Three Hospitality Industry Trends Hotels Need to Focus on in 2022

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Three Hospitality Industry Trends Hotels Need to Focus on in 2022

The last two years have been a difficult time for the hotel industry. The after-effects of the economic downturn are still being felt and the industry is trying its best to bounce back on its feel. In these times, savvy hoteliers need to focus on the trends that will make them stand apart from the competition in their field and give them an edge that will make them the first choice of guests. 

Firstly, hotels need to get innovative with the use of technologies such as cloud based hotel management software to make their property an enticing option for travelers from all over the world. Secondly, hotel managers need to put the focus back on the customers so that they can cater to the exact needs of their guests. 

Hotel managers need to understand that there has been an immense paradigm shift in the way the travel industry works. The travelers these days are looking for much more than a hotel stay, they are looking for a customized experience with all the bells and whistles. 

So what can a hotel manager do in such a case to ensure guests keep coming back to their property time and again? The easiest way to figure out the needs of the guests is by observing the prevailing trends in the hotel industry. 

Even then, knowing the trends is not enough, hotels need to use the technology and the skills of their staff to create a memorable experience for their guests. Cloud based hotel management software can help hotel owners to create a unified experience at their property throughout their hotel chain. 

Here are the top trends in the hotel industry that the hotel managers can keep an eye on to make their property a lucrative option for guests. 


Hotels as Work Spaces

After work from home and remote work, the next logical step is for travelers to use hotels as remote working spaces. Many tech companies are adopting a hybrid work approach where the employees will have the choice to work from home or office. This kind of shift in the work environment puts hotels in an interesting space as the number of professionals that choose to work remotely keeps increasing. 

While locals will choose hotels as locations for holding meetings, business travelers will also use hotels as spaces where they can work with ease and comfort. Hotels can customize their offerings for business travelers by including conference rooms, free high speed Wi-Fi, coffee, and plug sockets as sellings points that will attract guests that are traveling primarily for business. Hotels can also offer short term stay for business owners that only want to use the hotel venue to hold meetings with clients. 

A Contactless Hotel Experience 

The post-covid world is more focused on sanitation and cleanliness than ever before. Guests want to use their mobile phones for most activities in the hotel while minimizing direct interaction with the staff. Hotels can easily create systems and services that allow guests to move around the property without being in direct contact with the staff. So whether it is contactless check-in, online payments, or using virtual keycards to enter rooms, everything is possible when you use a web based hotel management software. 

While the hotels might need to invest in installing these upgrades, the investment will surely be worth it as more guests become familiar with the technology. In the coming future, guests will not only expect, but demand a hotel property that offers the latest and greatest technology to make their stay a happy and comfortable experience. 


A Personalized Hotel Stay

In these times, the guests at the hotels expect a personalized staying experience which caters to their needs and requirements. Hotel managers can make sure guests get a desirable stay by using web based hotel management software to create guest profiles that include specific data and preferences of the guests. For example, if a guest has mentioned food allergies during a previous stay, the hotel software can flag the same so that the guest does not need to mention it. Another example is that if a guest is staying with kids, the room service can be directed to play toys or board games in the room. 

Hotels can also create guest profiles in their database to give discounts and promotions to the guests. When guests receive such offers from the hotel, they are more likely to choose the property for future travels as well. Customers can also get access to AI-powered chatbots to give them any information they need regarding the property or their stay. The data collected through the chatbots is ideal in creating a customer profile that can help the hotel in the long run. The use of web based hotel management software is essential in monitoring data and optimizing processes that will help to improve revenues and customer relationships. 

Additionally, hotels should dedicate necessary space to a number of translation equipment and interpreting booths if they want to attract international event organizations.


There are many ways in which hotel staff and hotel managers can make the stay at their property memorable for every guest. One of the first steps in getting a cloud-based hotel management software that can be customized as per the needs of the property. At mycloud Hospitality, you can get a custom web based hotel management software that will help you to keep your hotel property abreast with the latest trends. The software is easy to use, easy to install and does not require new hardware. You can easily schedule a free demonstration by calling +1-415-390-5039 or you can browse through for more information. 

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