Payroll Software or Payroll Service – Which is best for Your Business?

Payroll Software or Payroll Service – Which is best for Your Business?

Welcome back to TechImply, this time we are here with an eye-opening difference between payroll software and payroll service. It is time to decide which works best for your business unit. In this post, we will firstly discuss the meanings of both terms along with their advantages and disadvantages and lastly the main answer, which is better and why. 

The small business owners get multiple options regarding their payments to the employees. The traditional methods of ledgers and tax tables are no longer in use in the complex payroll activities of the modern world. With the updating technology, every business regardless of its type or size requires payroll software to meet all the regulatory requirements. 

Apart from the software, one also has the option to outsource the payroll activities to an accountant or a payroll company or can also handle the task by themselves. Many businesses face issues in the tax fillings but at this point too they can trust the payroll providers or the software. The payroll software or services tend to manage all the payroll taxes with ease and automation or if you are sure that you can manage yourself, you can opt for it too. 

It becomes difficult to select one between payroll software and payroll services in terms of effectiveness and expenses. There are more chances that one might end up getting an online payroll software or service. 

Payroll software 

  • The employers can opt for the payroll software where they can enter the details on their own. Once the details are filled in, the software calculates all the payout on its own. The generate payout details can be printed or can also be directly sent through the direct deposits. 
  • It is suggested to opt for software that is designed to be simple yet has all the features for even small businesses. Also, one must read all the rules and regulations and check if they include any long term fees. It must be checked that the software provides all the free reports and clearly show the assets and liabilities. One must get full-service payroll software to avoid any future expenses. 

Why use payroll software?

Payroll Management System | 5 Reasons to use Payroll Software?

  • It is less expensive and easy to use. One can control every payroll activity and carry out those activities efficiently. The payroll software allows online access which can be a help for small business owners as they find it convenient to manage everything from a remote location. If one uses the online payroll software, it can be easily updated automatically which removes the worry of installing the latest updates of the HR software

Limitations of using payroll software

  • A few payroll software are only designed for professional uses with experienced accountants. A few of the software include extra expenses apart from the fees and installation. The user stays responsible for unpaid taxes as he is needed to compute the taxes and ensure that all the payments are made accurately. If at any point a tax is forgotten, it may result in higher expenses and charges. 
  • For some businesses, it becomes difficult to get time or don’t have enough budget to have the expertise to handle the payroll activities and taxes. Here at such point, one is suggested to opt for full-service options where the provider can help in real-time to the business and save their time and energy as well. 

Payroll services 

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  • The traditional payroll services included different ways of working, one of which was printing the billing details and deliver the paycheck to the business. But with the advancement in technology and adoption of modern devices, business owners can save their time and money by getting payroll services. 
  • The payroll services offer quite more options to bring ease of working to the business. The services offer ways to fill the federal, state and local government taxes on time and save you from penalties. 
  • It is suggested to ensure that the company with which you deal I a reputable company having good customer reviews and ratings from the better business bureau. The payroll providers must bring you the reports of every activity. Also, check all the required additional fees from beforehand. 

Why use payroll service?

  • The payroll services tend to be less costly than the payroll software especially for small businesses and also save the time spent on filling the taxes. The service provider takes care of the dates and fills all the important federal, state and local taxes on time. The payroll services come with automatic updates and can be processed any time and from any location. 

Limitations of using payroll services

  • When compared to basic payroll software, the cost of payroll service is a bit more as it is required to connect to the server and have a connection with the provider. Ultimately you even have to take care of the tax filings. A few of the services even include extra setup costs and support fees and extra charges that can be avoided. 

Which is better? Payroll software or Payroll service

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  • One need to check all the points of both terms carefully along with understanding the pros and cons of using both. For instance, the software can be less expensive but the penalties of not being able to pay tax on time might cover the price and make it equal to that of payroll service. There are a few points that need to be checked before finalizing any one: 


  • The hidden fees such as cancellation charges, setup, customer support, the addition of features and much more must be checked from before. 

  • One need to check all the facilities provided by both types. Whether the software is easy to use or not, customer support is available or not, if online service is opted whether it has ease of recording the employee data or not and much more must be check properly. 

  • Also, one must check whether the software or service get updated with time or not. Many software has the option of automatic update whereas other have to be downloaded and updated manually by own. 

  • Check whether the past reviews regarding the provider are positive or negative. Make sure that the provider has worked with enough clients and provided good work in return. 

  • Things to consider when choosing payroll software for your business


We hope you got a clear idea regarding both payroll software and payroll service and now have enough knowledge to opt for one among two. Both of them have their advantages and limitations and hence one must be selected wisely. The major thing to be considered is checking whether the company requirements are met or not. The software or service becomes useless if the taxes are still not paid on time and penalties have to be faced. Hence study well and select one meeting your requirements.

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