5 Best CRM Software for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

5 Best CRM Software for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Technology has brought many changes in different industries, and in the same way, it has gifted CRM software to the real estate industry. The brokers and agents use CRM software to maintain their data, customers and generate essential reports. There are many software providers out in the market providing software as per your requirement. We are here with the five best CRM software for the real estate industry. Let us move on to the detail of the software and its features.


1. Salesmate CRM

Salesmate is an intelligent CRM software that provides smooth activities to enterprises. It allows the companies to reduce the time consumed on all levels of the working cycle, controls the pipeline, and helps to build a valuable relationship with the customers.

Features of Salesmate CRM :

  • Easy to use dashboards
  • Email templates
  • Saas; on-demand activities
  • Automated invoices
  • Market automation
  • Managing project
  • Web forms
  • Opportunity, inquiry, and documentary management
  • Real-time analysis
  • List and survey management

The software provides easy-to-use solutions to companies in order to simplify their complex activities. It is helpful for small-scale as well as medium-scale businesses. Salesmate is considered to be an intelligent CRM as it is a totally cloud-based solution making the business more productive, engaging, and increasing sales. It gets easier to carry out works, save time, manage the pipeline, and get new customers.


2. Vtiger CRM

Vtiger is considered one of the best web-based CRM systems, especially useful for small and medium-sized business units in India. It is also considered one of the best software for startups having built-in attributes of activities, email marketing, project management, and much more.

Vtiger helps to build solid and long-lasting relationships with the customers. The software allows you to uplift the sales, improvise customer service and expand market reach.

Features of Vtiger CRM :

  • Speedy relations with the customers
  • A 360-degree history of the data of customers
  • The visualized sales pipeline helps the company track high-priority deals without losing any of such.
  • Single click emails and calls allow us to reach out to customers quickly.
  • The invoicing, payment requests, and quoting helps to accelerate closure to payments.
  • The performances can be quickly and easily analyzed with forecasts and reports.

The Vtiger CRM is could-based software that helps manage the tasks centrally and online over the internet. It means the data can be accessed any time and from any place as per requirements with correct credentials.


3. RSquare CRM

RSquare is also exclusively designed for real estate businesses. It consists of web applications and mobile app as significant inclusions.

Features of RQuare CRM :

  • Desktop application for real estate companies

RSquare desktop application allows the real estate platform agents to manage the properties, customers, inquiries, transactions, site visits, and much more from the fixed hardware units. The comprehensive dashboard makes it easy to handle everything from a single place.

The properties, transactions, and customers can be accessed and managed from single hardware. SMS, emails, WhatsApp messages, and brochures can be shared easily and quickly. The access rights and view rights can be decided for different teams and employees.

It gets easy to track the sites and have a follow-up of every work.

  • Mobile application for the real estate people

RSquare also provides a mobile application for the employees to manage the office works and respond to the customers immediately with the mobile device. With the access of several marketing data and accessible exchange facilities, the mobile app allows faster growth.

Inquiries, properties, site visits, as well as contacts can be easily managed using mobile. Accessible communication with customers using SMS, emails, and WhatsApp through mobile.

The photos of sites and properties can be added and accessed within the specified location in real-time. The app sends quick meetings and follow-up reminders.

  • Rconnect

The RConnect makes it easy to connect with the other property agents present on the RSquare network who might have relevant data of the properties or inquiries that can be helpful for your company. It connects you automatically to the agents who might have relevant data as per your search. The contacts are decided, making the site visits easy at a comfortable time and place.

The agents are also allowed to carry out many more transactions with the other agents who have registered themselves in the community.


4. Toast CRM

Toast CRM is a SaaS-based CRM software that is used for sales force automation. It is one of the best software to opt for your real estate business.

Features of Toast CRM :

  • Managing sales team easily
  • Setting the team hierarchy
  • It is easy to set targets
  • Helps to monitor performance against targets
  • Managing accounts, leads, and contacts.

The software helps to keep a repository of quotations and other lead-related papers such as tenders, documents, and much more. The users are also provided with the option to save the storage on the server or drive for easy access. The tasks can be assigned easily to the team members with the use of this software. Also, it gets easy to capture the team activities, follow-ups with the automated salesforce.


5. Sell Do CRM

Sell Do is a CRM software that is exclusively designed for real estate businesses. It is combined with the features that can be used to simplify real estate activities.

Features of Sell Do CRM :

  • Track clients and constructions
  • Manage approved contracts
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Easy forecasting
  • Manage quotes, purchases, projects, and sales
  • Scheduling and time management


Conclusion :

These were the five best CRM software for real estate agents and brokers. There exist numerous software providers and software out in the market, but we brought these top 5 software after detailed research. You can check much more software over TechImply along with the facility to take free demos or purchase one of your choices. There are also multiple options for selecting either an open-source software or a paid one. The type of software to be chosen majorly depend on the requirement of features and availability.

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