List of Top Asset Management Software In India country

Page Last Updated On June 22, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Asset management software can be used to track inventories, hardware devices, software, and other software. The system also helps in asset lifecycle management. The software can track assets at all stages right from purchase to disposal. The system helps to optimize the process of asset management.

Benefits of Asset Management Software are :

  • It allows the assets to manipulate else blocks the ingests assets

  • Protect the assets which are controlled under the access control and user rules

  • Store the asset in the form of binaries and the metadata

  • Distribute the ingests assets in the new format

  • Cultivate the extension of metadata and metrics for the assets

  • As per the relationship and the versions, the assets will be related

  • Use the workflow tools to regulate the business in structure


The main core program of the software has to use as a centralized hub to organize the assets in a single platform. Digital asset management is about access to the collected asset from a single platform. To maximize the potential of each asset the collected asset will be properly leveraged and maintain.

Easily discoverable

In the digital world, without digital asset management, it is hard to find the right asset at the required time. By using this software many corporate company operators find the assets exactly what they are looking for. Keywords as per the name of the file are the key to describe the asset with words and phrases. When the keyword match with the name of the asset file the software will automatically drag it and added manually.

Valuable file formats

Any type of file asset can be stored in the Asset Management Software in digital formats. The valuable thing to use the software is it allows the user to use the file easily. Files can be download in the exact file format as per the required resolution is chosen by the user. Additionally, the user can change the format of the file in any required supportive format.

Best Asset Management Software available in India :

  • LOGIC Account
  • Spiceworks
  • Loc8
  • People Reckon
  • Innomaint CMMS