Hubspot vs Freshsales CRM

Hubspot vs Freshsales CRM

Whether you are a startup or a big-shot fortune 500 company, the most important thing that drives the business is its customers. New ventures are experimented with and created to attract an audience in using them and thus gaining profit for the business.

Without its potential customers, no business would see its success in daylight. To keep it simple, it is often the customers that determine the success of a business or a company.

It is due to this reason that customers are the first preference for a company and they are to be treated with a lot of hospitality. Keeping a customer happy paves new ways. While some years ago, getting customers to knock on your doors was a task, today with advanced technology customers can reach out quite easily.

Not just that, you can even find your potential customers out there in the market. One of the biggest changes in technology that made this possible is CRM.

What is CRM?

In simple words, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a strategy used to maintain all the interactions of your company with the existing and potential customers along with managing relationships with them. It helps to improve the profit by improving customer service which would lead to enhanced sales.

The software helps in gathering and organizing all the information including the behavior, interactions, and analytics of each and every customer and prospective client thus enabling the access of a database that can be available to everyone at any time, anywhere.

CRM Software is very useful for companies as it helps them to identify their consumers and their needs, preferences, and requirements. It further enhances your business opportunities by providing good customer service.

Choosing a good CRM that identifies along with your business and budget is quite important. While there are many CRM’s in the market, Freshsales and Hubspot are clearly the rulers of them. With advanced features and innovative tools, they are one of the best out there? So which one would you choose? While the size of your business and budget depends, here are some of the features too that you can look into of these two CRM’s.

Hubspot is a well-known name in the CRM market. It is one of the tools in the Hubspot suit, which aims to facilitate daily activities in sales and marketing. The software which is based on the Saas application has various features like contact management, customer management, and email marketing. It also allows the users to effectively organize information regarding the same.

You can easily signup today to get a free trial of Hubspot CRM and know more about it.

Freshsales aims at prioritizing the best opportunities the company would have in terms of its customers and thus increasing sales with leads. It uses artificial intelligence for more accuracy and efficiency and convert the profiles of customers with high probability as a potential client.

It looks deeper into sales and gives information like the prospective touchpoints, conversations, tasks, and transactions of customers.

Hubspot vs Freshsales

1. User-friendliness

It is essential as a CRM software that it is user-friendly and easy to navigate and use. Hubspot is one of the easiest CRM software’s out there that is quite easy to install, navigate, learn and use.

With beautiful and organized designs, it’s quite easy to import and export your contacts and interactions as required. Further, you can even adjust the software according to your needs. You can get a free trial of Hubspot CRM and try them out for yourself.

Freshsales on the other hand is a bigger software and opens a wide number of opportunities. It has a various number of tools under each section and while the tools are easy to set you and use, you might have to see the varied number of options and their possibilities. It also helps in syncing your customer interactions and emails automatically which would be a great time saver.

2. Budget

When you consider buying CRM Software, you need to consider the budget too. For a small company that has a limited budget and fewer employees, Hubspot is the best option as it is totally free. You can get a free trial of Hubspot CRM any time you want. It is a great investment too for the amazing features it has.

The software also has options to add on tools and features by paying them which can be done as the business progresses into a larger venture. Freshsales on the other hand target a larger business. While they do offer CRM Software for a smaller business scale, the features are quite less compared to its other plans or even other CRM’s.

The initial plan starts at around 1000 per month while the larger plans can go up to 6000. However, the enhanced features they provide do make it feel like every pennyworth.

3. Customer Support

Customer support is another thing to look into while getting CRM Software. You might not know about the various features and would even want training before you kick start the whole thing.

What makes Hubspot stand out from the crowd is that not only is it easy to use but has a dedicated team of customer service, that is just one click away. Further, the customer support helps in training through online sessions as well as in-person helping you to be totally be equipped with the CRM software and be a master in it.

Freshsales too has customer service that is top-notch. They are available 24/7 to assist and help you figure the various tools and services they offer. When you choose Freshsales, you are automatically privileged for their online training sessions and workshops. However, they do not have personal training.

Now that you know all about CRM Software and the best in the industry, you can go ahead and try them out. Remember to look into your needs and expectations out of the CRM Software before selecting one of the software and going for it.

You could also try out the free trial sessions before settling on a decision. All you need to do is to sign up today to get a free trial of Hubspot CRM and Freshsales.

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