List of Top Document Management Software


Well known HR software

14 Days

GreytHR  is the most recommended product in Indian market for HR and payroll management processes. GreytHR software solution helps you to streamline your HR and Payroll tasks easily. It also helps you to build efficiency of your business and is capable of handling end to end HR and Payroll processes. GreytHR is a very user friendly software solution because it is focused on automating transnational HR processes. View Profile


World’s first DLT enabled HRMS and Payroll Platform

14 Days

HRAPP is India's first HR and Payroll Software with AI capability and Machine Learning with every workflow for streamlining the onboarding of employees and finance management. 400+ biometric and swap card device models are compatible with HRAPP. View Profile

Smart Payroll System

Best Payroll management software

Yearly,Monthly,Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

Smart Payroll Systems know SME's are the backbone of India’s economy They know business isn’t easy, and They really help every business owner for their HR, Payroll, Attendance of the employees and other payroll-related needs. View Profile

Knowit ERP

ERP for Steel Industry, Manufacturing

14 Days

Knowit ERP software forms the technology backbone for your entire requirement throughout your organization where it connects every layer of the business and helps building business relationships. View Profile

DumiSoft Cycle

DumiSoft Cycle Cheque printing software

Onetime(Perpetual License)
14 Days

DumiSoft Cycle cheque printing software prints cheques with help of our office printer it supports PDC (post dated cheque) management and petty cash mangement .. View Profile


Best cloud based project management software

14 Days

ProofHub is an online project management software and collaboration tool. ProofHub provides your team the right tools for better project planning. Make notes of important points that get skipped after a discussion within this online project management tool. View Profile

CCH iFirm

Practice Management Software for Accounting Firms

14 Days

Discover a class-leading, integrated suite with all the essential tools you need to run your modern accounting practice. CCH iFirm brings you, next generation, sharp and efficient practice management that is designed around jobs, workflow and resourcing. View Profile


Made simple your problems


DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CENTRALIZATION For security reason, no one can access without admin permission. It is one common place to store documents and access it. Doc manager will take care of your document security & safe. FIND DOCUMENT Document list will come will document details, location, date, author, etc. You can find your document within a seconds or minutes. Easy Search: To find documents, just need to like keyboards.and many more features Read More... View Profile

Page Last Updated On January 21, 2021

Things To Know About Document Management Software

Document management software is considered as an electronic filing cabinet used to track electronic documents store, success, edit, images and manage. The software can be working with scanners for converting the paper files in to digital. The file or document can be fetched quickly with the help of search engines. Generally, most of the important documents are saved in your organization, which can be stored, manages, preserves, and secures with the help of the document management system. It also helps you to fling and uploading the various documents.

The document management software provides facilities like editing, searching, editing and accessing the documents. Let see some of the detailed information about this software:

Use Of Document Management Software:

The best document management software is definitely for the handling the human resources, files of clients, emails, data, forms, files of clients, charts, figures, finance, etc. the physical storage and the time needed for managing the documents can be reduced with the help of this software.

Due to improper handling of the files or documents, most of the small businesses face a lot of problems in their career. Starting from the incorporation papers to endless transactions, the company has to manage a wide variety of documents inside the organization. Let see the uses of Electronic DMS software in business:

  •  The Documents, which are all in the paper records, can be filed and uploaded digitally.
  •  The software reduces the risk of loss documents in your organization
  •  The documents or files stored in the software can be easily searchable.
  •  The physical space requirements for the documents can be reduced and also helps to maintain your records in an electronic form.
  •  Damaging of the documents can be reduced with the help of his software

Many of the different applications are included in the document management software. However, you have to consider some of the key factors before going to install the document management software.

Working Of Document Management Software:

The small business owners have to prefer the document management software for organizing and simplifying the work. The functions of DMS are mentioned below:

  1.  Provides the facilities for editing the documents
  2.  You can able to search easily through the multiple files and folders
  3.  For enhancing the better teamwork, the software allows you to share the documents
  4.  You can able to place the documents in proper order, and identifying the needed documents easily.
  5.  Instead of losing or damaging your documents, you have to choose the document management software for managing and storing your files effectively.

Features Included In The Document Management Software:

Maintain White Labelling:

If you want to make your document more professional and authentic, you have to select suitable logos, themes, and colors. Generally, the white labeling has been supported by the document management software, which enables to look and feel of your brand.

Able To Access Latest Versions Of Documents:

Due to the omissions or rectifications of errors, the single document can be reflected in multiple versions. Therefore, the document management software alerts every user to utilize the latest versions for avoiding this kind of errors in your document.

Bulk Uploading features:

Uploading your documents one by one is a time-consuming process; therefore, you have to prefer the document management software for uploading the bulk documents simultaneously within a few minutes.

Edit The Pdf Document Easily:

Generally, you cannot able to edit the PDF document easily, make use of the document management software features for adding customizations, text, textbox, and notes. Without changing the whole document, the small typing errors can be rectified in the PDF document itself.

Audit-Trail Enabling Feature:

While storing your record files or documents in the document management software, you can also include the date and time, name of the documents, edited files, etc. The documents are arranged according to the date wisely.

Different Types Of Document Management Software:

Different types of software with specific functions and usage are included in the document management software. The small business owners have to prefer this document management software for handling the organizations and physical documents. Let see the types of software:

Web-Based Software:

This kind of document management software is running through the internet. You can access the web-based document management software with an effective cost for your business. The data or documents stored in this software can able to access anywhere in the world.

Cloud-based Packages:

For a small business, best cloud-based document management systems are available with enough security. For using the cloud-based software, you have to pay the subscriptions fee yearly or monthly. The data can be stored in the host’s server instead of saving in the users’ server.

Make use of this information, if you want to know about the uses of document management software. Thus, there all the important features you have to be considered while installing this software for your business.