REsimpli Best software for Real estate Investor

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REsimpli Best software for Real estate Investor

"As a real estate investor” you are aware of the significance of efficiency in business management. It can be detrimental to spend countless hours switching between lead generation software, CRM platforms, and accounting solutions. What you actually require is a dependable, all-in-one platform that will enable you to centralise your data, automate your marketing campaigns, and optimise your business operations without having to manage a variety of tools and subscriptions.There is a bigger chance of improved profitability the more effectively you can run your real estate business. 

REsimpli is a simple software solution that doesn't require a lot of customisation. It gives you real-time information and the resources you need to make wise decisions, which ultimately helps you succeed in the cutthroat world of real estate investment. You can streamline your workflow and do away with many apps by consolidating communications, data management, task tracking, lead nurturing, marketing, and budgeting with REsimpli.

What Is REsimpli For Real Estate Investors?

Resimpli, which has a customer relationship management system at its core, falls under the category of real estate marketing suites.Additional capabilities geared specifically at real estate investors are offered around this fundamental capability.One of those ventures where "time is money" is real estate investment. Given this, it makes sense why so many investors want an all-encompassing internet solution to assist with as many aspects of their organisation as feasible.

Sharad Mehta, a prominent real estate investor in Lake County, Indiana, is the creator of REsimpli. Mehta runs his whole company from his home in Carlsbad, California. He has built a lot of systems over the years to assist him in running his company. One of the benefits of REsimpli is that it may assist real estate investors in closing more sales while requiring proportionally less investment in a marketing strategy. The feature-rich REsimpli is accessible at In addition to functioning as a fully complete customer relationship management (CRM) platform, the programme has elements to manage conversations, organise data, track projects, and even assist. Learn more about REsimpli's extensive feature set and how the software stacks up against the competition by reading on.

List of  Features To Look For In REsimli Real Estate             

One of the top CRMs for real estate investors nowadays is without a doubt REsimpli. Let's look at all the characteristics and services that are already there that set it apart!

1. List Stacking

The list stacking function of REsimpli may be used to sell to your most motivated leads. Your lists may be uploaded, organised, and stacked in one place. 

The list stacking function of REsimpli also assists in finding motivated leads and open houses and in examining various factors that may have contributed to recurring trends in your lead's purchasing behaviour. You are able to send direct mail using this capability from list stacking. Through skip tracing, you may also locate lost phone numbers and spot duplicate properties.


List Stacking

2. Skip Tracing

Using REsimpli software, skip monitoring motivated salespeople is really simple since it can quickly find lost email, phone, and telephone numbers.It eliminates the need to pay additional fees to subscribe to a standalone skip-tracing software programme if your existing contacts don't have local phone numbers.In addition to managing your whole information and assisting you in creating marketing campaigns, REsimpli's skip tracing feature is quite easy.

Skip Tracing


3. Driving for Dollar

You may now look up property data directly on your phone and complete other unfinished chores using REsimpli's driving for dollars function, eliminating the need to download a different driving for dollars software. To store your target attributes directly to your list stacking, use the included REsimpli driving for dollars tool. Additionally, you may quickly and easily snap images of a property using the app's direct access to the property's details.This driving for bucks software also allows you to take property photos and send postcards.

Driving for Dollar

4. Drip Campaign

With our improved Drip Campaign, put your marketing on autopilot! Utilise email, SMS, RVMs, and postcards to automate follow-ups. The only other services this platform can offer are drip campaign management and cash buyer management. The monthly beginning package costs are comparable, but REsimpli is capable of carrying out a far wider range of complicated activities.

Drip Campaign

5. Direct Mail

REsimpli's direct mail marketing campaign will help you save thousands of dollars utilising methods other than the drip campaign. You may either submit your own templates and we'll construct your mail for free, or you can select from the 90+ pre-built direct mail templates that are available.The most affordable option for a significant direct mail campaign is REsimpli. They also sanitise NCOA lists without charge. But keep in mind that your leads will only receive one mailing from your direct mail.

