List of Top Event Management Software


Golf Course Management System

14 Days

Keep Information at your fingertips, Manage your employees, the responsive system lets retrieve information from any device and any location, POS system support, tea time scheduling, starter activity management, tea time pricing, and managing the store, etc. View Profile


Software BY TapCrowd

14 Days

It's extra mile to make sure you get the most out of your event. We’ve got you covered every step of the way, our team working alongside yours: before, during, and after your event, from input & app design to on-site moderation and support. View Profile

Event Ready

Software BY Event Ready

14 Days

Event Ready is the web-based solution of event management. Built with powerful features to make successful the event. It's Online and on-site event registration tool having ability to create event website, exhibitor's registration, Kiosk and secure payment process. View Profile


Software BY Centium Software

14 Days

EventsAIR whether you want a turnkey event management solution to get up and running quickly for one meeting, or you're organizing a large-scale global conference, we have software packages to suit a full range of needs. View Profile


Software BY Akkroo

14 Days

Akkroo is the complete solution for the event management. Suits for the exhibition and trade show. Trusted by so many reputed businesses. Parallelly provide seamlessly lead management too. Provides accurately lead for every event as per the place, size and day. View Profile



14 Days

NetXMS is free and open-source network management and monitoring Software. It supplies performance management, comprehensive event management and alerting. View Profile


Software BY Hotbox Studios Ltd.

14 Days

PAAM is customisable, modular and scalable cloud based software forexpedition, project, festival and event, staff and volunteer recruitment and management. View Profile

Picatic E-Ticket

Sell Event Tickets Online - Free Event Ticketing

14 Days

Picatic gives users the tools to promote, manage and sell event tickets online. Picatic is a free online ticketing and event registration platform that empowers organizers to bring people together by removing unnecessary service fees. View Profile

Azavista Event Management

Software BY Azavista

14 Days

Azavista has created an online platform especially for the corporate and enterprise user. Users can handle everything from event registrations, email marketing, budgeting, supplier procurement and more. View Profile


Software BY Webconnex LLC

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

RegFox helps improve event management process. It has got templates which prove to be indispensable from the day you start planning your event till the day it is executed. View Profile


Software BY Webconnex LLC

14 Days

RedPodium helps you automate tradeshows, conferences, product launch, and such other events. It has got tools which perfectly suits your need for providing your event a professional look. View Profile


Software BY PlanetReg

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

PlanetReg awesomely assists you throughout your event's planning cycle. Even if you are not professional event-manager it helps you create, manage and execute events outstandingly. View Profile

Ungerboeck Event Management

Software BY Ungerboeck Software International Inc.

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License),transaction
14 Days

Ungerboeck provides a dynamic suite of integrated tools and systems to manage any kind of event. It's event management software solution is perfect for medium and large sized events, conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, and venues. View Profile


All In One Event Management Apps For Event Planners

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License),transaction
14 Days

Whova Software is a one of the best of Event Management System. It has provided for online registration to comply with the DSS, Payment card, and uses the mostly secure payment processor and easy convenient customization ticketing of a web page. View Profile

gala pal

Best Wedding Planning Apps | Event and Party Planner App

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Gala Pal is an App, which is helping us to Organised a party and make Successful. Gala pal has very useful features like tracking Our Guests' RSPVs. This is also offering multiple Plans, i.e. Wedding Party.This App is Arranged Whole plan very Nicely in Our Budget. View Profile


All In One Event Registration Software

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License),transaction
14 Days

EventPro isn’t a venue booking system with a fiddly little catering add-on or an event management system with an afterthought venue booking component. View Profile


Best online event management software

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License),transaction
14 Days

It's software event planning and management is easier with Eventbrite’s self-service platform. Anyone can use Eventbrite to post an event online, sell tickets, and track sales and registrations. View Profile

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Event Management Software is a digital tool or platform designed to help individuals and organizations plan, organize, and manage events efficiently. It provides a range of features to simplify the event planning and execution process.

The basic features of Event Management Software typically include event registration, attendee management, ticketing, venue management, event promotion, and reporting.

Event registration allows attendees to sign up for an event online. Event Management Software provides customizable registration forms that collect attendee information, such as name, contact details, and preferences.

Yes, Event Management Software often includes ticketing features that allow organizers to create and sell tickets for events online. It can also facilitate secure payment processing for ticket purchases.

Event Management Software provides tools for event promotion, such as email marketing, social media integration, event websites or landing pages, and promotional code capabilities.

How The Event Management Software Is Useful For Businesses? Find the best Online Event Management Software

Do you know the importance of event management software in business? This software has the ability to manage the events by automates marketing, scheduling of events, registration and coordination. By using this software, enterprises can able to provide better services all the time. The value and plan of the events can be managed easily in every organization.

Besides, the best event management software speeds up the process at performances, conferences and some other events. This software can be placed at tablets, kiosks as well as smartphones. Now you are going to see some advanced features and benefits offered by the event management software.

Benefits of Event Management Software

Enhanced Engagement

Choosing the right software will enhance your enterprise's engagement with customers exponentially. The enterprise can able to connect both the online and offline audiences effectively.

In social media, platforms there are innumerable amounts of audiences are available, so you have to maintain the conversation with customers properly for future verification. Managing those things manually is not possible, whereas the installation of event management software in your business can do this work easily.

Minimized The Cost Level

When conducting the events or some other process the event management software is necessary. Managing the events manually can cause more cost to the organization. Therefore, choosing good event management software can reduce the organizational cost and increasing the ROI of the company.

Make The Report Easily

Install the software from the top 15 best event management system for creating the reports easily. In addition, the software is also used for creating the ticketing, send client report, surveys, analytics, and registration as well as scheduling.

Handling of event management software is not an easy task, because it must have specified skills. As days went, the social network has been increased drastically along with the events. Hereafter, most advanced technology has been required to manage the events conducting in the organizations.

Features Of Event Management Software

Budget management

With the help of this software, the employees can able to keep track of the funds and expenses of their organization. Then it will help them to produce the budget management report easily. You can able to notify all the financial records of your enterprises within a single click. The profit percentage can be enhanced greatly by using this report by reducing the financial expenses.

Payment Processing Of the Event

Most of the customers are feared to transfer the money through the online system. However, the event management software can reduce the burden drastically by providing secured online transaction system. Event management allows users to transfer money from anywhere in the world. After the installation of software, the organizations can able to eliminate the delays and issues in work.


The event management system allows the companies to alter the scalability of an event in accordance with the requirements of an organization. By using this helping tool, the employees of your company can manage both the smaller and larger events easily.

Able To Customize The Reports

The required reports of an organization can be able to customize, as per their needs and expectation. By using this software, enterprises can able to achieve their required format. Even you can also edit and make changes in the reports can be done online.

Registration Of An Event

Event management software allows you to make online registration dynamically and easily. Nowadays, there are lists of cloud-hosted event management solution is available, so you have to pick out the one in accordance with your needs.

Make use of this information and choose the best event management software. Thus, these are all the important aspects you have to know about event management software.