Exclusive Interview with Mr. Praveen Dokania & Mr. Vikas Mandawewala ( Founders, TYASuite)

Exclusive Interview with Mr. Praveen Dokania & Mr. Vikas Mandawewala ( Founders, TYASuite)

In Techimply’s Exclusive interview series, we wanted to introduce to our readers - Vikas Mandawewala and Praveen Dokania, co-founders of TYASuite Software Solutions with the vision to build the next big thing in the ERP space. Vikas brings 20+ years of financial expertise and had a stupendous corporate career in India and the US with KPMG for 7+ years. Praveen is a tech-wizard with 10+ years of experience in software development and project management.

How did you come up with this IDEA?

The ERP industry, in the current scenario, is dominated by large-scale businesses who, owing to their high-profit margins are able to afford the high licensing and maintenance costs of the latest technologies. On the other hand, small and medium businesses (SMBs), owing to their low-profit margins have little choice but to stick with a tried and tested technology. This lack of accessibility was the motivation behind kick-starting this venture.

With over 20 years of experience in the process set up and implementation, Dokania and Mandawewala have built a dedicated team to fully understand the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, and tailor the TYASuite according to these specific needs.

In a nutshell, TYASuite is cloud ERP software, which helps SMBs to stay organized and take their businesses to the next level of success.


Tell us how you make your day-to-day decisions?

We think decision-making is a very important part of life. It is not just restricted to work, but it is present in every aspect of life.

We have a very customer-centric approach in our organization, so we always prefer to make changes to our software according to their feedback.

We also look at the market as a whole to see if there are any emerging trends we need to be paying attention to. Once we have a good idea of what our clients want, we start brainstorming and working with our Product Management team.

We also take into account the time needed for each feature. If it's an easy-to-implement upgrade, it may be chosen over a brand new feature that will take much longer to implement.

We are a team of 50+ members and we meet every day to discuss the upcoming tasks. We discuss our priorities in order to help each one focus on those. It’s a very easygoing environment and we like to keep it that way.

Where you think “TYASuite” did it?

A good question!

For TYASuite, the answer is this: We look at both challenges and opportunities as challenges, and then we leverage technology to solve those challenges.

For example, how can you succeed in your business? The answer is not through conventional methods. There is a need to have an ERP that enables 24-hour Go-Live instead of months or years. With over 4,500+ configurable settings and 24-hour Go-Live possibilities, TYASuite, the world’s 1st Cloud ERP offers you such a solution for your complex business challenges.

How do you measure your success?

Some metrics we consider when thinking about what success looks like:

Intangible Benefits - Customer experience is a great metric that’s not the most tangible or easy to track. We look into ways in which our ERP system might be making a difference here. Looking at increased sales and reduced error and attributing the cause can help us figure out how our system might be playing a role.

Engagement - How people are using the system is perhaps the best way to judge its usefulness. Is it adopted quickly? Are people using it every day? Has it taken over all legacy systems or are there still some users hanging on to the old way? Greater adoption means the system is functioning better.

Here are some other questions and metrics that might help us determine the success of our ERP system:

  • Is there a decreased reliance on other systems or processes?
  • The goal of ERP is to consolidate departments, processes, and data into one easy-to-manage system. Is this happening? If not, what is missing?
  • Is every department using it? What about key managers and decision-makers?

How has TYASuite equipped itself to deal with the Covid-19 situation better?

While the pandemic-enforced lockdowns were underway, businesses had to deal with a complete disruption of business as usual. Companies faced prolonged power outages and an inability to purchase basic supplies such as food, water, and construction materials from suppliers.

There was a lack of functioning cash registers or point of sale solutions so businesses could not accept card payments or function in any way like normal.

TYASuite’s cloud-based procurement software has helped its clients avoid significant losses during the pandemic by shifting to online working, streamlining processes, and fully integrating all operations into the cloud – including their accounting system. This enabled their employees to work remotely in the event of a lockdown and ultimately protect client data from being destroyed by the barbaric Covid-19 virus.

What changes are you expecting in the Industry in the near future and how do you plan to cope with those?

As we all know, things are changing at a rapid rate in the industry. We just have to adapt and grow with them. Every change needs new adjustments of resources, processes, and ways of doing things; that’s how we start moving forward and upward.

Our view on the changes depends on what side of the fence we stand on.

As a tech company, it is our duty to know and be up-to-date about these changes and provide our clients with services that are necessary for them to handle such changes.

What sets you apart from other players?

Some of our USPS:

  • More than 4500+ Plug & Play features allow the user to enable or disable them via the admin panel as per the business requirements streamlining every process
  • Seamless integration with any API provider
  • Fully customizable across all sectors of industries
  • Fastest Deployment – Go live within 14 days
  • Multi GST functionality
  • Secured with AWS
  • Integrated vendor management system

Who should opt for TYASuite products?

TYASuite ERP products are for any organization that would like to save time, increase productivity and streamline its business functions.

Our ERP software solutions seamlessly integrate various departmental operations of an organization into a unified system. We have delivered customized industry-specific ERP solutions to real estate, construction, food, infrastructure, manufacturing, logistics and supply chain, hospitality, finance sectors, and more.

One thing that you would like to tell everyone that you think has the power to change lives.

A very tricky question to answer.

So, it is important to understand the context of the situation and also think about possibilities that can cause problems in the future.

We want to tell everyone that we should never stop learning, staying within our comfort zone is not the way to change. We may face failures, but we should use failures as a learning tool, especially for our next solution.

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