A People-First And 360-Degree Workflow Management Platform

Ankit Dhamsaniya
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A People-First And 360-Degree Workflow Management Platform

What is uKnowva HRMS?

  • The business has many departments to manage. Employees are at the heart of every department. It is essential to manage the right people in the right position for the optimum utilization of resources.

  • Employee management is an essential component of any business. It is critical to effectively manage all employees because, after all, your employees are the real representation of your company.

  • There are software for everything and anything in today's technologically advanced world. There is numerous ready-made software available for easy management of human resources.

  • uKnowva is an established name in human resource management software. uKnowva is a mobile-enabled enterprise platform that assists you in scaling and automating day-to-day business tasks. 

  • With uKnowva's people-centric features, the employee life cycle becomes seamless. The software includes 360-degree AI-based solutions that assist businesses in digital transformation and save a lot of daily working hours.

  • It is an all-in-one workflow automation and management software. It is a cloud-based HR Software.

  • Smaller companies or teams with ten or fewer members or employees can define their own requirements and begin exploring the software's next-gen features.

  • uKnowva is fully customizable and can be tailored according to your specific business requirements.

  • The software's simple integration and user-friendly interface have enabled it to reach over 200,000 clientele businesses globally. uKnowva is currently available in four major countries: India, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.  

List of features you should gaze for in uKnowva HRMS 

Core HR

  • This software's primary focus is on easing up the HR functionality, and it includes all of the basic HR features such as employee profiles, leaves and attendance, workflow automation, probation and exit management, interactive helpdesk, asset management, advanced documents repository, and customized calendar. 

Core HR

Payroll and expenses

  • Organisations can quickly disburse funds and track individual employee salaries with uKnowva. The software also recommends tax-saving investments to the employee and generates reports of taxable income. Companies can easily go paperless by utilising tools for expense creation, submission, timesheet approval, reimbursement, and accounting[Accouting Software]. It also manages all aspects of employee loans and advances. Produce automated high-quality reports faster and more efficiently, explore your data at any time, and you can also export all your data to Excel for internal analysis.


Employee management and collaboration

  • Using uKnowa's social intranet, employees can easily invite their coworkers to co-create and collaborate. Employees can easily share photos and videos to memorize work moments and improve internal communication through social engagement, bringing transparency and engagement to the work culture. uKnowva has a powerful group chat feature that allows you to streamline the effective processes of your team. Employees can easily receive notifications about recent events, company news, HR policy updates, and all other company-related communications. Create discussion forums to encourage open communication and sensible discussion throughout the organization. At the heart of your intranet, uKnowva's People Directory allows employees to search for coworkers based on a variety of criteria such as expertise, skill, or department, and then connect and interact with them.

Employee Management

Projects and Timesheets

  • Organizations can easily track each hour that their employees put in. uKnowva Projects & Timesheets features are beneficial in determining team performance, project profitability reports and target speedometer reports. Project completion on time and billing clients in the right currency. Break down projects into small milestones and manage and conquer all tasks efficiently. Individual project reports are easily accessible to employees and managers for auditing purposes. Managers can use the uKnowva Project Management app to add/remove and allow/disallow, specific team members on a project. Managers can also configure multiple team groups simultaneously. 


Recruitment and on-boarding

  • You can create an attractive and modern job opening brochures with uKnowva. Companies can directly post job openings on their LinkedIn profiles. A simple test and competency-based exam creation for talent acquisition. Applicants from various job boards can be found with a single click. uKnowva employs artificial intelligence to find the best candidate for each position. Create distinct pipelines that include steps ranging from the interview to the onboarding process. Each pipeline can be configured uniquely and will automatically trigger when a step is completed. Keep track of all candidates in a single dashboard. Easy comparison of previous employees' payslips and offering the appropriate amount to new candidates. Candidates can directly apply for open positions through uKnowva's integrated job portal.


Performance management

Analyse individual employee progress for significant raises and employee encouragement. Organisations can assess employee performance and provide feedback on progress on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Setting company goals and performance objectives with uKnowva Performance Management extension encourages a company for future growth and succession. Organisations can create customised performance measures to evaluate employee performance perfectly. Pre-screening emerging talent allows you to keep track of high-potential individuals who will be able to fill top management roles when they become available, replacing executive, leadership, or other significant professionals who are transitioning to another position or leaving the current company.

performance management

Apart from the aforementioned features, uKnowva has a plethora of unique features that might be of great help in handling day-to-day business tasks and employees. That includes:

