Restaurant POS Features You Didn’t Know You Needed

Restaurant POS Features You Didn’t Know You Needed

A  Restaurant POS system is an essential part of the restaurant management software as it is considered as the foundation of the software. To the wait staff and unstrained eye, the POS system seems to be pretty simple. It can be used to place orders, lather, pay for orders, rinse and repeat. But in 2021, when people began computing their power in phones it took to land a man on the moon. The POS systems grew from handy techs to fully-featured restaurant solutions for any of the restaurant owners or managers. 

It is important for any restaurant management software to enable its users to utilize the POS feature to have communication among multiple stations and even to keep the data updated. Whatever type of POS it be, it should be able to manage the convenience, organization, order taking, payments, and few other tasks. 

3 features you might not be aware of!

There are certain features and benefits of the POS feature and restaurant management software and you might be aware of them. In this article, we have 3 unique features you might not be aware of but you surely need them. Please keep reading to understand the same. 

(1) Offline mode

  • This feature might not sound that exciting to you but it will be desperately needed when you experience a power cut or network problem. Unlike the cloud-based setups that are defined as always connected systems that exist in the modern world allowing the servers to keep the orders moving and customers satisfied till the connection is regained. 
  • With safe built-in storage of credit card info, smart updating of the inventory, and reporting, everything quickly returns to normal without even the guests knowing that there was any hiccup. 

(2) Specific experiences for the restaurant

  • The bars have different needs than the dining. And quick services’ needs differ from that of fast food. Yet too many managers and owners tend to use the POS software for the restaurants without exploring the options that allow them to get more focused and efficient. Today the operators get the options to streamline the POS for the needs of restaurants without losing the assess to other deep functionalities. 
  • Be it be standard table ordering, quick to go or delivery orders, or even separate bar and dining setups, the restaurant POS system has the ability to fulfill every need of yours eliminating everything you don’t need. 

(3) To go restaurant data

  • Unlike the older POS platforms, today’s top systems allow to access information or data from any internet-enabled device allowing the management to watch exactly how the restaurant is performing regardless of the place they are at. Using the handy mobile phones or tablet apps, or laptops or notebooks, managers can check the sales and turnover data of the restaurant in real-time and can also create reports and menu updates from miles away. 
  • One can also change the seating arrangement in all the locations of the restaurant at once using the built-in functionality of the restaurant POS system. If you have to operate series of restaurants at once, these features can be a major time saver. 
  • More importantly, the remote access allows the managers to stay on top of server performance from any place and allows them to watch how well the customers are satisfied, and supports the turnover on busy nights. One never needs to look over anyone’s shoulder or micromanage the staff, he/ she can simply get into the app and receive the insights to ensure that restaurant is operating at optimal levels. 


  • The modern POS system comes with a lot of surface-level benefits such as EMY compliance, check splitting analytics, managing voids, and many more. Beyond all the features, there stands a difference between paying for a value and paying for a service. 
  • With hundreds of options, the restaurant décor decisions and menu ideas to be designed and approved can be done using the features of the software. It is seen that many restaurateurs are not fully exposed to the full power of POS software and hence stay disconnected from getting most of the benefits.
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