Best End To End Spine HRMS Software In India

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Best End To End Spine HRMS Software In India

What is Spine Technologies?

Spine Technologies is an expert in building high-quality software systems to automate the end-to-end operational requirements of human resource management. The solution is ready to serve any ticket size, from small to corporate-size organizations, spread in 30+ segments, especially those spending significant resources in sectors like finance, retail, healthcare, education, manufacturing and many more. Spine HR Suite is an application that comes with 18 modules with a picking option. With this system, you have the choice of cloud-based, on-premises, or hybrid deployments. Spine HR Suite's key features include automatic payroll computations, employee self-service, real-time analytics, and extensive HR capability. The software's main advantages include:

  • High accuracy in payroll management.

  • Increased efficiency in salary processing.

  • Greater data security.

  • Simplified HR activities.

  • Achieving timely results.

The company that invented Spine HR Suite, Spine Technologies India Private Limited, was founded in Year 2001 and has its headquarters in Mumbai, India.

When considering an efficient HR Solution, you may go for Spine HR Suite, which includes pay structures, employee demographics, and a structured personnel database with integrated statutory compliance (such as PF, ESIC, TDS, Bonus and Gratuity). When you approach India's top HR system, Spine HR Suite, you get much more. Dashlets, HRIS, Pay Structures, Leave Management, Statutory Compliance, Loan Management, Budgeting, Maker and Checker, and Reports are all components of the software. There is no longer a requirement to visit HR in order to examine, modify, or update your personal and professional details because it is understood that the employee appreciates self-service, and the platform has developed a similar option.

Key Features

List of Modules & Utilities

  • Recruitment

  • Employee Life Cycle

  • Training & Induction

  • HRIS / Payroll

  • Employee Self Service

  • Workflow

  • Time Attendance

  • Leave

  • Timesheet

  • Claim & Reimbursement

  • Expense

  • Travel Request

  • Performance Appraisal

  • Resource Booking

  • Request Desk

  • Help Desk

  • Discussion Forum

  • Visitor

  • Production Linked Benefits


  • Maker - Checker

  • ERP Integration APIs

  • Budgeting

  • Digital Signature

  • Single Sign On

  • AD-Integration


The module is an end-to-end solution to cater to and track the Recruitment process:

Candidate Data

Gather and store candidates' data with various methods of input. Such as bulk import, manual entry & resume parsing. Duplicate Controls to avoid constrain in data.

Master Bank

Create your JD-Master based on your skill set and critical requirements. Register staffing partners and Job postings for further evaluation purposes.

Vacancy Requisition

Vacancy requests can be raised by every department based on the new headcount required, recruitment budgeting or replacements.


On the basis of the multi-level selection of the candidates, the interview details can be managed with feedback on the interview and recommendations of candidates.

Selection Process

Based on the interview process, the selection details can be managed with pre-joining and recruitment cost input. User-definable offer letters can be generated and issued to candidates.


Various Dashboards and graphical presentations are available to manage the Recruitment process:


Dashboard  Analytic: Opening jobs, Profiles, Recruitment Funnel, Recruitment: Cost, Ratio Turnover

dashboard analytic

Employee Life Cycle

  • Onboard

A decentralized process to submit the necessary details with document attachment by the new joint; the same shall be updated on authorizing the inputs.

  • Survey

The frequent information gathering from employees can be recorded through various question sheets. You can now retain your talent through periodic surveys.

  • Confirmation

On due, the employee can apply for the confirmation, else on behalf of the employee HOD can apply. On approval, confirmed employee benefits shall be imparted automatically.

  • Training & Induction

Induction & Training Allocation

Based on the skill and qualification of the employee, the Manager/HR can recommend employees for specific training to keep their knowledge updated.

  • Training Need

Employees and managers have the liberty and accessibility to apply training needed to enhance the skills of self and team periodically.

  • Training Topics

Feasibility of generating various training topics or sub-topics as per the organization training process like cluster training, process training, etc.

  • Training Schedule

Multiple topic-wise training with parallel schedules can be managed for online or classroom training. The same can be publicized through specific invitations.

  • Training Calender

The employees can view the training calendar and can offer their consent to attend the training. HR can verify that attendance and commitment can be captured.

