6 Powerful Features to Make a Successful Handyman App

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6 Powerful Features to Make a Successful Handyman App

The traditional idea of home services is changing due to the on-demand service-based economy. Even in this quickly changing economic environment, certain obligations never get on the back burner. And they might happen unexpectedly, like household problems. The New York Post estimates that the US online home solutions market is valued at $600 billion.

It is anticipated to expand rapidly throughout the projection period, with annual growth reaching about 49% by 2021

Consider these potent elements if you are in the on-demand handyman services industry or a professional offering on-demand handyman services to ensure the achievement of your handyman app design project.

The cost of developing these apps makes the initial costs transparent, and the route is as clear as it can be for novices due to the brief overview of key information.

You must consider incorporating the following crucial features to hire a handyman app development company for your handyman business.

Why Is the Creation of Handyman Apps a Good Idea?

By creating a handyman app, you could genuinely observe your company's expansion and participate in its income generation. Using the handyman app, you may avoid arguing and haggling continuously over the phone or keeping a laborious excel spreadsheet record for money collection.

By developing an app, you may integrate a secure payment channel and claim your site visitors' service charges.

You may manage and build your handyman work using an app with a set of special feature compatibility. Additionally, your consumers may find a remedy for their professional services and an uninterrupted internet experience. 73% of households pause until they have several issues before they engage in repair services.

You'll get timely assistance from their talented developers to carry out your concept. Let's examine some crucial aspects immediately so you may create a Handyman app for your on-demand company.

  • Service Providers

The providers utilize this software variant. Service providers may sign up using their social network and email addresses, and they can log in consistently with exact details.

When clients choose a service, the service providers must notice their demands. Suppliers must be free to accept or refuse demands within a specific timeframe.

It might depend on their accessibility, their timetable, and how close the home is. The service provider obtains the essential data on the service that has to be provided after approval.

This contains the customer's address, phone number, estimated price, and other details. The service provider must access his previous, canceled, in-progress, and finished projects.

  • Improvement of the Environment

Hire a handyperson on a contract to assist you in creating a peaceful, lovely atmosphere with exotic sceneries and luxuriant foliage. Most of the time, handypersons collaborate with other accomplished experts in many connected sectors. Thus, they frequently know other businesses that may perform quality environmental work on your home.

You will save a lot of time and other materials as a result.

Landowners and renters can use handyman services to help them with building-related concerns, including painting, construction wiring, and plumbing.

Every landlord requires professional handyman services, from fixing small damages to significant problems like plumbing problems that might cause the property to deteriorate. It might also be advantageous to have easy accessibility to a handyperson for urgent repairs.

  • Create and modify a schedule

Convenience ought to be your first concern once you choose to build a mobile app. This planning and canceling option allow you to supervise your pros and their labor shifts effortlessly.

Online customers may reserve the skilled handyman service at their preferred times and ahead of time. Your app has to include a "cancellation" option to be an effective handyman technical solution.

Enable your customers to abandon their service without incurring cancellation costs if they need to cancel a consultation at the last minute or have planned the session and need to change it.

Your handyman software should feature a drop-down schedule that enables generating and monitoring recurring jobs and modifying tasks and events to manage the programming chores effectively.

  • Monitor the handyman using GPS data

It would be best to have a tracking function in your digital handyman service. The end-to-end procedure being displayed makes apps like Uber engaging.

The GPS tracker can monitor all of the handyman's activities, enabling internet users to view their current position and anticipated arrival time so they can determine if the supplier is en route or not and just how long it will take them to arrive.

Therefore, this function is acknowledged to become one of the essential elements if you want to develop an app similar to Uber for handypersons, or we might argue, an on-demand service that links handypersons and clients.

Customers may follow the handyman's current position in real-time and contact them if necessary once they have accepted the job from the consumer end.

  • Admin Console

These functions are available in the admin panel:

  1. Due to this functionality, the administrator can control and monitor the customers and service providers. The credentials of each service provider are accessible to admins. They access all the data about their overall profits, fines, rewards, and reviews.
  2. Administrators can access data like cancellation costs, discount codes, the overall number of bookings, etc., and may respond to all consumer inquiries. Administrators have control over all of the pricing listed in the software, may monitor the commissions paid to service suppliers, and can adjust prices as necessary.
  3. Administrators can monitor ongoing operations and the component of the service provider to assess their effectiveness and efficacy. The analytics function of the admin dashboard provides a comprehensive image of all data about users, service companies, and the overall quantity of services booked.

Nearly every on-demand handyman app development company that develops apps or websites can provide these fundamental capabilities.

  • Ratings and reviews:

Customers who give a service provider or business do business with positive reviews. They feel good about themselves.

At the same time, when given a chance to express dissatisfaction, they will give any contractor that fell short of their expectations a poor rating. Consequently, each user must be able to rate the relevant suppliers after work via a Handyman smartphone application.

Both new users and returning consumers can benefit from ratings and feedback. They may discover the caliber of solutions they can anticipate from any service supplier or handyman by studying the evaluations left by previous clients.

A Handyman on Demand App with Exclusive Features

You need to incorporate some ground-breaking services in the On Demand Handyman Software to differentiate yourself from the competition and gain an advantage over them. In 2022, the industry for various handyman services in the USA will be worth USD 4.5 billion. Here are several innovative approaches that suggest:

Innovative Customer App Services:

  1. Social media signup with a single click.
  2. Opportunity to offer the service provider direct guidelines.
  3. Possibility of communicating with service suppliers.
  4. A search tool with results-enhancing filters.
  5. Aid and Assistance
  6. In the event of catastrophes and mishaps, use the panic button.

Innovative Approaches for the Specific Service Platform

  1. View Performance—based on client comments.
  2. route improvement
  3. Immediately Notified.
  4. View Earnings
  5. Based on user input, view record
  6. Daily Reports: finished, pending, canceled, and redirected services, as well as any applicable penalties.

Unusual Admin Panel Solutions

  1. Performance tracking
  2. Analysis in Real Time.
  3. Multiple-admin panel


What you require is a thorough examination of how on-demand handyman applications function, as well as their primary advantages and capabilities. According to Harvard Business Review, the on-demand market brings in more than 22.4 million customers annually and $57.6 billion in expenditure.

The price of creating these applications renders the first expenditures obvious, and the concise summary of the most important details makes the road as apparent as it could be for beginners. Contact the handyman enterprise software business before beginning any application development, and ensure you look everywhere for a crucial feature.

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