5 Most Popular CRM Software For Ecommerce

Pooja Patel
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5 Most Popular CRM Software For Ecommerce

The global e-commerce business is growing at an exponentially rapid pace. It is expected to increase to $17.5 trillion by 2027.  

Therefore, to stay competitive in the market and have satisfied customers, businesses need to constantly improve products, business metrics based on customer preferences, inputs, and feedback. 

In addition, over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people who make online purchases. In 2020, more than 2 billion people made online purchases, making it difficult for businesses to manage the vast customer data and maintain customer relationships. 

Thus, for e-commerce, CRM software is helpful to better collect data, interact with customers, and offer a better customer experience. 

Before knowing the best CRM software for eCommerce, let’s first understand how CRM is beneficial for eCommerce. 

How is CRM Software Helpful for E-commerce?

  1. The e-commerce CRM software industry is valued at $6.53 billion, which is likely to grow over $1.3 billion by 2024. 
  2. Integrating CRM software with the enterprise resource system in an organization helps collect customer data, such as contact information, purchasing behaviour, and other analytics data. 
  3. Thus, it allows eCommerce players to build marketing strategies as per customer preferences and drive sales and profitability. 

There are three main types of CRM:

  • Operational CRM that streamlines business growth by using sales, marketing, and service automation.
  • Analytical CRM gathers and analyzes customer data to improve customer experience. 
  • Collaborative CRM helps share information between business divisions, such as sales, marketing, technical and support teams. 

Considering the importance of CRM software for a business, it becomes highly crucial for businesses to select the right and the most suitable CRM software for their business, which is also easy to integrate with their systems and processes.

Top 5 CRM Software for Ecommerce

While selecting a CRM software, you need to consider factors such as business goal, budget, technology, data gathering techniques, current processes, and interface.

Keeping these factors in mind, here are the five best CRM software available for e-commerce players:

  • 1- EngageBay CRM
  1. Another effective CRM tool for startups and growing businesses is EngageBay. It helps them scale faster by providing simple, powerful, affordable, integrated all-in-one marketing, sales & support software.
  2. EngageBay CRM helps you automate marketing processes and sales funnels. It also helps you to convert web visitors into leads by offering subscription opt-ins through landing pages and custom web forms. 
  3. You can also gain meaningful insights by tracking communication with every customer. It includes analyzing calls made and web visitor activities.
  4. EngageBay allows you to create marketing campaigns using pre-built templates. You can customize those templates to align them with the company brand. It also allows you to create email campaigns from scratch using the drag & drop, WYSIWYG editor.
  5. When it comes to analytics, EngageBay CRM provides you with the reporting module to generate reports and analytics on sales figures. 
  6. First, you can start with the free plan provided by EngageBay. The free version provides you with email marketing, autoresponders, email broadcast, sequences, lead grabbers, landing pages, and Live chat features. 
  • 2- Hubspot CRM
  1. Hubspot CRM is a comprehensive and full-service CRM tool that can be used by eCommerce businesses of any size. 
  2. It uses a content-centric approach and provides a range of services such as sales, customer service, and marketing insights. 
  3. More importantly, it can create targeted workflows for all contacts in the CRM. This makes the entire process of targeting a prospective customer, converting a lead to customer, customer service, retention, and support is taken care of in a fully automated manner. 
  4. In addition, Hubspot CRM has integrated all aspects of sales and marketing. It includes marketing analytics, automated emails, tracking inbound marketing ROI, tracking SEO, and Social Media impact, helping companies to grow their businesses exponentially. 
  5. You can efficiently integrate Hubspot CRM on iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows platforms.
  6. When it comes to cost, Hubspot offers several features for free. However, for enjoying full and comprehensive integration, it is recommended to go for either a starter plan or an enterprise marketing professional plan. 
  • 3- Freshworks CRM
  1. Freshworks CRM is the best solution available in the market if you want to scale up your start-up or a small business. It brings all business processes, including sales, marketing, and data management under a common platform.
  2. Freshworks CRM solution tracks customer conversations, builds contact databases, and delivers a personalized experience to every lead. It also helps forecasting, contact scoring, and pipeline management using the power of artificial intelligence. 
  3. One of the best advantages of using Freshworks CRM software for eCommerce is its ability to integrate with commonly used eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify and Woocommerce. It also integrates with productivity apps, calendars, communication tools, billing, and payments integration tools.
  4. In addition, Freshworks is one of the few CRM software to offer most of the desktop features on the mobile app, helping your sales team sell online better.
  5. You can use Freshworks CRM for free for 21 days, where you can learn all about the CRM software. After utilizing the free trial you can decide to use the Growth, Pro, or Enterprise plan depending on your requirement and budget.  
  • 4- Zoho CRM
  1. Zoho CRM is specially tailored to meet the requirements of small and medium-sized businesses. One of the best features of Zoho CRM is its ability to integrate live chat features on e-commerce websites.
  2. Zoho CRM helps sales agents interact with customers on the e-commerce platform on a real-time basis. Thus, it allows the sales team to respond and resolve any doubts of the customers on a real-time basis, helping them to convert leads faster and provide better customer satisfaction. 
  3. This software also uses artificial intelligence for analyzing past customer actions and forecasting customer behaviour. Through such a forecasting tool, Zoho encourages customers to buy your products online by offering discounts for a limited duration. Zoho is also one of the most affordable full-service CRM software available.
  • 5- amoCRM
  1. Last but not least is amoCRM that provides you with instant messaging features to help boost sales. 
  2. This CRM software for eCommerce development services enables you to leverage the power of instant messaging to buy and sell products via instant messaging. It also allows you to send customized messages to better interact with the target audience. 
  3. Amo CRM software is best for business that aims at connecting with their clients regularly. The software covers messages in a single unified box and connects major messenger apps, such as Skype, Facebook, Telegram, WeChat, and Instagram. 

Final Thoughts

CRM software allows you to make the best utilization of resources. It enables one to channelize the marketing plan efficiently and reach a wider audience base. 

When used to its full potential a CRM software helps boost an e-commerce business many folds. Thus, in the current scenario, it is important to incorporate CRM software in your process.

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