Top 4 CRM Tools

Top 4 CRM Tools

Managing customer relationships is the most important aspect of any business. Despite the size of your business, many things can happen over the conversion of valuable customers. Consider someone hearing about your company for the first time, down the lane it becomes highly difficult to track them without CRM software. Hence, it becomes a crucial process as you transform or introduce the business to the digital world.

Without CRM Software many companies often juggle and shift pieces to fit the right puzzle. But in the meantime, they do not know the crack gets bigger where they slip out the customers easily. CRM Software for a business can perform multiple functions, therefore, finding the right one becomes daunting. We have made your work easier. Here are the top three CRM tools that are scalable and customizable for every business.

1. EngageBay

EngageBay is an award-winning CRM software geared towards small business owners who just can’t have any more tools on their table. With a free-forever subscription to the basic features and with very little cost for advanced automation features, EngageBay is fast emerging as among the best all-in-one CRM solutions in the market today.

Over 30,000 businesses globally use EngageBay for their marketing, sales, and customer support tasks. The best thing is that all of this can be done from a single dashboard instead of having to buy one package separately for each business area.

EngageBay offers a plethora of amazing tools, including email automation, multichannel marketing, predictive lead scoring, a social suite, 360-degree customer view, custom reports for sales, and so on. It also has everything you need to engage and support your customers, from Helpdesk to ticketing systems and Live Chat. Plus, you get free onboarding sessions, free migration from any other CRM, account-based marketing, and even a dedicated account manager.

Key Features of EngageBay CRM Software

  • Marketing Automation

EngageBay offers a host of marketing automation tools, including a visual workflow builder with dozens of actions and conditions, timezone-based email delivery, landing page and email form A/B testing, triggers for starting automation workflows, and more.

  • Drag-and-drop functionality

EngageBay’s drag-and-drop landing page and email form builder lets you build visually appealing and functional pages or forms with absolute ease. With hundreds of templates, dozens of pre-built blocks, and a wide variety of customizations, you can personalize all your emails and landing pages to fit your brand image.

  • Segmentation

With static lists and smart lists, you can segment your customers based on demographics, purchase patterns, search and buying behavior, response to emails, and whatnot. The concept of smart lists is to let the software apply your conditions and remove or add contacts from lists automatically based on their characteristics and behavior.

  • Analytics

EngageBay’s dashboards offer a bird’ eye view of all your data for both default and custom metrics, so you can gain deep insights into what not how your team is performing. You can also analyze customer behavior and use social analytics.

  • Integrations

EngageBay offers dozens of powerful integrations, so you can connect with your favorite business apps easily. You get Zapier, Mailgun, Xero, Shopify, CallHippo, Stripe, and much more.

2. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is customer assistance and help desk software founded in 2010 based in California. Companies can use this software to manage customer relationships exclusively. Every company shall enjoy the social helpdesk, make use of the knowledge base and create good community engagement.

Because of their user-friendly technology, almost 80,000 businesses have installed Freshdesk for customer support, across the world. The important features of the application will include a ticketing system, automation tool, multi-channel conversions, customization to the business and customers, conversion tool, multi-channel support systems. In case if your company requires a third-party system, the Freshdesk also allows extending their support capabilities.

While the customers love Freshdesk for the reason that they have a smooth transition when it comes to ticketing. Every ticket status can be tracked with the history and provided with the ratings. With the driven insights the companies improve their ability to solve the tickets. The customer portal is simple and interactive which clearly describes the primary goals of customer satisfaction. 

Key Features of Freshdesk

  • Email to ticketing conversion

The Freshdesk helps in placing all the agents on the single panel with the support of customer email. The agents can get in touch with each other, solve and ensure that the tickets are being addressed.

  • Community portal

Based on the similar interest from the customers you can build community. Here the best practice, advice, and share other ideas if any.

  • Knowledgebase

To support the agents, there is always a knowledge base that will reflect the answers that they are looking for. Based on the customer queries these answers are designed as a template that reduces workload.

  • Analyze and Insight tools

These tools will provide a comprehensive overview of every agent's support from the root. These are customer satisfaction surveys that will help to improvise the business.

  • Gamification

Freshdesk is inspiring for the agents to work as there are certain game mechanics implied. This will track the performance and set new goals, create a leaderboard, and much more.

3. Hubspot

Hubspot is found to be one of the most competitive CRM Software available in the market. Signup today to Get a Free Trial of Hubspot CRM Software as they are simple, quick, and interesting features. They provide the best integration environment that is powerful and create impact vice versa.

Their mission lies are empowering the business by engaging and enduring the relationships. People have shown progressive results, making conversions and improving revenues. With the data provided by the customers, the communications are easily channelized to chat support, website support, and important social media interactions. It creates a comfortable experience for any user.

HubSpot CRM gives the company a structured process. This starts as soon as the customer visits the website and until the feedback. Get a Free Trial of Hubspot CRM Software and see if it matches all your customer management requirements. The insights are brilliant and it is easy to understand every aspect of a prospective buyer.

With the capabilities that convert more tangible values, the HubSpot CRM Software has taken the top-level positions among the company. The sales and marketing systems have been effectively improved with the result of the CRM desk offered here.

Key Features of HubSpot CRM Software

  • Task and Contact management

HubSpot helps you manage every specific contact on your database and create a constant tracking system for every task and deal. With the customizable filter, you can sort the data of the same niche.

  • Lead Funnel

With the potential data available, HubSpot CRM Software creates a lead funnel for the Sales and Marketing team. This will help in the process of making the conversion as a customer.

  • Sales Pipeline

Suppose if you had converted the customer through the lead funnel, then CRM Software provides the entire cycle of the sales pipeline through effective visuals.

  • Syncs and integration

HubSpot provides a new dimension to email integration. Sending emails is one of the biggest tasks in CRM Software and with HubSpot, it is now made easy.

  • Unlimited customization

HubSpot helps you to customize everything that your brand wants. They very well know that every brand is different and provide specifications accordingly. Lifetime Free CRM Hubspot provides certain tools that will help small businesses.

4. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM Software is an award-winning company that has designed CRM Software especially to sustain and satisfy the customer of any growing business. Many startups are found to use Zoho CRM Software for the very reason that it simplifies lead and contact management.

The sales and purchase control are the additional features that provide a new perspective of the interface. With 10 different components, they provide a customizable dashboard with business-specific features. Whether you are a small business, entrepreneur, or with a large enterprise the Zoho CRM automates the business based on the given requirement. You can always track the sales, manage the business activities and engage in multiple platforms.

Key features of Zoho CRM Software

  • Automate sales operation

The Zoho CRM helps you automate the daily tasks that will help you to turn the visitors into customers. You can easily monitor all the accounts shared from the provided database.

  • Manage the data in real-time

With the opportunity tracking tool, one can see where the customer cycle begins. Based on the history and competitor profile you may manage the data in real-time. It provides the certainty of bringing customers.

  • Maximize social media

Customers have become busy with social media and it is essential to take your CRM to the products and services over social media. With Zoho CRM integration the social media accounts can be easily managed.

  • Available for Mobile

There is a dedicated edition of Zoho CRM that supports the mobile. Be it android or iOS you can manage the customers through mobile devices.

  • Zoho Suite

Zoho Suite comes as a package for every business. They contain all the essential business applications such as Google Docs, calendar, and Gmail that complement the sales.


The CRM tools have aggressive usage in the digital era and it has become the necessity to maintain one. The workflow becomes healthy and helps in creating and managing potential customers. It provides a defined cycle or process for every customer. Therefore choosing a CRM tool is crucial but always lookout for what is your business needs before picking them.

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