Best Free CRM Software You Should Consider Using In 2021

Best Free CRM Software You Should Consider Using In 2021

Are you interested in getting a customer relationship management (CRM) software which is free forever? You have many options. It is not a typo, a free software is the one having no cost and no time limit. The zero payment software also is packed with great features to meet your requirements. CRM Software is beneficial for every startup business.

We reviewed many software and have brought the following five free CRM software products to the market. They are all different from one another. There are chances that one out of five or may be more of them meet your requirements. There is no cost in seeing this post but your time is valuable to us too. Hence let’s move on to a few of the important considerations to pick the correct one for you.

  • Hubspot review

The key plan gives access to unlimited users. Also it gives 1 million contacts and company records.

Hubspot CRM provides the most generous free software out in the market. On the top of other free available software, Hubspot provides you the free forever versions of the sales and marketing as well as customer service tools. It ties into all the marketing efforts such as forms, email, ads, landing pages, chat, Facebook Messenger and also delivers clear information regarding what the channels and strategies are driving the performance of your unit.

The Hubspot also integrates with Gmail, G suite and many versions of Outlook. There is even a lot in drag and drop editor for creating the great email campaigns. Also the users are allowed to automate the process of follow up emails whenever a form is filled by someone or in response to a pop-up, you can build out your list with zero effort.

The list is not yet over, there are much more marketing tools such as:

  1. Tracking the website activity
  2. Conversational bots
  3. Deal pipelines
  4. Activity and task manager
  5. Appointment scheduling
  6. Email tracking
  7. List segmentation
  8. VoIP directly from CRM

HubSpot Review – Hero Marketing Tools | 2021

  • Agile CRM review

The key plan provides access to 10 users along with 1000 contacts and company records. Agile CRM provides one of the few options to accommodate the entire team.

It works perfectly fine for the sales and marketing as it comes with core CRM tools for such areas but the depth of customer service features stands apart. There is an inbuilt helpdesk ticketing system. The customer support can assign labels and also prioritize the tickets as per the importance. The customers can also be put in different groups on their requirements that means the report is automatically forwarded to the appropriate agent.

The only customer service feature not coming with the free software version of Agile is a knowledge base that helps in creating and sharing the customer support documentation.

Apart from this single drawback, there is a lot to check in the software. The great sales and marketing features include:

  1. Lead scoring
  2. Unlimited deals
  3. Email tracking
  4. Appointment scheduling
  5. Email campaigns
  6. Website activity tracking
  7. Landing page builder
  • Apptivo for the basic business management

The key plan of Apptivo includes three users and unlimited contacts. Apptivo brings really affordable CRM software and also offers a free forever starter plan which performs a lot of major and important administrative tasks. It centralizes all the customer information and allows the users to create and manage all the invoices, proposals and estimates. It saves time and minimizes the basic billing and invoicing errors that take a lot of time.

The interface of software is clean and accessible. It includes the basic contact and project management features along with the permissions to import or export the unlimited amount of data.

Having three users included in the starter plan, there is a lot more that companies can do in terms of consolidating and streamlining the business processes. Managing all the work, orders and services, for instance, everything is centralized along with a clean dashboard. Users can submit single click approval to managers or clients, automatically update or alert the workers regarding new plans and edit the dispatch calendar.

The sales and marketing features available here are a bit lighter than other free CRM software and not much great marketing capabilities are included. The features provided basically are:

  1. Invoicing
  2. Helpdesk
  3. Estimates and proposals
  4. Field services and work orders
  5. Product catalog
  • ​​​​​​​Really simple systems – best free CRM

The key plan of RSS provides the limits to 2 users, unlimited contacts along with 100 company records.

Small amount of customization is permitted with the use of free CRM of Really Simple Systems. You can create your fields to capture important criteria and build the tables that you require. This data can be displayed as reports and dashboards. You can fill in all the information across the software and quickly check with leads and opportunities that need the most attention.

The sales representatives will be allowed to call their smartphone contacts directly from the CRM platform that is optimized for every device. RSS allows you to track the metrics that you require and provides a generous amount of functionality which is super helpful to the sales team. The highlights of software include:

  1. Managing the pipeline
  2. Sales funnel
  3. Customer timelines
  4. Opportunity history
  5. API access
  6. Listing and sales forecast
  7. Integration with outlook and google contacts
  • Flowlu – best SMB finance software

The key plan limits the access up to 2 users, 20 contacts and unlimited opportunities. Flowlu makes a great enterprise ready solution helping the massive companies to keep close eye on revenues.

The free version of Flowlu software comes with a surprising number of platform features. Even though the users are limited to 20 contacts, they are provided with the unlimited opportunities that is the entire series of client communication looking forward to potential deals.

The opportunities can closely invoice the client and create a project from the opportunity or being marked a loss. Some of the major features of this software are:

  1. Expense tracking
  2. Payment tracking
  3. Finance dashboard
  4. Customizable categories
  5. Leads and contacts management
  6. Records management

There are many softwares available online but we, at Techimply, tried to provide you with a few of the best options. We hope you select the best software as per your requirement.

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