PeopleApex - A Global HR Software

PeopleApex - A Global HR Software

There are a lot of options out in the market for software and solutions, and when it comes to HR software in India, PeopleApex is one of the great names. 

What is PeopleApex Software? 


PeopleApex is a part of the A5E group of companies. 

PeopleApex can be defined as an integrated end-to-end system at the enterprise level which is designed to help the employees by providing robust employee self-service (ESS). Also, it includes the part for the manager self-services (MSS). This software is mainly designed to automate the HR processes by providing a 360-degree integration with other parts of your business. 

The features such as multi-language, multi-country, and multi-currency are added to the software by the experts to provide in-depth HR and payroll management. The software is designed to provide a consumer-grade user experience. 

Features of PeopleApex HRM software in India


  • There are numerous features of PeopleApex HRM software, out of which we are going to discuss a few important ones. 

Managing online recruitment 


  • The recruitment module of PeopleApex is designed to help organizations with their recruiting processes. It helps the employees to manage and accomplish the goal of recruiting effective human resources. The recruitment module takes care of all the different stakeholders such as the hiring managers, recruiters, recruiting panel to provide seamless communication among all. The modules are specifically designed to provide smooth workflows for the requisition, applicant, and track the interviews. 



  • The onboarding part of the software can help to carry out all the employees’ processes for onboarding and complete the paperwork before the employee joins. One can also send welcome emails to the new employees and also introduce them to the existing team members. This helps the new employee to feel like he has been with your organization for a long. 

This process follows multiple points such as: 

Smart preparations 

  • At this point, the new hires are prepared for the first day along with adding all the required information such as joining formalities, work ethics, entries, and others. At the same time, HR is also provided with the important data of new employees such as their qualifications, family details, work information, role, and others. 

Easy communication


  • The PeopleApex software allows the employees to connect with the newly hired employee immediately after his selection in the company and he receives the offer letter from a recruiter. Also, he is provided with the unique ID and password that can be used to access the system and complete the pending fields of data. 

Quick configuration 

  • The HR process of every new employee needs to be configured by the recruiter to check if everything follows the company policies and requirements. With this, it becomes easy to assign tasks to the departments and people along with completing the formalities with emails. 


  • The details of the newly added employee need to be sent further by HR for the final verification. This makes sure to provide operational-level accuracy. 

Digital processes                                                                                                         

  • The use of software reduces the need for tedious paperwork and makes the onboarding process of new employees easy to understand and flexible enough to be comfortable with. 

All these processes together make the onboarding task easy and less complicated for the new employee. 

Manage the workforce

  • The workforce management part of the HRM software helps to effectively customize, organize, record, configure and activate the workforce for every project easily. The effective management of all the employees’ cycles in a single module helps to make it easy. 
  • Businesses around the globe are getting attracted towards the HR software and especially the integrated HR and talent stack to manage their employee cycles more smoothly and help to manage data more strategically. 
  • The HRMS part of the software helps to store all the data of employees in detail, their pay and benefits, job history, compensation history, and other required information of the employees to avoid the use of sheets and manual data entries. It avoids the requirement of storing data traditionally. Also, the stored data is highly secured and meets all the standards which make it accessible for the different level permissions. The software helps to record every data of employees and record all the HR activities online along with organizing every part in a better way. 

Track time and attendance                                                                                                                 

  • The HR software helps to track the time and attendance of every employee. It is a major part as it includes HR activities such as administration, payroll, and many others. Meeting time schedules and timely submissions are also important. This software ensures that the time and attendance of employees are managed effectively. 
  • It can be made sure that the employees record their work time through the employee self-service facility that is centrally connected with the human capital management system making it easy to be accessed by everyone. The PeopleApex software helps to track how much time of which employees or team members is spent on the projects. Also, the geo-tagging features are useful for the employees to log in from any place and with any location. 
  • The software provides a tracking facility with the use of biometric integration and geotagging based attendance facility along with exact attendance and leaves records. These records are directly stored in the software and can also be accessed from the mobile app. The easy and real-time access of attendance helps to calculate all the payments of employees. 