  • Analytics & Dashboard
  • Easy Integrations
  • Mobile-ready
  • On-cloud security of 4 levels
  • Extension Store
  • Happiness Meter
  • Track My Team
  • Exit Management 
  • Grievance Management
  • Helpdesks
  • Ticketing System
  • Suggestion Box
  • SkillsConnect Integration
  • eMudhra Integration
  • Live Analytics
  • Secure Payments
  • Asset Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Multi-currency Support
  • Advanced Employee Directory
  • Organisation Chart
  • Endorsement of skills
  • eLMS Integration
  • Workflow Automation

What are the benefits of uKnowva HRMS?

uKnowva has incredible features that will make all of your day-to-day business tasks easier. This software manages all of your tasks effectively. It is a workflow automation and management software that can be used by all types of businesses. Without further ado, let us discuss the amazing features of uKnowva HRMS:

Better employee data for critical decisions

  • uKnowva HRMS manages individual employee data, enabling organisations to easily measure and scale individual employee performance. This data assists businesses in making critical business decisions such as employee evaluations and appraisals.   


  • uKnowva is completely cost-effective, and organisations can tailor the software features to their specific requirements. Organisations only have to pay for the features they have chosen, with no additional charges for unnecessary features, so you get what you pay for with no additional charges. 

Automated business process

  • The workflow automation feature allows you to create an unlimited number of workflows for easy validation and approval of business processes.  

Improved employee collaboration and engagement

  • Employees can easily create groups and collaborate with one another using the social intranet feature. Employees can also share images and videos to cherish their work experiences. The employee directory feature stores all employee records and information. 

Digital transformation of HR

  • uKnowva is a digital HR transformation platform that allows employees to interact with one another. Employees can easily share their thoughts and ideas on the platform. uKnowva initiates and promotes open, transparent, and honest discussions. It also assists employees in performing well by utilizing modern HRMS tools.  

Enhanced Mobility

  • The software is available on all devices and is simple to manage on mobile. Your employees can easily manage all of their tasks from mobile phones as the software is fully functional. You don't have to worry about software backup because the software stores all business-critical information on the cloud.   

Safer and secure data management

  • uKnowva is the most secure platform for storing all of your information. uKnowva offers four levels of on-cloud security. 

Easy scaling of employee performance

  • uKnowva tracks all employee activities and provides a comprehensive report on employee progress.  

Real-time analytics and reports

The software automates performance and project management by providing real-time analytics and reports on individual employee performance as well as measures the progress of all the organization's recent projects.

The process of purchasing the uKnowva HRMS

  • The first step in purchasing HRMS software is to consult with your HR department, as they are in charge of all employees. Inquire about their opinions, and then finalize your purchase.

  • Make a list of all the flaws that your employees are experiencing. It could be the time-consuming onboarding process, or there may be no social intranet where your employees can interact. If you want to switch to uKnowva, make sure all of your requirements are met.

  • The next step will be to ask all your employees about their expectations from uKnowva. In the end pen down the requirements of your HRMS system.

  • Make sure you precisely write all your business requirements as from where you can decide what you are looking for. 

  • Check if the HRMS features are delivering you the right benefits or not.

  • Check your budget and consult your finance team or advisor before approaching the sales team for uKnowva HRMS.

  • Book a free demo with uKnowva HRMS BDMs to learn more about the software and scale it up for proper and holistic implementation.

  • Make your payments and enjoy the process outcomes.

Things to consider before implementing uKnowva HRMS:

Your budget

  • The uKnowva HRMS pricing is divided into two parts: lite and enterprise. The Lite version includes all of the essential features such as ESS, leave and attendance, payroll[Payroll Software] and expenses, reports and analytics, and so on. This version is compatible with all devices. The enterprise version includes all of the lite features as well as some additional interesting features like the social intranet, performance management, recruitment and onboarding, extension store, and so on. This version is compatible with all devices. For pricing please consult uKnowva HRMS.

Your team size to choose the plan accordingly

  • The Lite version is free for up to ten users and charges a small fee after that. The number of users is not limited in the enterprise version. Choose wisely based on your user needs.

User-friendly interface

This software's interface is very user-friendly and can be easily operated. Your HR department and employees can easily manage and operate the software without any training.

Customisations your business requires

  • uKnowva's features are fully customizable and can be easily tailored to your organizational requirements. All the features are cost-effective and you only pay for what you are using, no extra charges.

Plugins for third-party integrations

  • There are numerous ready-made third-party extensions from which organizations can select and implement to improve the functionality of their HR department. All the extensions can be easily integrated into uKnowva HRMS.

Cloud based functionality

  • uKnowva's system is cloud-based. Using this feature, you can store all of your organization's data and information on the cloud without having to manage a separate department for it. The fully cloud-based functionality also allows you to work from any location at any time. Your organization's professionals can easily access all of the features and employee reports from anywhere; all you need is a high-speed internet connection.
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