5 Latest Emerging Trends in Hospitality Industry

5 Latest Emerging Trends in Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry has grown a lot in the last few years. The evolution from providing a mere stay in the hotel to providing a seamless experience of quality is apparent in the hotel sector. The new trends in the hospitality industry keep popping up as the hotels keep trying to enhance the customer experiences. In the markets that expect year-on-year growth to be exponential, tapping on these trends will help to maximize the revenues. 

(1) Embracing Amazon, Google, and TripAdvisor

  • As per the reports of trading economics, the annual disposable income is increasing every year. As the disposable income is increasing it is obvious to have an increase in the total number of travelers coming. 
  • The services have already become homogeneous. Hence advertising at a lower price is a key to attract more room bookings. As a result, Google, retail giant Amazon, and TripAdvisor are together developing new products to expand their reach in the travel sector. These new online products push hotels to spend more on online advertising and they need to watch out for the updates of such products. 

(2) Adopting mobile technology

  • A large number of users use tablets or smartphones to book hotels. However, it is time to take mobile technology a step further with hotel management software and adapt it for other aspects of hotel management too. 
  • Apart from these, the hotels also tend to allow mobile check-ins and sale payments through mobile apps. 

(3) Targeting guests over social media

  • Right from the Wi-Fi rooms and lobbies to the touch screens in suits, the hotels have upgraded themselves to attract customers. But to reach out to them, the hotels are now adopting social media to its fullest. From food shots on Instagram to trending hashtags on Twitter, the hotels need to stand out on social media platforms. Additionally, social media also helps to build brand reputation and improve communications among hotel and guests. The guests even tend to share their experience on social media and help to enrich the customer service experience. 

(4) Integration of cloud solutions

  • By investing in the cloud technology integration among different hotel operations and increases profits for hotels of all sizes. Cloud technologies improve operational efficiencies, especially at multiple sites. It provides the freedom to watch multiple properties from a single location. The hotel management software automates the mundane tasks and hence staff can focus on other important activities. The cloud-based hotel management software in India with POS Software, CRM Software, and PMS Software allows the h=hoteliers to focus on guest relations.  

Benefits of using cloud-based hotel management software are :

(1) Enhances data security

  • With rising cyber-attacks and strict regulations on privacy policies, it is more important to protect guest data. The cloud systems undergo frequent security updates to protect the data and reduce liability risk. Every Hotel Management Software has its own set of security rules including two-factor authentication of user verification, automatic removal of guest credit after 14 days, and much more. 

(2) Increased return on investment 

  • The hoteliers have to bear the extra cost of hardware and license to install on-premise Hotel Management software. While it benefits cloud-based Hotel Management Software, this is not the case. It is a sold service with customizing tools and features. It gives seamless integration with other third-party apps to saves money and effort. Such software can cut the cost of server maintenance, purchase, and many more. 

(3) Adapt changes

(4) Focus on health and wellbeing 

  • When it comes to product and service offerings, the hotels need to keep reinventing to stay relevant in the industry. Since travelers in modern times are more health-conscious, it is essential to support the new lifestyle choices by offering new services and products in hotels. The Hotel Management Software can include anything such as yoga sessions, vegan food, natural toiletries, etc. The market is growing for the travelers who embrace healthy lifestyle choices and by providing them the facilities, hotels can earn higher revenues. 


For the hotels to stay relevant in modern times these trends are must have a clear perspective. Right from the technological changes to the product differentiation, there are many points the hotels need to follow out of which we discussed a few of the major ones.

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