  • Training Reports

Various training reports such as training history, training attendance, cost and count analytics, employee training Cost and Count & score analytics can be generated.

HRIS / Payroll

  • HRIS

A complete employee Information system with an in-build document attachment feature.

  • Pay Structures

Design your pay structure as per organization policy or pay commissions.

  • Leave Management

There are 10+ categories of leaves available, which are standard and user-definable.

  • Statutory Compliance

Generates PF, ESIC, TDS eChallans & eFormats along with Bonus Reports Form, C Slip Register and Gratuity Report.

  • Loan Management

In-build loan management to the employees and repercussions in Income Tax computation.


  • Budgeting

Cost center-wise workforce budget management with the Variance Reporting or restriction on crossing the limits

  • Maker & Checker

Double surety can be managed with separate rolls of entry and dual approval for payroll authorization.

  • Reports

400+ ready reports inclusive of Master, Statutory & MIS. User-definable template generator with drag-and-drop facility.

Dashboards and Analytics

CAGR Report, Various Demographics, HR Related Dashboards and Financial Dashboards

analytics spine

spine analytics

analytics spine



Employee Self Service

  • Self Information

All active employees can view their personal and professional information registered with the company from their logins.

  • Payout Details

Employees can view the data of their CTC, current and previous payslips and PF cards, along with summarized payslips & monthly comparison reports for the financial year.

  • Change / Update

All active employees can request to add and update available personal and professional information with the employer on their profile.

  • Taxation

Employees can plan their tax savings through tax projection and also submit tax details as declaration / actual investment with the document attachment.

  • Team Information

Employees can check who is their approver and for whom they are the approvers by viewing the organizational hierarchy chart.


  • Handy Information

The details about every employee's leave, cost centre-wise availability of colleagues, and the organization's events and achievements are available.

  • Workflow

A Module-wise Workflow to manage the approval Hierarchy

Time Attendance

  • Shift Management

Agile attendance policies like late Mark/overtime/comp. Off / half or full-day absenteeism can be configured with shift allocation and roster planner designer.

  • 360 Degree Attendance Capturing

Integration with any attendance device or software-based marking with mobile-based Geo-tagging and Geofencing. Having AI Based Face Recognition as an added feature.

  • Short Leave & Effective Working Hours

Attendance capturing can be configured based on break hours and short leaves with the auto calculation of actual working hours.

  • Swipe & Regularization

Employees / Managers can regularize attendance based on authentication and email intimation for abnormal attendance with the outdoor duty marking.

  • Analytic & Self Generated MIS

Various analytics are readily available for day and hourly basis attendance with no end to MIS reports. User can define their report templates.

  • Easy Maintenance of Data

Robust utilities to update and maintain attendance data with less dependency on the IT department, which eases the process of attendance management.

  • Supervisor / Manager Control

The supervisor or Manager has a self-dependency to regularize attendance by managing shift allocation as per his requirements.

  • Reports & Dashlets

Auto data capturing from Various modes of attendance with detailed and summarized presentation. The Reports are exportable to Excel / Word / PDF.



  • Leave Planner

Prior information to the team on planned leaves & outdoor duties, which helps to organize and plan the workforce.

  • Leave Rules

Complete fitment of all leave agile policies, which are accessible by the employees with controlled transparency.

  • Comp. Off & Outdoor Duty

Employees can apply for comp off and OD requests to avoid absenteeism due to outdoor duty and productive holidays.

  • Leave Encashment / Adjustment

Employees can apply for leave encashment for the leaves and also can rectify which are wrongly debited or credited.

  • Reports & Dashboards

Various leave-based reports that summarize information with analytics are available at the fingertips of the users.


  • Period Definition

Date-wise week definition to organize and monitor the time-based productivity, which helps employees to input the task details comfortably.

  • Project Design and Allocation

Deep down designing of project with multi-level project bifurcation and allocation of project to employees on department(s) and skill sets basis.

  • Populate Timesheet

Based on the organization's policy, the employees can update time sheets from anywhere with the feasibility of bulk import, and this can be real-time or offline.

  • Approval

Approval of time sheet as per process hierarchy defined, and the unapproved time sheet can be redirected to employees for changes or re-submission.

  • Reports & Dashlet

A wide range of timesheet reports for analytics & evaluation are readily available. The client's desired formats and cost analysis report can be generated at the click of a button.