Direct Mail

6. Seller Website

Customers may select from pre-built templates that are included with the Seller Website to quickly and simply build a website that looks professional without any coding experience. The Seller Website's complete integration with REsimpli's CRM is its strongest feature; as a result, all leads created through the website will be added to the CRM immediately. This guarantees that you never miss a chance to follow up with a potential client and makes it simple to keep track of all your leads in one location.

7. Built-in Dialer

The built-in phone system of REsimpli, which manages conversations with your lead data, is another fantastic feature.To speed dial leads, you are no longer need to incorporate external dialers or a different phone provider. They may swiftly call prospective buyers and sellers by assigning local phone numbers to the lead data source using their dialer. Every team member will be able to use it to call a specific homeowner since it has a quick learning curve and the ability to customise call flows and notifications to personalise the entire process.


Built-in Dialer

8. CRM

REsimpli is aware of how important lead management and creating contact lists are for real estate investment businesses. As a result, with their various tools and features, their CRM is specifically designed to help you organise your property list, enhance your deal flow, and increase your conversion rate.In the end, REsimpli may be used to manage data, conduct integrated marketing, and improve sales and operations. Even if you are brand new to the industry, their CRM is quite simple to use. 


9. Buyer Management

Along with managing leads, REsimpli's user-friendly administration platform may assist you in centrally organising and managing all of your real estate cash buyers. Additionally, you may utilise their CRM to send an email, an SMS, or all three at once to segmented groups of people.Additionally, you may utilise the REsimpli software to manage files, money, marketing, tasks,lead creation, and follow-up all from their app. 

10. Speed To Lead

As soon as a lead comes in from your website, call them right away while they're still very motivated to sell their home. Use Speed to Lead to never again miss a chance.Lists may be uploaded, arranged, and stacked in one location. Find motivated leads and open houses quickly.Investigate many driving forces behind recurrent patterns. Direct mail can be sent right from list stacking. To track down lost phone numbers, use skip tracing.

11. E-Sign Feature

Using the integrated E-sign feature in REsimpli, you can create, save, and share legally binding contracts and documents. Basically, you may do this to add templates, modify existing ones, and build specialised contract sequences without incurring additional contract fees.No longer are different pieces of software required to sign your crucial papers. Due to its portability, this function is also quite useful. In the end, this may enable you to close more business.

E-Sign Feature

12. KPI Leaderboard

You may view each of your KPIs in real-time with REsimpli CRM. By doing so, you may maintain your sales and marketing initiatives current and improve your business's overall decision-making. By linking to your bank or revenue data, tracking your KPIs may also help you identify effective marketing strategies, weed out bad lead sources, and keep track of all your transactions.

13. Leaderboard

Access the standings here: Go to REsimpli's "Data" section and choose "Leaderboard."

View the team members' assignments: On the leaderboard, you will find a list of every team member on your account, along with a list of all of their open leads, tasks, and unanswered messages.

14. Full Accounting Functionalities

If you're searching for accounting software for real estate investors, you may get a complete picture of your financial situation, access up-to-date accounting information whenever you need it, and utilise the pre-built features to assist you with all computations, payments, and reporting.

Full Accounting Functionalities

In addition to the qualities described above, the real estate also offers a few more features that might be very beneficial to your company. These consist of:

Manage User Activity

  • Assign to markets, leads, and tasks

  • Track user activity and follow-up

  • Control user access and privacy

  • Communicate with other users

Inventory Management

  • Set tasks for various property stages

  • Calculate offers with built-in tools

  • View and track property progress

  • Track net in and out inventory

Maximum Organization

  • Comprehensive user dashboard

  • Upload, manage and share files

  • Built-in appointment calendar

  • Available on iOS & Android

How Much Does REsimpli Cost?

CRM called REsimpli is based on subscriptions. They presently have three simple monthly payment options available: Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. Here is a breakdown of what each plan includes:

Basic Plan $99 Monthly Fee

  • 1 users

  • 1 phone numbers

  • 500 calling minutes & SMS

  • 20,000 records for list stacking

  • 2,500 Buyers & Vendors

  • Drip Campaign

  • Driving For Dollars

  • Direct Mail

Pro $299 Monthly Fee

  • 5 users

  • 5 phone numbers

  • 2,000 calling minutes & SMS

  • 100,000 records for list stacking

  • 25,000 Buyers & Vendors

  • Drip Campaign

  • Driving For Dollars

  • Direct Mail

Enterprise Plan $749 Monthly Fee

  • Unlimited users

  • 15 phone numbers

  • 10,000 calling minutes &  SMS

  • Unlimited records for list stacking

  • 100,000 Buyers & Vendors

  • Drip Campaign

  • Driving For Dollars

  • Direct Mail

Pay an additional $79 per user per month to get some extra features including the single line dialer, lead assignment, email tracking, call monitoring, and other integrated services from the same system plan.

