Top 8 Open Source Sales Force Automation Software

Top 8 Open Source Sales Force Automation Software

Sales are an ultimate lifeline for most businesses, whereby the Sales Force Automation system simply helps in improving sales performances in order to achieve corporate growth equitably.

Sales software refers to a cloud or on-premise system which helps in automating many parts of the sales process while it allows salespeople to continue moving their opportunities via the sales cycle, remaining salespeople to call or contact a prospect next-in-line.

Salesforce automation software also helps in log notes, create tasks, sending follow-ups emails sending emails, and SMS messages to keep alerting the sales manager especially regarding critical development in the sales cycles, and keep up with updated opportunity records for the salesperson.

Each sales software process concludes involves communications, email interactions, managing voicemails alongside sending calendar invites. This online sales software can automate the type of outreach that is built into the sales process perhaps a chore for the sales personnel to remember to do such a list of activities.

For an instance, some of the emails consist of sending a thank you email just after a meeting or after-sales service with a customer, or keep sending an email to a customer or prospect who failed to return your call on time. SalesForce automation performs and automates communication, tasks, and sales workflow to manage sales operations efficiently.

Now, its time to know which are the topmost open-source salesforce automate the software to rely upon; let’s take a glance at it:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud:

Salesforce sales cloud is renowned customer relationship management software, having a rich set of inbuilt functionalities for the lead, opportunity, account having contact management to automate sales workflow using the online sales software.

It carries capabilities of permitting businesses to control their sales cycles, to drive bigger sales team’s productivity.

Here’re essential features to keep an eye on:

-          Email templates

-          Developer API

-          Salesforce automation

-          Pipeline Management

-          Customization

-          Territory Management

-          Lead Management, and etc.

  • is the only CRM toolkit having higher growth and improved velocity that is helpful for a sales team. is again equipped with features that assist sales professionals to have quick content having effective communication from within the CRM in order to close deals even much faster.

It offers 14 days free trial to get used to actual flow with much-needed efficiency.

Here’re essential features to keep an eye on:

-          Field sales management

-          Customer database

-          Commission management

-          Expense Management

-          Mobile sales and etc.

  • Salesmate CRM:

Salesmate CRM is one of the intelligent customer relationship management sales software, using this sales personnel gets smoother control for enterprises especially for their pipeline while it reduces the time of storing the sales cycle to build valuable relationships with potentials set of customers.

Salesmate CRM is easy to use sales software to simplify more complex sales processes of start-ups, small-scale having medium enterprises that welfares sales reps in order to make it more productive, improvise their sales cycles while engaging with their customers.

Here’re essential features to keep an eye on:

-          Sales email notifications

-          Email performance tracking

-          Smart email templates

-          In-built email clients

-          Contact management

-          Sales pipeline management

-          Sale Automation

-          CRM and Sales reports

-          Sales Analysis

-          Lead generation, nurturing, and etc.

  • Sales Diary:

Sales Dairy is one of the finest Salesforce automation software that allows the sales team to manage all their sales and marketing activities with ease. 

Their modules consist of secondary sales, distributor management, van sales, primary sales, and modern trade apps. Sales Diary also offers 14 days free trial for their user base.

Here’re essential features to keep an eye on:

-          Territory Management

-          Lead Management

-          Field Sales Management

-          Sales Reporting

-          Business process Automation

-          Sales tracking

-          Contact Management

-          Order Management

-          Channel & opportunity management, and etc.

  • FieldAssist:

FieldAssist online sales software offers a central canvas to catalyze empowerment of field sales teams having power smarter sales decisions with the aim of expanding growth, especially on the short and long-term basis.

This is a flagship SaaS platform mainly recognized by more than 150 brands globally assisting their client base to increase their sales efficiency as well as productivity utilizing Salesforce automation

Here’re essential features to keep an eye on:

-          Email integration

-          Field sales management

-          Mobile sales

-          Sales collaboration

-          Alerts and notification management

-          Task management

-          Lead management

-          Call management

-          Distributor management

-          Territories management and etc.

  • CBO:

CBO Infotech private limited, known as a software developing agency that introduced CBO online sales software with an aim to offer cost-effective and flexible pharma software capitalizing needs of Indian Pharmaceutical companies.

This solution is capable of importing and exporting existing data from all the other billing cum inventory software that can be integrated with Tally with ease. You can buy tally online which has all the beneficial features that can help grow your business.

Here’re essential features to keep an eye on:

-          360-degree customer views

-          System designer

-          Contact management

-          MR information

-          Dispatch management

-          Quotes management

-          Appointment management

-          Daily call reports

-          Mobile App

-          Electronic signature

-          Routing

-          Sales performance management, and much more. 

  • Outwork AI-Intelligent Sales Management:

Outwork AI is one of a kind advanced generation cloud-based customer relationship management system having full-fledged attributes of a CRM and Salesforce automation. 

This simply supplies the sales team on the go, easy to use data, having automated reporting to provide complete pictures of activities, detailed analysis, while having real-time interventions.

Outwork AI supplies sellers with a frictionless route to capture sales activities having rich insights for the organization. This drives extensive analytics and AI-powered recommendations directly assist managers to capture behavior to lead to more revenue.

Here’re essential features to keep an eye on:

-          Inventory management

-          Survey Management

-          System designer

-          Dashboard and analytics

-          Customer database

-          Call management

-          Customer support

-          Channel management

-          Inquiry management

-          Proposal management

-          Campaign creations, and much more.

  • Astral Manufacturing ERP:

Astral manufacturing simply automized the process by managing the inventory that gives an idea about the particular need of purchasing raw materials, keeping direct entry of the order from each of customers, using barcode for the product to be dispatched, while tracking of payment collection at its best.

Astral manufacturing offers complete control over stock management, custom boxes with logo, production process, dispatch, and packaging of material with the best quality to test the materials with real-time tracking considering current status. 

Here’re essential features to keep an eye on:

-          Contract management

-          Document management

-          Proposal generation

-          Field sales management

-          Referral tracking

-          Sales performance management

-          Territory management

-          Synchronization and integration

-          Sales collaboration, and much more.

Bottom Line:

We quite assure all these above-mentioned open sources Salesforce automation software will transform the entire working process to help you capitalize on sales necessities while ensuring that your organization will grow like anything.

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