List of Top Retail POS Software


The Best e-Commerce Platform to Grow your Business

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
30 Days

Cartface is a leading e-Commerce multi solution provider expanding its footprint across the globe through its customized solutions. Business owners have to face a lot of struggle with respect to catering to the right target group. View Profile

Torqus POS

Restaurant - Billing | Accounting | Reporting | CRM Software

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Torqus POS comprehensive Point of Sale Software for Food Chain outlets, Casual Dine Restaurants, Pubs and bars, Night Clubs, Pizza Chains, Bakery, Cake and pastry Shop, Cafes, retailers, Food courts etc. It provides the features of inventory and stock management, table management, order management, Sales tracking and Delivery management. View Profile


The most connected Restaurant POS Platform in Town

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Petpooja is a Best restaurant management Software which works both Cloud based(Online) and Desktop based(Offline). They have developed a single point Easy to use software for all your restaurant operations. Currently they are operating with 8000+ restaurants Pan India. View Profile

Marg ERP9+ Restaurant Software

Advanced Restaurant Management Software in India with Mobile Apps

14 Days

A Restaurant Management and Billing Software. Marg is providing software which is easy to use implement. as well as also get customized according to any type of business to avoid human mistakes.This software can be used at restaurants, Food outlets or retail stores. View Profile

eZee BurrP! - Restaurant POS Software

Fully integrated Intuitive Restaurant POS Software | Restaurant Software

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

eZee BurrP! Restaurant POS Software is one of the best restaurant management and billing software. It streamline the chief operations of the restaurants, pubs, bars, night clubs, quick service restaurants, and other food outlets. eZee Burrp Software is specially designed for the hospitality industry business. View Profile


One of the best pos software for restaurants

14 Days

Lightspeed is a highly recommended retail point of sale software for the hospitality industry. It is easy to use cloud based POS software solutions. Lightspeed simplifies the day to day tasks and improves your work efficiency. It also manages your inventory, sales activity, employees, process of payments and creates unforgettable shopping experiences that keep customers coming back again. View Profile

CAKE Point of Sale

Cloud-based restaurant point of sale software

14 Days

Cake POS is exclusively designed Restaurant management and Point of sale software for the foodservice industry. Cake POS software takes very less time to perform all the functions and manages wait list, reservation and table management. View Profile

Revel POS

Real-time restaurant point of sale software

14 Days

Revel is the Point of sale and Restaurant management software solution. It helps the businesses to achieve that goal and improves the day to day operational task efficiently. Revel POS software designed and developed with powerful management tools which manages employee scheduling, Order, Customer service, Stock and inventory and Dashboard. View Profile


Restaurant POS Software for better efficiency

14 Days

TouchBistro  is an iPad-based POS (Point of Sale) software solution that helps restaurateurs to make more money, deliver a great customer experience and take the guesswork out of making business decisions. TouchBistro POS software mainly focuses on Payment Processing, Security, Menu customization, Staff management, Table management etc tasks. This software was specially designed to make your business easier. View Profile

Toast POS

Restaurant POS Software by Toast

14 Days

Toast is all in one restaurant management platform with the point of sale system for restaurants and retailers. As an Online system built specifically for Bars and restaurants, Toast offers most advanced functionality including tableside ordering, Management reporting. View Profile

Hotelline PMS

Restaurant Billing Software Solution with Restaurant Budget Software

14 Days

Atulyam Hotelline PMS solution is a leading Software provider to the hospitality industry. They serves hotel and Restaurant, resort and clubs, pubs and bar etc Atulyam covers Beautiful modules which helps managing day to day activities of hospitality business. View Profile

HyperSoft Restaurant Software

Restaurant Billing Software BY HyperSoft Technologies Limited

Yearly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

HyperSoft-RMS Software is specially designed for the restaurant industry which includes touch-screen computers and tablets for the serving staff to place orders. which are sent to kitchen and bar printers for preparation. Yes kitchen management module is available! View Profile

Lucid POS

14 Days

LUCID Restaurant retail POS Solution is available for Desktops, TOUCH POS and for hand held devices. The Lucid POS Software integrates with other modules from Lucid and with the Revenue enhancing Solutions, hence with Retail POS solution. It is also a restaurants manage View Profile

