7 Steps to Improve Sales Force Effectiveness in Pharma Industry

7 Steps to Improve Sales Force Effectiveness in Pharma Industry

In the Pharma Industry, it is crucial to record each and every stage of the sales process. By using correct MR Reporting software, it is possible to record all the relevant data and information of sales. Due to the automatically managed process, the MR Reporting software provides high accuracy guaranteed.

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What is MR Reporting software?

  • MR Reporting software is software designed for the pharma industry and for the professionals of such fields. The professionals need to keep moving to multiple places such as nursing homes, hospitals, pharmacists, blood banks, labs, and many such places. It is not possible for him to visit the office every time periodically. The automated MR Recording software records all the data and information of every stage. It even records all the sales processes and sends reports to the higher authorities.
  • The MR Reporting software even helps to track the location of the person. As the software has a visual dashboard, it develops charts and maps, also on an hourly basis. Giving instructions, assigning works, and providing information become easy as they reach the person immediately. On the other hand, the MR Reporting software also helps to provide automation and smart work leading to good sales revenue.

Why use MR Reporting software?

  • The latest MR Reporting Software is developed with cloud-based technology that helps to enhance and optimize sales in an efficient manner. The MR Reporting software when used efficiently saves around 80% of the spending and hence is a default source of revenue generation. The MR Reporting software is also a source or intermediary to connect different doctors and chemists efficiently. It helps to generate instant data and connections among those.

7 Steps to improve sales force effectiveness in the Pharma industry

There are many steps to improve sales but 7 of the most important ones are listed below.

Discover clear objective

  • The corporations or the organizations need to improve their sales force effectiveness by setting or determining the set of pre-decided objectives. Apart from only determining objectives, also there should be senior management to collect all the individual objectives of each department and collaborate them with the main objectives of the unit.
  • The links in the objectives and strategies facilitate better performance management and communications.

Establish KPIs

  • The KPIs are used to identify whether any problem exists in the process. In case of any problem exists, it can immediately be caught and resolved through the insights. If you wish to increase the sales force effectiveness, firstly you need to understand the priorities and objectives of your unit before designing KPIs.

Converting the strategies into actions

  • It is important to convert the decided strategies into meaningful actions and once completed, measure them against the decided KPI. The sales departments need to create a list of all the processes that are crucial to achieving any objective.
  • It is difficult for the sales force to identify the processes that do not provide any involvement to achieve objectives. It is important to stop such non-contributing processes immediately. The allocated resources must be diverted to the important activities.

Increase accountability

  • For the sales representatives, it is important to have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and jobs. They should have proper contribution in achieving the objectives. All these can be attained with business and market intelligence.

Measuring performance

  • Setting standards but not measuring the actual performance against them is of no use. To improve the sales force's effectiveness, it is important for the organizations to adopt the strategic management process for the tracking and survey of processes.

Allocating territories with equal opportunities

  • In many cases, the sales managers are not able to get talented representatives for their teams. It can be seen as the biggest hurdle that restricts the growth of the company. One of the main reasons is an uneven distribution of territories with regards to sales or growth opportunities in the corresponding territory.
  • Therefore allocating the territories with equal sales opportunities help to recognize talented people for better growth.

Collect feedback

  • Feedback is something that can never be avoided. It provides you with well-required insight into the customers and stakeholders. The insight generated only from the numeric data or stats is not enough. After collecting feedback, the analysis can be made and proper actions can be taken to improve the sales and sales force effectiveness.

Benefits of using MR Reporting software

Data access

  • The reports and data can be accessed from any place and at any time. It helps and makes it easy to analyze the sales data.

Easy tracking

  • As the Field force tracking software is designed to support the GPS location, it becomes possible for the doctors or chemist’s to track the live location and find the working of each other. Also, it is easy to share information.


  • Few of the important processes such as the generation of reports of sales and expenses can be automated. Along with this, the MR Reporting software helps to consolidate sales and stock reports that are highly beneficial for the managers in the administration process.

Easy incorporation

  • It is easy to integrate the client logo on the pages. Also, it is easy to store the data from any location and at any time.

Easy activities

  • All the requirements of the employees can be fulfilled as the MR Reporting software automatically manages the leaves, communications, and analysis, in comparison to the primary and secondary targets.
  • It becomes easy to calculate the total target and covered figures.

Achieve targets

  • As the MR Reporting software provides automation for the activities such as daily reports, reporting, generation of targets, and many others that allow the professionals to spend more time on the main objectives. This helps to boost the revenue of the company and gain profit.
  • Your business cannot afford to lose the important data and details of doctors and chemists. Choosing the correct MR Reporting software helps to organize all the reports, data, clients, and even the other activities. These are helpful in preventing any problems faced by making you aware and keeping up-to-date information through the daily reports. These can even prepare you for future problems.

These were few tips for the management of Sales Force Effectiveness in Pharma Industry in your organization. We hope these points will be beneficial to you and you will be able to solve your doubts.

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