Benefits of Subject To Real Estate Strategy

Subject to transactions can enable you quickly create a rental portfolio and earn income flow with very little capital outlay. Key advantages include of:

Purchasing investment property on a budget: Investors don't need to meet new lending requirements or make a sizable down payment in order to manage properties, and they may do so with little upfront expense.

Leveraging current financing: Real estate investors might benefit from advantageous loan conditions that the seller has previously arranged, such as low interest rates or lengthy amortisation periods.

Immediate financial flow: If the property provides rental revenue, buyers can begin to create cash flow right away. Deals that are subject to have sizable Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Return on Investment (ROI).

Pros and Cons


  • The website builder from REsimpli is user-friendly and makes the process of creating a website simple by providing configurable templates and necessary components.

  • In order to boost lead generation and conversion rates, the platform offers special features made just for real estate investors, such speed-to-lead and testimonial integration.

  • The platform includes social media integration and SEO optimisation, enabling users to expand their audience and enhance their online profile.


  • Especially for customers of the Starter and Pro plans, REsimpli does not provide a large selection of website design themes, which might lead to websites that appear to be rather similar to one another.

  • Because the platform does not enable third-party plugins, there is less freedom in the design of websites and in how they may be integrated with other real estate applications. 

  • Thoughtfully created with real estate investors in mind, the built-in features are many and thorough.

  • Even while REsimpli has several outstanding built-in features, individuals who want to add extra specialised tools or features may find their ability to customise REsimpli is limited by the absence of third-party plugin compatibility.

REsimpli is Useful for Whom?

For real estate investors and wholesalers who wish to replace hundreds of different tools for tracking leads, closing deals, analysing data, and more with just one piece of software, REsimpli is the best option. 

  • You want to support your most important business activities while streamlining your daily operations. 

  • In order to save time and money, you want to modernise your real estate firm by doing away with the need for various platforms. 

  • You need a real estate CRM (customer relationship management) programme that is clear and comprehensive and has effective buyer management tools. 

  • To handle all of your company's financial and accounting requirements, you need a complete property management accounting application.

  • To integrate your preferred real estate investor tools for lead generation, marketing, and sales, you need a platform that makes integrations simple. 

  • Be aware that this programme might not be suitable for you if you're a realtor. It's designed exclusively for investors in wholesale real estate.


Here is how we rate REsimpli for creating websites for real estate investors:

  • Pricing: A. REsimpli has alternatives to fit different budgets and provides a lot of value for the price.

  • Ease of Use: A. The platform is simple to use and intuitive, making it simple for investors to build and maintain their websites.

  • Features : B+ for features and layout. The integration of testimonials and speed-to-lead are only two of the many built-in capabilities that REsimpli offers even though it does not accept third-party plugins.

  • Customer service: A. REsimpli offers top-notch customer service, giving consumers access to live chat, onboarding help, and strategic advice from REsimpli experts.

  • For real estate investors wishing to increase their online presence and generate leads through, REsimpli's website builder is a strong tool.


We’ve reached the end of this REsimpli review. Trusted by thousands of real estate investors, REsimpli provides unmatched tools to manage your data, streamline your marketing campaigns, monitor your KPIs, check the status of your sales, and more so that you can make strategic business decisions. REsimpli is a robust, user-friendly, and all-encompassing CRM for investors. In less than a minute, it was operational.REsimpli was created for contemporary investors who are constantly on the go with mobile-friendly tools and connected services. They offer flexible price choices that work for both small and large teams and fit all budgets. There has never been a better time to learn more about REsimpli as you have a fantastic opportunity to accelerate your real estate investing experience. Start using REsimpli today with 14 day free trial!

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