Top 5 Human Resources Software With Project Time Tracking

Top 5 Human Resources Software With Project Time Tracking

If you’re an HR manager, it’s likely that you already have your plate full of tasks. Human resources management can be an overwhelming activity even for the most seasoned HR professionals.

Screening potential candidates, scheduling interviews, making payrolls, organizing events, onboarding, taxes, benefits, and ensuring compliance, HR managers today wear many hats.

Amid the plethora of responsibilities, it’s easy to lose track of a few things and cease being productive. What happens when you realize at the last minute that you scheduled a virtual interview to fill a crucial position in your organization?

How do you accurately track the time of your employees to make sure everyone is adhering to the defined work timings?

What if an employee wants to access information about their allowances, taxes, benefits, and leave policies?

For HR professionals, it’s not easy to manage everything manually. It’s time-consuming, it’s tiring. Trying to multitask as an HR professional, without using the right human resources software with project tracking, can be akin to shooting yourself in your foot.

Let us take a look at some common challenges of the HR department.

Biggest Challenges Faced By HR Departments

Ensuring Compliance With Laws And Regulations

Staying updated and keeping up with changing employment laws can be a struggle at times for both business owners and HR professionals. Ignoring them or failing to apply could result in lawsuits, audits, and the potential demise of your company.

Communicating Changes In Strategies, Structure, And Processes

Some employees do not take management changes positively, which can lead to lower morale and productivity.

 Workforce Training And Development

Planning and organizing workforce training and development is another major problem faced by HR professionals. Some companies find it difficult to arrange the required resources to do so.

Adapting To Innovation

As technology changes constantly, it’s a challenge for many small businesses to get their employees to learn and embrace new technology.

Structuring Employee Compensation

Many companies struggle with structuring employee compensation as they have to compete with businesses of similar size as well as bigger corporations.

Understanding The Employee Benefits Package

Providing good health benefits packages to employees remains a challenge for many small businesses. Either they pass these costs to employees or take a blow to their bottom line.

Recruiting Talented Employees

Attracting and recruiting top talent is one of the foremost priorities of any business, yet not all are successful in this process.

Focusing On Employee Retention

It’s difficult to hire the best people in the industry and even tougher to retain them. Startups and small companies do not have the large pool of resources that their larger competitors have. It would be helpful for small companies and startups to follow SnackNation's guide to ERC to manage employee retention.

Creating A Quality Employee Experience

Building a positive work environment is not easy as many employees remain unsatisfied over inadequate engagement activities, unfair treatment by colleagues and senior management, roles, and responsibilities in the workplace.

Improving Employee Engagement

It’s not easy to keep employees engaged consistently and HR professionals have to constantly think about making new strategies and implementing them.

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How Human Resources Software With Project Time Tracking Can Prove Highly Useful

We all know that HR professionals have to perform many tasks simultaneously, and things can get overwhelming. Another factor that adds to the stress of HR professionals is when they are running behind time and the bundle of tasks seems to be adding up. This is where using the best human resource software with project time tracking can prove to be of great help.

Using the tool, HR professionals can:

  • HR software enables information accumulation and makes processes efficient. HR professionals can save a lot of time and utilize it to focus on other work which might need their urgent attention.
  • HR software can play an important role in augmenting the employee experience. For example, pulse surveys can be used to gauge employees’ sentiments and run employee recognition programs.
  • HR software offers multiple ways for HR teams to bring down costs without compromising the employee experience. HR software in india can help HR professionals identify grey areas/processes where a lot of unnecessary money is being spent.
  • HR software helps organizations to monitor user activity compliance needs at the state and federal levels, and report on them timely.
  • Automating payroll is a crucial area for small businesses as manual data entry results in a high number of payroll errors. This can lead to salary disputes as well as making businesses open to IRS penalties.
  • Timecard fraudulence costs businesses time and money. From taking long lunch breaks to “buddy punching,” organizations pay much more than actual billing hours. Human Resources software automates employee attendance and punch-ins through employee ID swiping.
  • HR software systems can improve decision-making by allowing HR professionals to have more time to take steps that result in improved employee engagement, productivity, and performance.

Best 5 Ultimate Human Resources Software With Project Time Tracking

1. Monitask

Monitask counts among top-rated and popular employee monitoring and time tracking software for companies of all sizes. This Human Resources software solution with a project time tracking solution is ideal for both in-office teams, remote teams, freelancers, contractors, and employees who work from home occasionally. Some advanced tools like advanced screenshots activity monitors, and time tracking enable users to stay focused on the task at hand to improve performance, productivity, and accountability across the team. Project managers can easily access the dashboard on any device to track tasks and project progress, time spent on different tasks, and employee performance anytime, anywhere.

