Why You Need to MR Reporting software Quickly

Shraddha Manani
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Why You Need to MR Reporting software Quickly

Most of the medical representatives are able to use the world’s best platforms to submit their activities in seconds. MR reporting software in the Pharma industry never compromises in the services and hence is a key to happiness for any of such company. One can use MR reporting software through multiple mediums such as offline, online, android mobiles as well as Android tabs. 

Offline modules of MR reporting Apps

  • The CRM has received great success with the premier product known as MR reporting software and system. Soon after launching MR App, the companies have started acquiring more pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. These apps run offline or online depending on the company’s requirements. It is one of the most preferred software in the pharma and healthcare industry.

Services of MR software

  • With MR App medical one can do reporting through App, Web, Offline, Online, without GPS, and with GPS.

  • Doctors can have an e-detailing option, they can upload slides from the admin panel in multiple formats such as pdf, scorm, image, and video. 

  • The admin can restrict any of the activities depending on the company’s policy. 

  • Multiple admins may be allowed to carry out multiple activities of different divisions. 

  • Notifications and alerts can automatically update the user about any information or change.

  • Customized reports can help the company to analyze 360-degree performance. 

  • All the companies can create users for the respective panels. 

  • Hierarchy approvals and rights will be reserved by the admin panels. 

  • Sponsorship management is easy.

Uses of MR reporting software

  • For every company regardless of its size, it is important to have MR reporting software. Online MR reporting software can be used in any sized company and one can also use it over the app using the user name and password provided by the super admin. Users are also provided with the ready-to-use application or site to have no delay in use.  

Implementation of MR software

  • The MR Reporting software includes all the data such as headquarters, employees, states, destinations, products, hierarchy, samples, corporate gifts, and so on. Excel sheets are used to connect employees as per their place. Also, the users are provided with the facility of training and support from the company providing MR Reporting software. 

Features of MR reporting software

1. Daily call report

  • It is the most common feature and core of the MR Reporting software. Complete software depends on the Daily Call Report that can be submitted online as well as offline. The users are allowed to submit such using the app or the web portal. One can add doctor visits, expenses, chemist details, samples, gift details, and many more. Also, the same forms are available for the DCN submission. 

2. E-detailing

  • When used as an app on tablet or mobile, the MR reporting software gives the option of product detailing. The representatives can opt for the products and show them to respective doctors via mobile or tablet. The admin of the organization can manage the product list, division-wise, and also upload images or videos or pdf of the product. 

3. Geofencing

  • It is one of the good features for any organization as it helps to stop fake reporting. The company field force will not be allowed to submit the calls if the employee doesn’t reach the desired destination of the doctor’s practice. 

4. RCPA –product survey

  • Product survey is an option where the competitors vs company sales feed options are available in the MR panel. The MR Reporting software feeds the data as per the company and its visits and also one can analyze the respected reports from the respective panels. 

5. Doctor sponsorship

  • Firstly the employees can submit the doctor sponsorship through the MR panel and the manager get the rights to evaluate the submitted data and take action. The data is authenticated before the final steps of sponsorship and later the payment details or service details of doctors are fed. 

6. Tour planning

  • Admin is allowed to add the company tour policy and all the employees are required to follow the same. The employee can submit the advance month tour program through the web portal or offline means. It is approved by the manager from the respective panel. 

7. Expense management

  • The organization can incorporate the expense matter policy in the admin panel. The admin fills in all the required details such as the Distance chart, Standard fare chart, and employee fare code. After completion of all these, the system generates an expense chart every month. 

8. Route planning

  • Some of the organizations work on route planning instead of tour planning. Hence the MR Reporting software provides both the facilities and the user can follow anyone. 

9. Stock and sales management

  • Stock and sales are a major concern of all pharmaceutical companies. Using MR Reporting software, it is easy to manage stock and sales on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The employee can add the stock in a customized manner and the managers can check and approve it. 

10. Sample management 

  • The sample management module is provided in the MR reporting software. Admin gets the option to manage the samples accurately and issue samples to respective employees date-wise. 

11. Gift management 

  • It becomes easy to manage the gift distribution. Admin can issue as well as submit the stock are per the company policy. At the time of submitting, the employee will add the gift distribution details with quantity to each doctor. 

12. Doctor management

  • The pharma companies are allowed to manage the doctors efficiently using the MR Reporting software. Employees, managers, and admin can add new doctors and also can delete one from the list. 

13. Chemist management

  • It is also possible to manage chemists similar to doctors. Also, mapping can be done easily through the respective panels. 


There were few details regarding the MR software and also its uses and implementation. The above listed were the features of MR software that make it feasible to start using the software as soon as possible regardless of the size of the organization.

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