of sale.

  • Finance and billing.

  • Kitchen displays.

  • Management of inventory and recipes.

  • Analytics and reports.

  • Digital receipts.

  • Customer feedback.

  • Franchise and outlet management.

  • Marketing and loyalty management.

  • Waiter application.


Restaurant management software available in India is a reliable instrument to streamline their operations and make them more efficient. Every restaurant will have different requirements and procedure, and that's why it's crucial to select the most suitable software that is able to adapt to your requirements. Our product analyst can assist you research, analyse and choose the most suitable software for your restaurant in 2022.

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