5 Ways to Make Your Payroll Software More Successful

Divyesh Sureja
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5 Ways to Make Your Payroll Software More Successful

Payroll is one of the crucial parts of streamlining the entire business process, it can be confusing and laborious, and its errors creep up into the process with little notice. 

This simply indulges employees’ wages, taxes of governments, and employment laws; one should keep an eye on accurate payroll, or company/management might face back with payments, interest, and penalties. 

Most of the operations will reach up to a certain point where it makes sense to fully outsource all payroll operations. Many other companies are there in the market that take the help of third-party companies which perform the function of outsourced human resource(HR Software) and payroll processing. 

Payroll processing is still the biggest sink for small to medium business owners, cause we never know, what happens if the people who generally run payroll for your company, just need to take time off? One business person must have to know their readiness to sacrifice their weekend and evening to keep up to date with their individual reporting protocols.

Doesn’t matter which payroll option you rely on, either the online payroll system, taking the help of a spreadsheet, or using an old one pen and paper. This system saves your time and decreases the potential for error by scheduling up a system. 

Before we jump into steps of maintaining accurate payroll, we must need to know common pitfalls made by us which halts the entire set of business segments: 

  • Pre-tax deductions considering Health insurances

  • Child support comes along with Compliance

  • Oversight penalties and back taxes

  • Documentation errors regarding tax deduction and filing 

  • Taking care of employees weren’t on the company’s payroll

  • Mis-management of employees overtime

  • Lack in managing protocols for managing workers payroll

  • Misconceptualization in calculating states taxes and federal taxes

  • Lack of understanding of prior wages and tax information, and etc.

With the above-mentioned pointers, we can get certain clarity of common pitfalls due to which the payroll became complicated. 

Well, identifying the right approach for making payroll software is vital, so let’s not wait much as we’ve curated a few noticeable tips for maintaining accurate payroll. 

Classification of Workers in an ideal manner

Classifying your workers either as your employees or independent contractors is a must; as this will ultimately be not arbitrary and is extremely important. 

You initially need to collect and pay taxes, like pay overtime wages, and allow them to follow minimum wage laws. All of these things are not necessary for independent contractors, and contractors can generally pay their own taxes. Well, someone should not overtime their wages, and they set while negotiating their rates. 

In order to determine if a worker is an employee or contractor, one should use a three-prong text from the IRS, which looks at their behavioral control, considering their relationship with the workers. 

Checking with your state department of labor to understand if there are any other rules one must need to follow in the classification of employees. Getting knowledge of workers incorrectly, simply owe back wages and taxes, interest, and penalties and you can have your employees in the payroll system, whereby independent contractors should not be present in the payroll. 

Payroll Automation is essential

A manual payroll system will actually end up with ample mistakes, and you might punch the wrong calculators, one should record a number in the wrong spot, or simply forget to include something more relevant in the payroll process. 

Automating the payroll could be helpful in reducing the chances of error, and to utilize it you need to use online payroll software that will calculate pay and taxes. Additionally, the software should be accurate, hence, you can work worry-free about sneaking up on it. 

Tracking time and attendance is a must

Identifying the accuracy and track records of how much time your employee’s work is especially huge and true for employees who earn hourly wages who are eligible for overtime of allotted wages. 

One must need to track time alongside attendances(Attendance Management Software), where online software is an ideal option. The only reason is employees can log in to their account and log their start and end times, and remote employees can utilize it. 

This software can also prevent time theft and can review timecards before running payroll while making sure to know whether they are accurate or not. This allows users to compare them to work schedules keeping agreement to verify their true validity. 

Stay updated with payroll updates

Payroll terms are ever-changing, and the government is always passing new laws keeping needs in center whereby tax rates and minimum wages often change annually and it is dedicated time to keep up with changes. 

Well, you can get information from various sources, and check new sources that regularly report on payroll-related changes. One can simply subscribe to the newsletter from government sources to make sure rate notices from states and local governments. 

Keeping up with payroll updates allows them to take a lot of time and it’s worth saving time and money in the long run while avoiding errors. While using online software, the provider will get real-time updates from the software whenever any changes appear to standardized tax rates to keep up with laws and individual business rates. 

Payroll audits periodically 

Conducting regular payroll audits is useful in verifying payroll records accuracy; someone can conduct an audit on a quarterly or on annual basis. 

While doing payroll audits, you have to make sure the payroll information is correct and potentially need to make sure all the members add up and money is going to do it right place. 

Perform employee’s wages, and calculate correctly to verify all deductions are withheld at the right time to calculate your employer’s taxes correctly. Everyone also needs to check the taxes and other deductions are paid to the right parties. 

On top of calculations, auditing employees’ information, such as names, SSNs, and addresses and eventually, helps to make sure to file forms correctly. 


Everyone is aware of the payroll’s importance, as it’s your business’s most vital expense, and one should not make it more complicated than it needs to be while making sure you have the right solutions just in place for maintaining the varying moving parts. 

A feature-rich system will assist you to save time whereas ensure you spend time efficiently to get more hours back in your daily schedules to avoid challenges.

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