List of Top E-commerce Software In Mohali city


Rental Marketplace Platform

Onetime(Perpetual License)
Not Available

Yo!Rent is a white label rental eCommerce marketplace platform that enables entrepreneurs to launch an online rental marketplace. On Yo!Rent powered website, product owners can list their products for renting and selling. The eCommerce store owner acts as a connecting link between a vendor and a customer. Yo!Rent has advanced features such as multi-vendor, order management, invoice generation, shipping method management, and visual statistics. These features provide ease to the store owner to Read More... View Profile

Retail Clouds

Labelling to Lastmile

2 Days

TechnoLabs Retail Clouds is leading Retail Platform built on cutting-edge technologies. Comprehensive Retail Functionalities are available as Mix & Match SaaS services. Retailers can choose specific Service instead and pay for only that service. Retailers can opt for niche services like Queue Busting, Virtual Shopping, IoT – Outlet Monitoring and Retail Analytics as special services. View Profile

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