5 Reason Why You Need MR Reporting Software?

5 Reason Why You Need MR Reporting Software?

MR termed as medical representatives are an integral part of all the medicinal companies. The overall sales of any company usually depend on the MR’s. The pharmaceutical sector majorly runs on the fact that how good the sales of medicines is done. It is crucial for the pharma companies to keep on enhancing their salesforce system using any field workforce management system. One of the best ways to create a healthy environment is opting for integrating the best MR reporting software into the company’s marketing system.

MR reporting software is technically defined as sales representative management software which is specifically designed for the purpose of sales and marketing in the pharma sector. The software is advanced field management and automation tool which helps the managers to effectively track the MRs, their activities on flew, manage the schedules of medical representatives, monitoring overall performance, and inspecting the product promotions of individual representatives as well. If the users continuously optimize the company’s sales force, the software allows the company to get the benefit from enhanced profitability and productivity. Here you can find the best MR Reporting Software for pharma industries.

5 major reasons why any pharma company need to use MR reporting software are:

  • Track DCR

DCR stands for Daily Call Report. With the use of software, it becomes easy to track the DCR of the medical representatives on the field by the field managers. The field managers can easily access the information of the non-submitted DCR and also they can identify the forged DCR submissions.

This helps the managers to know whether the work is completed as decided or not.

  • Planning and scheduling of MR

The software can help you to plan your tour smartly. One can create, send, modify as well approve or disapprove the tour plans. One can also remove any deviations found in the tour plan of the MRs through the MR reporting software.

The visits of doctors can be added, removed, modified, the locations can be changed as well as the doctors can provide commands to the medical field force in real-time.

  • Information dashboards

The MR reporting software helps the field managers to manage all the tasks easily using the comprehensive dashboard. This dashboard provides access to real-time updates and detailed information to the managers regarding the activities going on and details of all the medical representatives.

The dashboards provide managers easy to click options to access important data and information regarding the schedules of the medical representatives, the location of fields they are active on, work completed by them, and much more. The dashboards come customizable in a few of the software. The important data and clicks can be designed to be easy to activate whereas the less important data can be left at a later stage.

  • Accurate MR reporting

The time of preparing and submitting the medical representative reports can be saved with the use of MR reporting software. All the major reports that are required in the pharma industry can be automatically generated by the admins. The major types of reports include call reports, expense reports, attendance reports, doctor coverage reports, employee activity reports, start and end entries of the work report, daily activity reports of each MR and much more can be done with the help of MR software.

The pharma companies can get the benefit of automation of the software and hence get the work of salesforce administrators to be done easily especially by generating real-time reports.

  • Secure monitoring of data

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The data or MR can be monitored, tracked as well as managed easily with the use of MR reporting software. Also, the software can help to improve the pharma sales force efficiency. The location of the medical representatives can be known in real-time and their deployments can also be optimized.

The MR reporting software comes with a unique feature of geo-tagging that is used to facilitate the teams to monitor the daily work of medical representatives. This helps to increase transparency and accountability which further results in decreased false reporting.

The MR software also shows the GPS location of doctors which makes it easy for the MR to visit the doctors.

The pharma companies keep on advancing their medical representatives’ effectiveness. They use modern software to manage the activities, decide the schedules of MR’s monthly, quarterly, or yearly along with focusing on the profits. The software helps the managers to keep track of their MRs and their works when they are out in their fields. The managers are also provided with the access to view the product promotions along with monitoring the individual performances of the MR’s.

The major features of any MR reporting software include the following things:

  1. Managing the DCR i.e. daily call reports.
  2. Maintaining the details of the doctor, dealer, or the stockiest.
  3. Create a centralized repository for ease of use.
  4. Set real-time reminders for the important tasks or for the scheduled field tours.
  5. Manage the samples of data.
  6. Generate real-time reports for the data collected.


These were major 5 reasons why one must include the MR reporting software into their organization. The MR reporting software has its own benefits and provides transparency to the managers regarding the work of their MR’s. Understand the importance of using MR software if you are a part of the pharma industry and get one for your company too as it helps to increase the workforce along with increased efficiency.

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