The graphical presentation of average revenue, employee-based performance count, capitalized hours-based charts dis, discipline monitoring charts, etc.


  • Flexi Basket

Employees can enjoy the flexibility of choosing their desired reimbursable components and perquisites with the approval of HOD

  • Controls

Organizational controls can be imposed based on the reimbursement policies in accordance with the Grade of the employees.

  • Eligibility

Eligibility can be managed by setting parameters for claims based on the Cost Center (Grade) and organization policy structure.

  • Income Tax Effect

As a part of payslip or out-of-payroll benefit, there will be an auto effect in tax projection as per Section 10 and Section 17.

  • Reports & Dashlets

Detailed reports can be generated and printed for Claim / Reimbursement voucher approval based on multiple selections & filtration.

Glance on application movement with head-wise claim analysis for the whole year and comparison of allocated Vs utilized claims.

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-02 at 11.14.41


WhatsApp Image 2024-01-02 at 11.15.01

  • Ready Policy Configuration

Eligibility configuration in accordance to location as tier wise, city wise, travel type wise and employee category wise.


  • Voucher Application

Based on the eligibility criteria, employees can apply for expenses for a period in a single voucher with the expense proof attachments.


  • Any Time-Any Where-Any Way

Being web-based and mobile based tool, no need to wait for the voucher day. The vouchers can be updated on the go and this avoids duplicacy and saves time.

  • Integration With ERP

Export the journal voucher for all approved vouchers with general ledger codes generated in your ERP application in Excel or CSV Format.

  • Reports & Dashlets

Detailed reports can be generated based on head-wise summary, GST and head-wise pivot reports with many inbuilt formats.

The Graphical presentation of application movements and status with Period-wise, employee-wise and expense-head-wise cost analytics.


  • Employee Desk

Employee intimation of tour plan with single or multi-location along with advance tour request to the manager with multi-hierarchical approval.

  • Eligibility

Based on eligibility and the type of city, the employee group can be defined, and the type of travel & accommodation can be allocated accordingly.


  • Itinerary

The travel desk manager can do approved tour plan management with the feature to upload necessary booking proofs for further actions.

  • Integration

The travel request is ready and optionally integrated with the expense module to have the tour-wise cost analysis for the expenditure incurred.

  • Reports & Dashboard

Blow-by-blow elaboration is available with the option of multi-filtration based on travel requests and itinerary reports generated periodically.

An overview count for request status with various analytics based on month, travel type, city, employee group, and mode of travel can be generated.


  • Goal Definition

Employees are empowered to set their self-targeted goals and can actively participate in organizational growth periodically.

  • Score-Card & Normalization

The score is generated based on rating, weightage and percentage of weightage, and the scorecard can be Integrated for increment or promotion.

  • Objective / Feedback

Objectives or feedback / KRA / KPI / competency with weight-age, rating, grace and qualifying ratings is configurable.

  • Achievement / Appraisal

Employees/managers can input time-to-time achievements through all feasible angled appraisals, and multi-hierarchical appraisals can be done.

  • Gap Analysis

Maintain organization standards by evaluating the gap between actual & qualifying ratings and organizing training programs in a timely.

  • Dashlets

Graphical representation of period-wise, goal category-wise, and KPI-wise charts along with the list of 10 best-rated and weak-rated employees.

What are the Benefits of Spine HR Suite software?

1. Directly reducing costs 

Since an HR system automates the HR procedures that would otherwise be performed manually, it immediately aids in cost reduction. This saves both time and money. These are the ways that an HRMS directly lowers the expenses of the HR process:

2. Less personnel

Many crucial HR functions may be automated using HR software, which lessens the requirement for over-staffing. Of course, a company still requires HR personnel to handle operations that call for strategic planning and manage the staff. However, the introduction of HRMS does guarantee a decrease in over-staffing, hence lowering personnel expenses.

3. Decreased need for office supplies

The need for office supplies, including registers, pencils, file cabinets, and other small office items, is significantly decreased because HRM software runs online. Not to mention that the sector is moving away from paper; thus, investing in HR software may be your first move towards digitization and cost savings in the process.