Spectrum POS

Restaurant Billing Software BY Creative IT India Pvt. Ltd

14 Days

Spectrum is comprehensive point of sale and ERP software for any Restaurant and retail business. This state-of-the-art product has been specially developed to help manage any retail business specifically restaurants, retail outlets, supermarkets and many more. View Profile

MMI Xpert - ERP

A Unique Solution for every Unique Business

14 Days

MMI XPERT is an end to end solution for SMEs, retailers, wholesaler, Traders and Manufactures operating entire process from a single window to a whole chain. MMI XPERT is comprehensive and scalable business who are focusing on high-end growth. View Profile

Integra ERP

GST based ERP for retails traders and Distributor

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Integra ERP provides business process management software and services for SMEs and Retailers. They have a wide range of software product including Online accounting software to Enterprise Resource Planning software to run your entire business on that. View Profile

Marg ERP 9+ POS

Maintains Inventory and Transactions easily

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

MARG POS is developed to manage the day to day activity of any individual shop or retail chain in a very smooth and simple way. Marg Point of sale billing software is fully loaded with required features and easy to implement software. View Profile

POS Nation

Restaurant Pont of Sale System to manage all operations

14 Days

POS Nation is a value-added reseller of turnkey point of sale solutions. They bundled hardware, software, and services to make customized solutions. POS Nation stores the information in tabular form through which you can easily access the data. View Profile

Ari Retail POS Software

Best Retail Point of Sale Software

Yearly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Ari is a Cloud and Desktop based retail management with Point of Sale (POS) System. Ari has developed on .NET at its core and a fluid SQL database for support. This Software helps you to maintain the day to day stuff at any retail or trading business. View Profile


Software BY Brightpearl

14 Days

Brightpearl is software for retailers that integrates orders, inventory and customer data across channels. Brightpearl exists to help multi-channel retailers accelerate their growth and profits. View Profile

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Combination of automation and organization in the retail POS software

There are 7things which make the software demand to take responsible for intricate accounting duties. Desktop-based Retail Point of sale works for a lot of time and energy to increase the business with the ultimate productivity. The things are listed as follows.

  • Business based model Features

  • Hardware compatibility and the lesser set-up cost

  • Inventory tracking

  • Usability against the errors

  • Generation of great reports

  • Increase the transparency with the cloud-based memory system

  • Integrated with the other commercial plans

Key features to appoint the Retail POS software

Directly the advantage of using this software can be experienced by the owner and the operators of the respective store. The software works more than the sales process and entered into the customer service to grab their attention back. The features from the top list of top 10 Best Retail Point of sale software are listed below.

Advancement in payment options

By implementing the software on the retail store will improve the methods to handle the multiple payment methods. In recent days you can find many applications to solve the payment transaction, these are all applicable and acceptable by this software.

Identifies the business pattern

The Point of sale software for the retail store will records every transaction on the business without eliminating any details. This feature helps the retailer to analyze the reports to evaluate the intelligence in sales. Especially the reporting against the business pattern helps to transform the guest appearance to the regular sales.

Accommodated with the tactics

Marketing is the main key for the business to improve its standard. Promotions and the discounts are the functions which work behind on marketing tactics to automate business development. The special feature on the Retail POS software is the operator can add the automate promotions and discounts to run over every time. Through the digital transactions and the digital links, the customer can get the discounted coupons and the gift cards on communication alerts.

Benefits arise when employs the POS software

Identifies the top performers

When the retail shop includes the information of the representative of their shop on the software it tracks their each and every performance. The retailer can get the report regarding the performance of the representative and the locations where they travel. It helps to improve the performance of the performers by monitoring the sales target.

Saves time to have decent profits

Most retailers depend on operational efficiency software to achieve and make profits. When you are using the implemented Best Cloud-based retail POS software it saves your time. It helps you to utilize the list of bills, salaries for employees and check-off payments detailed since up to till.  

Improves the mobility option

Mobile Point of sale software often comes within the mobile option to allow the employees to assist the customers. Even the transaction, queries, reviews, order, cancelation, payments will be allowed in mobile software to improve the mobility of retail store service. The special thing about the software is it can be access without tied to a physical terminal.

Improves the shopper behavior

The proper POS software knows the value of the customer to float the business in the boat of success. So Point of sale Hardware helps to identify the valuable customer and treat with the best promotions. Customer management service in the software will provide the crucial offers as per the collective data of the customer to keep them coming back again and repeat to the store.