Advantages of MR Reporting Software for Pharmaceutical Businesses or Pharmaceutical Stores!

Advantages of MR Reporting Software for Pharmaceutical Businesses or Pharmaceutical Stores!

The MR reporting software increasingly becoming a popular & unavoidable tool in pharmaceutical companies across the globe. Opting for MR reporting software helps companies derive instant information on both mobile & web platforms.

The functionality and overall performance of the medical representatives can be uplifted by the use of MR reporting software. This can definitely give a competitive edge in the pharmaceutical market.

When there is a lot of clarity it automatically ensures smooth functioning of the workforce, and this makes daily activities more productive. It is possible if you can see the workforce & resource availability against your weekly/daily schedules.

The non-availability can be a nightmare; hence these kinds of problems can be avoided when you are aware of them in advance.

Since the demand for MR Reporting Software has increased rapidly in the pharma industry, people have named them differently, like Salesforce Automation Software (SFA), Pharma sales force automation, Customer Relationship Management, or MR Reporting which w are discussing in this blog.

There are many confusions associated with different kinds of software so let’s take a glance at MR Reporting Software here:

  • Keeping track of doctors:

Doctor Management: Software used to keep track of on-field force is quite common but keeping track of a doctor’s specialization is important too. The unique features of the MR Reporting Software count as it can reduce a lot of manual work and save time.

With this exclusive trait of recording & monitoring doctors’ activities, one can actually categorize them based on their specialization. The most important benefit of this software is that it can reach any specific doctor without much delay.

  • Managing Chemist Orders Efficiently:

Do you think it is easy to keep track of deliveries, pending orders, the status of bills, and transaction details manually? Won’t it mess up with the other tasks too if you fail to keep accuracy & avoid delay?

This amazing MR Reporting Software is the one-stop solution for business in the pharma industry, especially if you own a chemist store.


  • Controlling your expense can be less tedious:

Who does not want control over their expenses, that too when you’re running a business in a highly competitive market? There is no point in wasting money on something which does not add value or can be unproductive.

If you invest in a smart MR Reporting Software it can indirectly help you in cutting down such unnecessary expenses.

This becomes possible when the MR Reporting Software helps in managing and organizing different bills and highlights the areas where you need to spend immediately. Hence, it helps the decision-making process simpler than ever.

  • Best tool for tracking Daily Call Reports

You might have a dedicated bunch of medical representatives, but how will you track their performance? Well, the best solution currently is, having a GPS tracker along with the best MR Reporting Software.

Salesforce Automation Software will help you track the daily calls made & check the locations he/she visited along with the route they traveled. This makes the process of monitoring their performance more efficient.

Unique Features of MR Reporting Software 

Let’s see a few more ways to combine your stocks & sales reports in one place.

  • User-friendly & Cost-effective
  • Daily Call Reports can be submitted from anywhere
  • All functions like calls, product details, samples, and other information can be simultaneously submitted
  • Expenses and stockist visits are recorded
  • Capturing complete sales data so that you can refer to it whenever you need
  • Consolidated stocks & sales reports are best used for decision making. Managers and administrators use pharma sales force automation for this particular purpose.
  • Updates on primary sales and secondary sales
  • An approval management system that makes approvals for expenses and leaves
  • Internal Mailing System for staff with their name and email id. This makes internal communication easier.
  • Analyzing the number of visits done by Doctors and Chemists
  • Complete analysis of targets and achievements with reports in graphical form. This makes it more precise and useful.
  • Shooting bulk mail to staff, chemists, stockists, and doctors

Above all, MR Reporting Software or a pharma sales force automation software comes with easy Training Manuals to help users understand the application.


You are the perfect customer for MR Reporting Software if you own a pharmaceutical business or a pharmacy store. This will save your time on a daily basis & you can then focus on more complex problems which demand your personal attention.

The usage of this MR Reporting Software is simpler than you think. Once you learn the right way to use it, you will be unstoppable in growing your pharmacy business to another level. This reporting software is made for better and fast results to help you stand out in the stiff competition.

The pharma CRM which is the best in the market can be used as a reporting tool that can store all the vital information and activities carried out by medical representatives. Monitoring their working style and performance will help you guide them to the right path and produce good results.

For installing this tool and getting the desired results you need to do your research on which service provider will guide you through the process of installing and using it. In order to avoid manual tasks faced daily in your business or store, we highly recommend you get the best MR Reporting software.

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