4. Indirectly reducing costs

An HRMS is economically advantageous in indirect ways in addition to direct methods. When you look past the immediate cost savings, these advantages become apparent. The following are some indirect advantages of an HRMS for your company:

5. Streamlining the process

It has been demonstrated that an HR system may improve productivity by assisting managers and staff in avoiding roadblocks. This guarantees improved output and fewer interruptions, which eventually improves organizational performance as a whole.

6. Best possible resource use

The manager can concentrate on planning thanks to an HRMS that automates a number of other tasks. This helps them to organize the process and guarantee the best possible use of the available resources. This minimizes both time and resource waste while also lowering resource costs.

7. Further labour expense reductions

 The use of HRMS software also lowers workforce expenses for jobs like petty cash manager and similar positions. The requirement for these "other labour costs" can be avoided if these functions are automated via HRMS.

 8. A better management of human capital

A firm benefits from a good work environment in addition to just lowering costs, which will assist the company in increasing productivity and maintaining stronger relationships with its staff. An employee who is content and pleased with their job will work harder and end up being a better asset than an unhappy employee. Here are some ways an HRMS may aid in better managing your human capital:

9. Improved workplace engagement

Engaging in dialogue with employees and allowing them to speak their minds is one approach to improving relationships with them. Employees may express their opinions on the discussion board using HRMS and feel satisfied. You can measure progress more precisely when the workforce is more engaged.

10. Improved Retention of Employees

A high employee retention rate demonstrates how well you treat your staff and how happy they are to work for your company. Maintaining a high staff retention rate is crucial since it boosts your company's reputation. HR software improves organizational performance unquestionably while also being more cost-effective. HR software may assist you in reducing expenses and enhancing organizational effectiveness in a number of ways. Your HR processes may be automated with the aid of Spine HR Suite, a fantastic HR partner that won't break the bank. You should read how HRMS improves the performance of your business if you are still unsure about it.

What is contained in Spine HR Suite?

Spine HR Suite's primary features include tax calculating capabilities, leave and attendance monitoring, payroll processing, employee database administration, and leave and attendance reporting. It can work easily with a variety of other software applications, including HRMS, time-tracking, and ERP systems, thanks to its strong integration features.

  • Spine HR Suite Pricing

Although the price structure for Spine Payroll is primarily a per-user yearly licence model, it does provide flexibility based on the needs of the organization. The seller will provide a precise quotation upon request, taking into account the unique characteristics of each organization. Its price policy guarantees businesses receive thorough functionality without overly complicated add-ons, offering outstanding value for money.

  • Modular Spine HR Suits

A full-featured HR management system, from hire to retirement or release.

  • Differentiating Factors 

The fact that Spine Technologies is keenly aware of its social and environmental impact sets it apart from many other companies in the industry. It can operate on a business's many facets. It offers an original and emerging approach to offering clients solutions.

Some of differentiating factors are:

  • Broad spectrum Acceptance: More than 30 different industrial sectors employ software solutions on a regular basis.

  • Domain expertise: For the past 22 years, we have concentrated solely on HR and asset management solutions.

  • Leadership: Taking the initiative to discover and satisfy market demands.

  • Flexibility: The freedom and flexibility to create policies that are not customized.

  • Scalability: A method of incremental improvement to meet customer needs.

  • Product: It's time-tested and offers a quick deployment option.

  • Technology innovation: ongoing feature and version development

  • Approach: Focused on the needs of the client: highly skilled staff to handle consumer challenges.

  • Competitive pricing: Highly affordable and cost-effective advanced HR technology.

  • Trusted Partner: Over the years, user groups have chosen and trusted this provider.

Are You a Fit for Spine HR Suite?

Spine HR Suite may be the best option for you if you're searching for an all-inclusive payroll and HR administration system with a strong feature set, intuitive user interface, industry-specific capabilities, and first-rate customer service. However, keep in mind that you should make your decision based on your unique demands when selecting a software solution. Assessing your demands is crucial since it lays the framework for choosing the best option for your unique operating requirements. Although Spine Payroll is a powerful tool, its worth depends on the enhancements it makes to your company's operational procedures. For more than 22 years, TEC has promoted this all-encompassing strategy, helping customers choose the software that best suits their requirements. Contact us if you need any help. We're here to provide you with the confidence you need to choose your software.

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