Monitask's HR software

The Main features include:

  1. Time tracking
  2. Clock-in/Clock-out board
  3. Online timesheets
  4. Computer monitoring
  5. Employee attendance software
  6. Remote employee monitoring
  7. Employee productivity software
  8. Activity dashboard

Pricing: The Paid plan starts from $5.99/user/month.

2. ProofHub

ProofHub is an award-winning team collaboration and project management software with many useful features that can be of great help to HR professionals across various industries. ProofHub offers a range of powerful tools in a centralized location, which makes it easy for HR professionals to manage work in a single place. Features like Announcements, Scheduling Calendars, Task Management, Timesheets, Reports, Group Chats, and Discussions allow HR professionals to track time spent on tasks, manage resource allocation, and convey useful work-related and other information from a single place. The file management feature allows for organizing and sharing all important documents from a single location.

Proofhub's project management software

Main features include:

  1. Task management
  2. Timesheets
  3. Reporting
  4. Announcements
  5. Discussions
  6. Group chat
  7. Scheduling calendar
  8. File management
  9. Notes

Pricing: The Ultimate Control plan is priced at $89/month when billed annually.

3. Keka

Keka is one of the most widely used cloud-based human resource software with a host of features like time & expense tracking, attendance management software, and payroll management. Designed to help HR professionals from various industry verticals, like banking, IT, retail, pharmaceuticals, etc,. Keka helps HR teams and organizations to adapt, evolve, and scale by working more efficiently. Smart time management makes you spend less time on tedious tasks and pay attention to formulating new strategies. The human resources software allows both HR pros and project managers to track employee attendance, manage leave policies, schedule shifts, and set up leave approval workflows. Keka’s timesheet gives an overview of the revenue generated on current projects, figures out billable/non-billable hours, and allocates resources.

Keka has the nation's best HR software

Main features include:

  1. Payroll and Expenses
  2. Modern HR
  3. Performance and Culture
  4. Hiring and Onboarding
  5. Project Timesheet
  6. Time and Attendance
  7. Scalable
  8. People Data and Analytics 

Pricing: The Paid plan starts from $500 per month for up to 100 employees.

4. Trello

Trello is a versatile work management tool that is of great use for HR professionals, organizations, and project managers alike. This visual collaboration platform allows them to create plans, collaborate on tasks and projects, streamline workflows, and track progress visually, efficiently, and rewardingly. Trello is a customizable tool that can be tailored to meet unique needs and work styles. Over 100 plus integrations with other apps like Jira, Google Drive, and Slack make it easier for HR professionals to manage all their work without juggling tools. Trello’s built-in automation, Butler, cuts down the number of tedious tasks by leveraging the power of automation. Also there are many Trello alternatives that have many functions of the tool and you can try them for comparison.

Trello has the top work management tool across india

Main features include:

  1. No-code automation
  2. Trello cards
  3. Power-ups
  4. Easy Organization with Labeling, Tags, and Comments
  5. Progress Meter Checklist
  6. File attachment
  7. Easy upload
  8. Deadline alerts and notifications
  9. Information back up

Pricing: A Free Basic plan is available. The Paid plan starts from $ 5 USD/user/month, billed annually.

5. Connecteam

Connecteam is an all-in-one company app that counts among the best human resources software with project time tracking. Using Connecteam, HR professionals can easily communicate, train, and manage their non-desk employees in these days of remote work. This workforce management app enables project managers to put their business process on autopilot mode while saving precious time with a GPS time clock. Connecteam enhances internal communication with robust engagement and features like surveys, chat, live polls, etc. Mobile-first checklist and forms platform allows you to go paperless and automate daily procedures.

connecteam is the one of the top best HR software vendor in india

Main features include:

  1. Employee time clock
  2. Employee scheduling
  3. Checklists and forms
  4. Employee task management
  5. Employee training and knowledge centre
  6. Real-time notifications
  7. Employee communication

Pricing: A Free Basic plan is available. The Paid plan starts from $159/month when billed annually for the first 50 years.

Summing It Up

Increasing job responsibilities have necessitated technology in a modern-day work environment. Human resources professionals can benefit significantly from using the best human resources software with project time tracking to expedite manual work processes while tracking project performance at every stage. The tools mentioned above can be valuable assets for any HR team and organization experiencing time management and work management issues. 

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