5 Best Payroll Software for Recruitment Agencies

5 Best Payroll Software for Recruitment Agencies

Hello all, this time we are here with a post providing you with the 5 best payroll software for recruitment agencies. There are numerous software out in the market and all software is built with different features. It is the user’s responsibility to check all the required features by the organization and select the software accordingly. It is not important to have software with many features but it is more important to have software with features meeting the businesses’ requirements. 

Many users fail to determine their requirements and hence end up getting software that is of no use to them. Instead, it is suggested to go with the best software that is mainly designed to meet the basic requirements of every business. In this post, we will cover the best 5 payroll software, let us move ahead without waiting much. 

  • Nomisma: 

Nomisma is a cloud-based software that meets the requirements of small to medium-sized business units and helps its owners to manage the payroll processes, invoicing, and more. It helps businesses by giving simplified bookkeeping and payroll services that are helpful for the businesses. 

Nomisma software also comes with a supportive bookkeeping mobile app for Android as well as iOS devices. The application allows the users to record all the expenses and receipts from remote locations. The app can also integrate with third-party systems such as Sign Easy, PayPal, Stripe, and many others. 

The major features of Nomisma software include pay slip, payroll management, accounts payable and receivable, bank reconciliation, and others. 

The major benefit of using this software is it is easy to use and its dashboard is a game-changer. Also sometimes the users face interface issues and bug problems a few times. Hence all the pros and cons need to be taken into consideration. 

  • PrimePRO:

primePRO is also a cloud-based software that supports the payroll of internal and external staff. This software tends to provide an end-to-end solution and can work well with weekly, monthly, quarterly, and many other payment cycles. 

The major features of this software include compliance, booking, invoices, timesheets, payrolls, mobile portals, and much more. 

There are numerous benefits of using this software but it also includes a few of the cons. The benefits include reduced cascading effects and duplications, calculating payroll in one go, warning of overpayments, customer support, easy user interface, customizable, and much more. Apart from these, a few of the features are difficult to understand, including bugs, and it cannot calculate the total hours worked by an employee. 

  • QuickBooks: 

QuickBooks is software designed for recruiting agencies providing high-quality payroll management and accounting software solutions. This software gives a guaranteed no-tax penalty with the elite plan. This software is a bit more expensive compared to others but at the same time, it also includes great features that can be used to automate all the activities. 

The software includes major features such as time-tracking, unlimited payrolls, same-day deposits, automated taxes, calculating paychecks and taxes, payroll reports, workforce portal, and much more. 

This software includes equal pros and cons. The pros include ease of use and quick guidance, using software that includes minimal learning and training, mobile app support makes calculating payroll much easier and allows access to data from any device having internet connectivity. At the same time, the cons include a few typical features, restrictive elite plan, mobile app lacking features, and much more. 

  • Coats Staffing Software:

The coat is a fully-featured software specially designed for staffing companies and agencies. It is developed mainly for small and medium-sized enterprises and it provides end-to-end solutions for the web app. The software automates the payroll task for employees as well as clients. The software allows the users to enter the order information in the database and the same information can be used to process the payment and automated bills. 

As a part of major features, the software can integrate easily with the PeopleNetand time clocks. It allows processing payroll software differently as per regions, branches, and departments. The software allows payments through direct deposits, checks, pay cards, and much more. It also generates all the payroll and deductions with the expense categories. 

There are equal benefits and cons of using the coats software. The benefits include a compilation of the payables, deductions, deposits, and garnishments. The software also generates monthly, quarterly and yearly data to design reports. It also notifies with the current federal and state taxes. Apart from these, the cons include less seamlessness compared to other software, tricky layout, and difficult customized reports. 

  • AkkenCloud:

AkkenCloud is one more cloud-based software that is designed for staffing and recruiting software agencies. It offers one of the best payroll services to meet business requirements. The software also easily integrates with third-party solutions such as Paychex, ADP, Paylocity, and many others. The software can easily integrate with the local and national providers. 

The major features of the AkkenCloud software include dedicated support, unlimited payrolls, tax filing, and reporting, cloud-based, database, general ledger tracking, and many more. 

The benefits of using this software include the software being user-friendly, easy to use, excellent customer support, and many unique features at a reasonable price. The negative sides of using this software are difficult to understand features, support on internet explorer, and there is no section provided to add meaningful notes.


These were the best 5 payroll software for recruitment agencies. Apart from these, there are much open-source software out in the market that can also be used if the business is a startup and does not have enough budget to make expenses on software. But such open-source software is not much trustable for the sensitive data of business and hence it is suggested to spend a few pounds on the software and get the features that the business requires.

Software with fewer features is far better than the software having countless features wasting time or than the free software that brings you features that are not required. 

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