Payroll calculation                                                                                                                    

  • The PeopleApex payroll is full of features and functionalities that can help to easily manage and simply follow all the activities of your business unit. This software supports multi-currency payroll that helps to set the payroll calendar, foundation, decide group master, create-assign and map the pay items, design charts of accounts, consider tax calculations, and much more. Also, the employees can set their tax calculations and make their tax declarations automatically. 
  • The payroll module of the PeopleApex allows generating rules that are to be followed by the entire organization and also decides the business rules for the earnings, bonuses, deductions, arrears, attendance, leaves, statutory requirements, and much more. The payroll module is easy to use and carries out complex payroll activities. Hence, the entire payroll process can be automated with the best use of the HRM software

Manage performance                                                                                                                     

  • In modern times, companies are not highly focusing on automation and integration instead are more worried about employee engagement, collaboration, and innovation. Business people are not looking for software that is useful, engaging, and productive. 
  • But still, the integration of talent management is a crucial part but at the same time has become a hygiene problem. For now, the major importance is given to reinventing people, deciding team-based tools, aligning goals, coaching and putting systems to work to collect the reviews, measure the renewal and focus on generating a new way to think and measure performance, enable individual education and manage the careers of employees. 
  • PeopleApex at the same time offers unique and useful features that offer better performance management along with measuring and rewarding the skill set of employees. This performance management is mainly based on SaaS-based performance. 

Development of employees

  • The learning module focuses on improving and educating the employees. It focuses on group benefit as well as individual progress honing the skills and knowledge of every employee. 
  • The training and development department of the business makes use of this module of HR software to manage the talent of employees and design groups and goals according to their performance and meet the work with the organization's goals and vision. If discussed practically, the individuals responsible for training and development must work hard to find out the gaps between the learning, efficiency, and goals of the business and try to fill those gaps with the focused courses and training. 

Social connections                                                                                                                      

  • The PeopleApex software is capable of following the professional as well as the corporate networking features. It suits all medium-sized and large-sized businesses as it is developed keeping all the major goals in mind. The software includes features providing communication opportunities not only among the employees but across the firm. This software helps to improve the engagement of employees in the organization. 
  • The employee survey can also be done to collect the information, problems, or feedback of employees on specific topics and receive intelligent insights to solve the issues and make appropriate decisions. This helps to boost the confidence of the employees across their lifecycle in the company and also helps to analyze their sentiments. It also gives power to the organizations to take necessary actions but by putting the people first and improving employee engagement across the activities. 

Track expenses                                                                                                                           

  • Almost all the companies tend to provide expenses and allowances to the employees. The HR department needs to handle the reimbursement of expenses paid by the employee anywhere from the company side. This process is pre-defined and hence the HR people need to follow the same rules for every employee. 
  • The digital working of every organization is a positive step to payout the allowances. The expense management module helps to manage the process and provides a connected solution that can track every expense and make a proper settlement. 

Travel expenses and management 


  • If the companies need their employees to travel to different places as part of their work, they need to manage it too. Usually, the companies tend to have separate travel management departments to manage the travel requests of the employees.  The software helps to manage and control the process and provides an end-to-end solution for any raised issues by the employees or the managers. It also decides the additional amount to be paid to employees as well as the allowance of the trip. 

Real-time replies                                                                                                                           

  • The pro-active chatbots are a useful part of technology to bring your business to a new level. It shifts your business from a traditional platform to a digital platform where communication with the customers becomes easy. The chatbots make use of artificial intelligence and answer repetitively asked questions.  
  • The chatbot channel of PeopleApex is automated and it interacts with the employees and customers similarly as a human treat. Also, it becomes available all the times of the week regardless of the holiday or Sunday. All the queries can be solved easily without being physically present. This serves effectively regardless of the location, question, or query.

Manage activities


  • The software helps you to manage every task of your business unit. The employees or managers can easily prioritize the tasks to be completed and keep higher priority tasks at the tops and others at the bottom. This helps to enhance the productivity of employees and the overall business unit. This is applicable for the business of all the different types and helps to organize every activity efficiently. The timesheets can also be maintained for the same and can help to carry out smart workflows. 

Employees’ self-service facility


  • The self-service portal of the HR software helps the employees to access their data as well as update the information stored in the software. Also, the employees can apply for the leave online and the managers can accept or reject the leave application online. Apart from this, other important activities such as applying for travel, deciding goals, expenses, hosting of groups and much more can be done online by the employees themselves. 

Real-time helpdesk                                                                                                                                      

  • The employees, if they face any problems or have any queries, can generate their help desk tickets that come with the query of the employee. The tickets later reach the required person online and the person at the same time generates the solution of the query raised. Hence in this way, the traditional method of writing letters to solve queries is overcome by the digital helpdesk. 

Why opt for PeopleApex? 

  • PeopleApex is a company providing HR software services in India. Apart from the costs and benefits, the HR software provided by PeopleApex is full of features that are useful for every type of organization. The software provides features that are helpful for the activities right from the starting of the employee journey till the exit of the employee. Right from the hiring till onboard till collecting details till becoming a permanent employee till leaving the organization, all the activities related to the employee are served by the software. 
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