New to MR Reporting software? Here’s What You Need to Know

New to MR Reporting software? Here’s What You Need to Know

MR Reporting software popularly known as Medical representative software is for a wide range of areas, people, and companies such as doctors, hospitals, chemists, pharmacists, nursing homes, labs, blood banks, and many more. MR is acceptable in many of the cities regardless of their size. 

The MR Reporting software helps the pharma companies to track, plan, assess sales targets, create reports, and check overall performances through mobile or web tools. Such software provides a practical solution for sales representatives or sales managers. The MR Reporting software covers all the pharma SFA features and runs the operations smoothly to grow the business. It is easy to track MR anytime and from anywhere using the dashboard. 

It can be used to monitor activities on an hourly basis, deploy pharma sales force automation, and work smartly. It gathers the market information of the latest products. Day-to-day activities get easier and sales strategies can be applied easily. 

Key features of MR software

  • Fast and accurate reporting

  • Acute and error-free outputs.

  • None of the expense data

  • It is not required to carry the visual aid. 

  • Location tracking

  • No forged DCR submission 

  • Low cost for internet charges

Advantages of MR Reporting Software

  •  The reports can be submitted and accessed anytime and Pharmaceutical business or Pharmaceutical stores that is easy for the sales data analysis

  •  As the software maintenances, the GPS location tracking the doctor or the chemist’s location goes live that is easy to find and also easy for sharing information

  •  Certain processes such as the generation of reports based on sales and expenses can be automated. In addition, the software also helps in combining the stock and sales reports that highly help the managers in the process of administration.

  • The requirement of employees can be fulfilled as the software offers an option to manage leaves, communicating with the higher officials, analysis of primary and secondary targets. The calculation of objectives like the total target, remaining target, etc can be automated.

  • Since the software provides the way for automation in most of the activities like generation of targets, filling daily reports, reporting to the higher authorities, etc. the professional will get more time to concentrate on their targets. This in turn boosts the revenue of the company and paves the way to high profit.

Benefits of using MR reporting software

Easy to work

  • The MR reporting software in India allows working easily from any location. It is integrated with mobile and web that provides easy working. It is easy to do tour programs and daily work. 

Save time money

  • Here the system is replaced with a new SFA concept that saves time and money to adopt a smart working model. It is easy to enter the details such as daily call reports, tour program, expenses and hence saving time and money. All these can be completed with a single click. 

Live location tracking

  • The MR software enables smart scheduling and gives real-time updates of Salesforce. It allows to save the location of clients and also fills the DCR report for specific locations saved in the admin panel. A report can be generated with the client and field force at a place. 


  • The MR Reporting software assists every customer with impressive features giving 100% control over the business along with flexibility, configuration, and time to time innovations. 

Business booster

  • The MR Reporting software is known to boost and reward your business in endless ways. It provides your business an advantage to stay on top in the modern competitive market. You must enhance the performance of your business by taking the maximum benefit of MR reporting software. 
  • MR Reporting software is the dedicated cloud-based solution that is known to enhance and optimize the sales force effectiveness of your organization and also minimize the operating cost that finally translates to the higher revenue generation from existing sales and marketing strategies and infrastructure. The MR software also plays an important role in building and developing the devoted relations of the companies with bot doctors as well as chemists. In fact, it is treated as the default profit point for the sales. Using MR software means a perfect sense of business and a smart way to enhance the growth of the business. 


These were a few details and features of MR reporting software and reasons why one should use it for his/ her organization. We hope we were capable of delivering the correct content and you got the desired information regarding MR Reporting software. 

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