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Retail software on cloud for Growing retailers


RetailBeanLite is a retail software on a cloud which will be suitable for Growing retailers and Retail chains. Retailbeanlite is a Retail CRM software powered with a comprehensive Point of sale, Inventory, customer engagement tools, and loyalty management.

Pricing of RetailbeanLite

INR 1500.00
Customer management
Product management
Basic Dashboards
Basic Inventory management
Customer Engagement tools
Next purchase reminders
Product arrival alerts
Kitchen Order Tickets

Key Features of RetailbeanLite

Who uses RetailbeanLite

Personal StartUps SMEs Agencies Enterprises
Personal StartUps SMEs
Agencies Enterprises

Company Details

Company Name :
Winds Business Solutions Pvt Ltd
Website :
Headquarter :


Retailbeanlite is a retail software on cloud-delivered on SaaS model. Retailbeanlite helps retailers to manage most of the retailer's activities like Customer management, POS Billing, Inventory Management, Customer Engagement, SMS integration, Profitability Analysis, Supplier Management etc.,

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Q. Who are the main user group of RetailbeanLite?

The user group of RetailbeanLite are as follows :

  • Startups
  • SMEs
  • Agencies
  • Enterprises

Q. How much does RetailbeanLite cost?

RetailbeanLite has 1 plans, Starter INR 1500.00 ,

Q. What are the main features of RetailbeanLite?

The key featuers of RetailbeanLite are as follows :

Q. What pricing model does RetailbeanLite support?

RetailbeanLite pricing model : Yearly,Onetime(Perpetual License)

Q. Is RetailbeanLite is online or offline?

RetailbeanLite is Online Software.

Q. What platforms does RetailbeanLite support?

RetailbeanLite works on

Q. Is customization possible in RetailbeanLite?


Q. What type of support does RetailbeanLite provide?

RetailbeanLite offers Phone,Email,Live Chat,Online (Ticket) support.

Q. What type of guides provided by RetailbeanLite for training?

RetailbeanLite provides Video Guides,Blogs,Webinars,Infographics,Case Studies for the software training.