How to Differentiate Sales Force Automation and CRM : Comprehensive Guideline

How to Differentiate Sales Force Automation and CRM : Comprehensive Guideline

Diversification in Tech is opting on every single day, so as business processes need to be upgraded!!!

More and more organizations are identifying vital yet elegant benefits by using Sales Force Automation software in their business operations. This adoption helps in streamlining customer efficiency, account, opportunity, and inventory primarily for performance evaluation.

Market leaders offer multi solutions that aid your business segments to reach a new level, though its much advisable to check up on the compatibility and suitability of that CRM software or Sales Force Automation with your business needs. Being sophisticated with what Sales Force Automation Software and CRM tools does for your business segment is essential.

Many people believe that Sales Force Automation and CRM each of them refer to the same technology, though there is a slight difference. CRM and SFA used interchangeably and belong to two distinct types of software. More of, CRM Software opted for some attributes of Sales Force Automation technology and inversely; and both of them used by organization for the different roles.

Moreover, trying out plenty of tech-terminology options, and being on top roof along with figuring out what you need that will facilitates your business segments. Its time to wrap up other unnecessary softwares, and take deep insights of the Best CRM software and Sales Force Automation technology.

What is Sales Force Automation Software?

Sales Force Automation technology defines any application suite which helps in streamlining the entire sales management process of the organization.

SFA consists of tracking leads, opportunity via Sales pipelines, sales team, customers activity, communication, and analysis for each of performance. Sales Force Automation makes tasks easier for Sales-person and managers, as it automates everyday monotonous tasks according to their schedules.

Key Aspects of Sales Force Automation Software:

Contact Management

Customer engagement along with nurturing relationships is important for your growing business. Sales Force Automation lets you handle tasks with ease through contact management.

Contact Management caters clients in a better way by tracking the communication with customers, that helps to personalized experiences.

Pipeline Management

Sales Force Automation Technology offers another important feature of Pipeline Management. You can track the sales from initial inquiry to closing a sale, and track sales pipeline with SFA which ultimately helps in forecasting sales and determining trends.

Task Management

Task Management is one of the seamless sales processes that allows sales teams to sleek up their workflow by creating task and set up reminders to follow-up on leads and keep track of sales activities.

What is a CRM Platform?

CRM software manages customer interaction throughout the entire customer life cycle; CRM keeps all the customer interaction data even the minutest of a single location and are all set to improve customers experiences. As there are plethora of CRM platform avails, so relying upon a CRM wisely with respect to your business necessity you should follow best CRM software.

Key Features of CRM Platform:-

Customer Management

CRM platform allows you to keep track of all the client interaction for maintaining customer touchpoints. This would facilitate a great nurturing customer service and interaction which aids in retaining them.

All in ONE place data

Storing data in a Unified platform is needed the most; keeping relevant data of business procedures and customers will assist you to understand what;s happening and measure them against the KPIs.

Sales Management

CRM software optimize the sales funnel and helps in accelerating revenues and drive profits. Sales Forecasting, and qualifying leads will increase the efficiency of your team .

Marketing Automation

CRM platform integrates easily with different marketing automation platforms; It will refine personalized campaigns, and helps in enhancing marketing efficiency by integrating marketing automation products.

Analysis and Reports

Getting right information from all your customers data made easy with the use of interactive and analytics CRM Reporting mechanism. You can determine trends, pin-points, areas of improvement and opportunities for business expansion.

Shortly, some of the business tasks which would be accomplished by Sales Force Automation software, can also be executed by the CRM platform too. Both the tools help in managing the entire cycle such as prospecting, collaborative selling, contact management, and nurturing customer relationships. We must check up on both Sales Force Automation along with CRM; as SFA is only responsible for initiating sales process, while CRM ensures the long-term relationship with the clients.

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